Dental care…now…or OUCH!

So there I was…sitting in the dentist chair yesterday morning…YUCK!

First off, I hate going to the dentist. More accurately, I hate getting my teeth touched by a dentist. But obviously that isn’t my point…although germane to this posting.

It raised a question in my mind…How bad would it be to have a really bad cavity during grid down?

Yeah, ouch!

The more I thought about it, the more I worried that you and I might get caught with a dental problem and the grid went down…hard down, as in TEOTWAWKI. And with the way current events are going…well, that may not be that much of a stretch… TEOTWAWKI.

So two things: 1) get any needed dental work done as soon as possible, 2) have an emergency dental kit, or ten, in storage.

So I do have some emergency dental stuff in storage…

  1. DenTek Instant Oral Pain Relief Maximum Strength Kit for Toothaches. Contains Benzocaine, a local anesthetic (numbing medication). How many times might you wish you had some local anesthetic for any number of reasons besides dental issues.
  1. DenTek Temparin Max Lost Filling and Loose Cap Repair Kit
  1. Adventure Medical Kits Dental Medic Travel First Aid Kit for Teeth

For a minute I want you to imagine your worst toothache, your worst cavity, your worst tooth experience. Now, imagine that without access to a dentist. Or, you had access to a dentist but he didn’t have access to much of today’s technology or medical capabilities. Do you think you would rather head into TEOTWAWKI with all your dental work done? Hey, your choice.

Hey, go get that dental work done while you can enjoy all the benefits that are available today. You never know when the grid goes down…and you are stuck with a dental problem.

Don’t be that guy!

Note: No, I am not ignoring the important stuff going on, nor have I forgotten my promise to write a couple different series of articles. I am in the process of building a better fence around my house and infrastructure. And yes, going to the dentist. So be patient…they are coming soon. Some of it is very, very important!



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5 thoughts on “Dental care…now…or OUCH!

  1. Absolutely essential supplies and, perhaps, skills. Emergency dental care kits are very much needed. Store some.

    Supplies are pretty easy, but the skills to go with the supplies are more difficult. In a wide-scale and long-lasting TEOTWAWKI scenario, I think “treatment” would mostly revert back to “if it hurts, pull it before infection gets into the jaw and facial structure.”

    So, PREVENTING those cavities would become far, far more important than it is during regular times.
    >> I recommend having several modest-sized bins, one filled with bulk-purchased toothbrushes (mostly soft), another with toothpaste (favoring the sensitive-tooth types), and still another with dental floss, picks, whatever it is that works for your teeth.

    i guestimate that in any TEOTWAWKI lasting more than a couple of months, such dental care items would become highly valued.
    >> For at least part of your dental care stashes, choose INDIVIDUALLY wrapped toothbrushes, smaller tubes of toothpaste and smaller containers of floss/picks.
    >> Sure, go with the bulk packages for the main part of your storage — it will be far less expensive.
    >> But, the individually-wrapped (and thus clearly clean, unused and untainted) packages will be far more valuable for barter purposes.

    Could I be wrong on the value of post-TEOTWAWKI dental supplies?? Possibly. But I really doubt it. I’ve met too many preppers that don’t have any dental care supplies stored. When asked, they explain they’ll just keep using whatever toothbrushes and paste they have on hand, then go to baking soda and twigs if they need to.
    >> I’m pretty sure there will be lots of Mrs Preppers that will put the kabosh to THOSE plans. For herself, for the kids and also for the hubby, or no smoochy.

    So, get ahead of the curve.



  2. I too believe in not putting off dental work for fear of TEOTWAWKI, or some other event, keeping me from getting proper treatment when a troublesome tooth acts up again. One of the main things driving my decision was an article I read some years ago that stated toothaches were one of the leading causes of suicide in third world countries.

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  3. You remind me of an event that happened maybe 10-12 years ago. My wife and I walked into Costco and met a familiar person whom we couldn’t put a name to, but engaged for several minutes in conversation. Then it hit us, this was our dentist.

    We often see others we know in one situation but hardly recognize them in another situation. This becomes clear when I recognize a worker from one store shopping in another store, then realize they are not being disloyal, just needing something their store doesn’t carry.

    Which brings to mind another thought. There are several people I follow either on the Internet or even on amateur radio that I have no idea what they look like. You happen to be one of these, whom I follow but would not recognize in person. This is not a request for you to post a picture of yourself, because I do believe there are times and circumstances where anonymity is important.

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