SitRep – 3/1/2021

I’ve been working on this SitRep for a long time, and just about the moment I think I am ready to get the meat on it…current events get worse. So, I had to stop writing, observe more, think it through, and come up with the end state…and how soon it happens. And it hasn’t been easy. However, I figured I better get something out to you or you would think I’ve been on vacation goofing off.

Also, I have been working hard and fast on my own property (homestead) to get it ready, ready to deal with what is coming. I am not there yet, but getting closer each week. And I want you to get my sense of urgency…clearly.

Economy –

Oil & Gas: Since Biden/Harris was elected on 11/20/2020 the price of oil has risen 51%…that’s an average of 17% per month. But that should come as no surprise since Biden/Harris regime has declared war on the oil & gas industry. Hence, declared war on middle America and rural America.

You’ve read the headlines and stories…the price of gas at the pump has gone up 28% in that same time period…an average of over 9% per month. And the radical leftists are just getting started. We could easily see $4.50 – $5.50 per gallon of gas by 2024, if not sooner.

The Economy vs the Dollar (WARNING – might be real boring for some of you.): For a long time I’ve been reporting and opining on “the economy”…and I decided that today I need to change that. The economy consists of the stock markets, bond markets, banking industry, employment, inflation, etc. But in reality, it all revolves around the dollar…yeah, our US currency…the US dollar.

See, the problem is…our currency is actually worthless…the personification of a fiat currency. Fiat currency is currency backed by absolutely nothing. Well, in the case of the US dollar it is backed by the “full faith and credit of the US Government.” Well, that isn’t entirely accurate either. Look at a typical $1, $5, $10, $50, or $100 bill. It says it is a “US Federal Reserve Note”…yeah, that means it is a loan from the Federal Reserve Central Bank. And it is not currency backed by the US Treasury Department…or anything of value…it is simply a loan…from the Federal Reserve.

So what does that mean? Well generally speaking, currency is a medium of exchange…a convenient one in reality…makes it way easier to buy and sell vs barter. But, our US dollar has no value in and of itself. Now, it used to…it used to be backed by physical gold and silver held by the US Treasury Department. That is no longer the case…there is no physical or tangible asset securing our US currency.

And just to clarify…no note issued by the Federal Reserve, no US Treasury Bond, etc. is backed by any tangible asset of the US government. Yup, that means that no country or person can lay claim to any asset held by the US government…not any building, not any land, minerals, no oil & gas, nothing. So, if you got sucked into the idea that some government can come in and take over our land based on defaulted US government debt…well, get over the wild idiotic conspiracy theory that China or any other country can start taking over the US if the US defaults on its debt. That ain’t going to happen! And if someone promotes the idea that it is probable or even possible…then they are ignorant, stupid, or promoting a conspiracy theory for their own agenda.

So back to the US dollar…if it loses favor in the international community…or domestically…then we will see a very, very serious problem. But first, let’s talk about inflation….

  • Defined as a general rise in the price level in an economy over a period of time.
  • Shows the decline of purchasing power of a given currency over time.
  • Lowers your standard of living.
  • And theoretically, tends to be offset to some degree by the increase in personal income.

However, are prices truly increasing…or is there something else going on?

Let’s do this…the average price of a house in 1900 was $5000. In 2020 the average price of a home in the US was $285,000.  So the price of the average home went up 560%…WOW! Times change eh?

In 1900 the average income was about $440 per year. So that average home cost was about 11-1/2 times the average income. In 2020 the median income was about $35,400. So that average home cost was about 8 times the average income.

So it sounds like we are WAY better off now…right? Houses cost way more, but we are making even way more income. A win-win situation…life is GOOD!  Yes?

Ah, hold on a second…let’s look at it another way…using a constant.

Is it fair to use the price of an “average” house? In 1900 they didn’t even have refrigerators…in 2020 every home a million inch quadruple surround system TV…right? So houses are bigger, nicer, central heat, AC, and granite counter tops. Back then houses had coal furnaces…if you were lucky, some even had plumbing…very few had electric.

So let’s use a constant…gold. An ounce of gold is an ounce of gold…doesn’t matter if it is 1900 or 2020…an ounce is an ounce…gold is gold.

In 1900 to buy an ounce of gold it took $20.68. In 2020 to buy that same ounce of gold it would take $1,733. Wow!!!  That ounce of gold sure went up in value…right?

Ah, how did that ounce of gold become more valuable…it’s still just an ounce of gold…an ounce is an ounce, and gold is gold.

So what really happened? Each dollar in 1900 was worth nearly $84 in 2020. That means each dollar a person had in 1900 devalued 840% by 2020. Yup…it took 84 dollars in 2020 to equal 1 dollar in 1900.

But times are still good…right?

Well, in the last 50 years middle class income has shrunk by over 30%. And add to that figure, the middle class population in American has shrunk by nearly 20%.

And strangely enough…during that same time period upper class earners income is up 75% and their % of the population has grown.

But let’s not leave out the lower class folks…their income has fallen 10% and their % of the population has doubled.

Bottom line…if you are rich…you are getting WAY richer…everyone else is losing ground BIG time! So I guess it’s true…the rich get richer. And add to that…the people who actually do the work…build houses, cook food, grow food, plumb houses, and stock grocery store shelves…well, they are falling behind…along with everyone else but the rich folks.

Sorry about all the statistics and all the talk about gold, houses, and income. But the point is…the rich are getting richer, everyone else is getting poorer…and the dollar is become more and more worthless. So obviously it sounds like the economy crashes sooner or later.

So when does it crash? I am not 100% sure that it does, but it could crash tomorrow morning…our economy is that shaky. It actually did crash during the financial crisis of 2007–2008. The only thing that kept it all afloat was trillions and trillions of dollars created by the Federal Reserve and pumped into the banking, insurance, and financial sectors. But, I can guarantee you one thing…it will “reset” somehow.

Why? Because at some point the world will realize that there is ZERO value to the US dollar. There is NO tangible asset backing the US dollar. At some point the world will say “Enough!”

The reason is simple…the US debt is nearing $30,000,000,000,000…yes, 30trillion dollars. If you don’t already understand…there is NO ability for the US government to pay off that debt. But, it gets worse…far, far worse. The US government in indebted another $200trillion in unsecured liabilities. That means the US government owes that $200,000,000,000,000 in the future (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, pensions, etc.) for which there is virtually no money to cover it…other than to borrow it. And let’s not forget a “master”…interest. The % of each annual budget will increase dramatically the more we borrow. As of right now…the only way the US government meets its financial obligations is to borrow more and more money each year.

Back to the US dollar…The US dollar is a medium of exchange…I will sell you this widget if you give me enough of those paper dollars in your hand. As soon as the person with the widget wants more paper dollars for that widget…the dollar is, by default, devalued. And we are seeing that every single day now.

Now, another phenomena is taking place, and has been for decades. Creating money out of thin air…literally. For 47 years now when the US government wants more money it simply asks the Federal Reserve to create it…a few key strokes later and a computer magically creates another $1,000,000,000,000 (trillion dollars). And the US government is another trillion dollars in debt. But what happens to the trillions of dollars already out there? Well, if you have 10trillion of something and create another trillion of the same thing…what happens to the original 10trillion’s value? Bingo! It becomes less valuable.

Now create 2 – 6 trillion more dollars each year…what is happening to all of the previous trillions of dollars? Yup, it becomes less valuable…devaluation. And that means the prices of everything goes up, because the value of the dollar goes down. Most folks call that inflation…the general rise in the price level goods and services in an economy over a period of time. But, in reality it is now actually more properly defined as the devaluation of the dollar.

So it’s a 1-2-3-4 punch to the gut…more national debt, more federal budget required to pay the interest on that debt, dollar continues to become less valuable, and prices of everything you buy increases.

That is why I say…at some point folks will say “Enough!” And when it does…the US economy/banking/financial industries collapses…30 seconds later the world’s economy follows suit. What then?

If the rich are getting richer…and that is a fact…who gets poorer when the world does a financial reset?

If you answered “everyone but the rich elites” you would be 100% correct. Why? Because the rich elites have tangible assets to protect themselves…they do not depend on paper money -fiat currency- to maintain or grow their wealth.

So what about you and the reset?

If you are the average person…you go down the tubes into the poor house…literally. And you become enslaved financially, if not literally. If you have a valuable skill such as house building, electrician, soldier, etc. then you have a chance to make a little more money than the average poor person…but you are still a slave to the rich…you serve them at their pleasure. If you are a government employee…yea! You are well taken care of…because the rich elites use you to control the slaves. But then again…everyone hates you!

So what is the answer…the preventative…the cure?

Well, if you are a Christian…only the Second Coming of Christ looks like a viable option. But, generally speaking there might be another option…a preventative for the reset or crash. But it hurts like hell and may not, probably won’t, work. That is to get our country to stop using debt to finance everything. Unfortunately, the chance of that occurring is almost incalculably small.

So what else can be done? Take a look at the great depression of the 1930’s as the closest historical equivalent to a crash or reset.

People with highly desired skills kept their, or found a, job. People with some arable land grew their own food. The super-rich stayed rich, many got richer. The middle class, middle income earners, lost their butts! Most importantly…and my whole point…communities, geographic or demographic, who worked together fared much better…because they took care of each other.

What do you do right here and now? Well, pray for His Second Coming, acquire/perfect a desirable skill, learn how to grow your own food on land that you can pay the taxes on, etc. Or, as an option we can change the system, change the government. Yup, we did it once in the late 1700’s…and the Declaration of Independence states the right and roadmap to do so. But, we’ve gotten lazy and let all those rights, liberties, and freedoms virtually slip away. Maybe we could get it back, maybe not. Depends on how much we want it back, how much character we have, how much we are willing to sacrifice…and timing.

But, there is always the easy way…just let it keep going the way it is…and suffer the consequences.

Biden’s Administration –

I started writing about who Biden/Harris was bringing onboard in their administration. Clearly, one after another showed themselves to be radical leftists, most of them hardcore authoritarians, some clearly with socialist and communist beliefs.

Continuing my research I started looking into William Burns, the next CIA Director…wow!

First off…disclaimer: I think the CIA is one of the most vile and evil institutions the world has ever seen. It far surpasses even the Gestapo in its depth and breadth of evil.

With that out of the way let me continue…Burns made the statement in his confirmation hearing that China is our biggest threat. Finally, someone gets it! But, let’s not forget the proven factual evidence of the deep financial ties that the Biden family has with China, including Joe Biden himself. So can ole Billy Burns be objective and effective in his new role?

Well, how about Billy Burns being a Chinese mole, a Chinese operative, deposited at the top of the CIA!!!

But, before we get into that…let’s talk about Burns being a close ally of Russia. But, that is boring. Well, then something else worth noting and not so boring…Iran. Yeah, that Iran! So remember that 2015 “deal” of Obama’s that put Iran on the path to nuclear weapons AND delivering a cargo plane of cash to Iran containing billions of dollars???? Yeah, good old Billy Burns was a chief negotiator in that one. But, back to China…

So I got all warm and fuzzy when Billy Boy mentioned that China was a real threat to the US. Nice, eh? But, I had to stop and think…with the Biden family, including Joe, being on the Chinese payroll to the tune of billions of dollars…Could Burns and the CIA be serious about China? Good question if I do say so myself. So I decided to take a closer look at William Burns.

Burns, the Biden/Harris CIA director, is the President of a think tank called The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Sounds cool, eh? Well, well, well…it just so happens that the think tank has received millions of dollars in funding from…guess who? If you answered China you would be 100% correct!

And now let’s make it even more interesting…in 2016 a guy by the name of Zhang became a board member of the same think tank…and Burns sang his praises big time! And who is this Zhang? Zhang is a Chinese Communist Party member responsible for advocating the Chinese Communist Party and national agendas abroad. And get this…Zhang runs the Chinese Communist Party organization called The Center for China and Globalization. So we have a close friend, business associate, and funder of the new CIA Director who is:

  • A Communist Party member,
  • A Chinese leader,
  • A Chinese agenda promoter,
  • A world globalization advocate.

Pretty sweet eh? And don’t forget…that same Chinese Communist Party member, with Chinese money, paid, maybe still does pay, our CIA Director through the think tank payroll. Nice, eh? But, it doesn’t end there…in 2019 Burns went to China and co-hosted a forum to “reduce misconceptions concerning China.” What do you think now???

But let’s keep going…The Starr Foundation has given millions to Burns’ think tank as well. But who is this Starr Foundation? They originated from a multi-billionaire guy who was in the insurance industry…with big time insurance operations in what country? If you guessed China again, you would be right! Eventually the insurance company became AIG. Yup, that AIG…the insurance company that received billions in bailouts from the US government back during the 2007 – 2008 crash. And let’s go back to the Starr Foundation…they are globalization advocates as well as promoters of Chinese policies…and they have provided millions of dollars in funding to William Burns, CIA Director, through his think tank.

So tell me again…how do you feel about this Communist China insider (a.k.a. William Burns) running the CIA? The CIA has been widely known for their black-ops against foreign countries and domestic individuals…what do you think they will be up to now with China William Burns running it?

And Burns is no different than all the rest of Biden/Harris picks to run the US government. Hell, no different than Biden or Harris!!

Immigrants –

OK, by now you have to know, or should know, that the whole reason that Democrats love immigration is simple…LOTS of new democrat voters. That is the ONLY reason the Democratic Party advocates for getting all those illegal immigrants, including known criminals, into the US and them giving them the right to vote…political power and control. Well, that isn’t the only reason…the Democratic Party caters to the rich elites and powerful corporations…and those rick folks like the availability of cheap labor to meet their corporate needs and to become their company’s consumers. Once illegal aliens are rewarded with citizenship they will have the right to vote. And that will cement the Democrat Party’s dominance for a very long time…well, at least long enough.

Enough of that, I will move on…

Civil Unrest, then Civil War –

There is a Natural Progression taking place. It will result in Civil War…and a significant increase in civil unrest until then. And both parties are pushing it…have been for about 120 years. But, no one is pushing it harder than the ruling class (a.k.a. rich elites). Why? Because the endgame is an authoritarian regime where they can control quite literally all the resources…and thus all the power.

Let’s review a couple of things…the top 1% of the world’s rich control over half of the world’s wealth, and they control almost 90% of the world’s resources. So take a guess…how much of the world’s power do they already control? And just a reality check…how much power and wealth do you think they want to share with the rest of the world’s population? True, a few of the rich do give away money through their charities…but they receive increased power doing so. So they are simply buying more power to advance their agenda(s).

And remember way back earlier in the SitRep I talked about how the facts/statistics show that the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer…why do you think that is an historical fact? Yup, because that it their endgame…control…because that control/power brings more wealth. And you control the world population through authoritarian regimes…just ask China…ask Russia…

It is no different here in the US…just review history and facts:

  • Does the US government have more power now than in 1890?
  • Does the US government have more money, or control over more money, now or in 1890?
  • Do we have more federal law enforcement now than in 1890?
  • Do we have more taxes now than in 1890?
  • Is the US military larger now than in 1890?
  • Do we have more federal bureaucrats now than in 1890?

Need I go on? And why do I use 1890?  That is the general start of the Progressive Movement in the United States…a natural evolution of Socialism/Communism/Marxism principles that developed in the mid-1800’s.

Last summer we saw the radical and violent arm of the Democrat Party go full-on anarchy. They burned their way across most of the large liberal cities in the US. Then we saw a major “Bubba Effect” take place on 1/6/2021…the attack on the Capitol Building predominately by radicalized Trump supporters and a few others.

So the civil unrest is well underway…and it will get worse. Sure, it has calmed down a bit right now…but all sides are alive and well…and all sides are planning.

As the Biden/Harris regime implement their radical authoritarian agenda more and more…you will see more and more civil unrest…from both sides. Don’t forget the announcement that the FBI has now identified 500 participants in the 1/6 attack on the Capitol…what do you think the FBI is going to do about them…and how?

Civil war is the natural endgame here in the US…a natural progression from the civil unrest we are experiencing now. Exactly what form the civil war takes I am still not clear on…there appears to be several roads it could go down. But one thing is clear…it will probably be violent, brutal, ugly, and tear our country apart…perfect for the authoritarians. Perfect for them to come in with their solution, their cure, their answer…and most everyone will beg for it. Most everyone will gladly give up freedoms, liberties, and rights for a little safety and security…provided by an even more militarized federal law enforcement apparatus.

Exactly when the “war” will start or where it will start is still unclear to me. But one thing I feel sure about…the FBI will be instrumental in starting it. Remember, the FBI is a couple things; 1) not authorized by the Constitution, 2) fully militarized, 3) works to protect the power of the US federal government.

And let’s not forget it has plenty of experience…it massacred 78 men, women and children back in the 1990’s…not just massacred them…burned them to death. And let’s not forget it was the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover that headed up the operation sending tens of thousands of Americans to prison camps in the 1940’s.

So we are in the midst of civil unrest, civil war is coming, and the FBI will probably be involved in starting that civil war…the spark. And I honestly believe the form that the civil war takes will be tribalism more than likely…but I could be wrong…I pray that I am.

Summary –

The dollar is becoming more and more worthless with each passing month. With every federal government annual budget we go further in debt. Every time they pass a “bailout”, a “stimulus”, a “relief bill”, etc. we go further in debt. Every time we go further in debt it means the Federal Reserve has created more money…and in doing so our dollar becomes less and less valuable. And it will come to a dramatic and ugly end at some point.

And that “reset” will probably be the final straw that starts or exacerbates the civil war.

But, is civil war avoidable? No, it is inevitable. The country has become clearly and irrevocably divided. There is no repairing that divisiveness. Too many powerful forces are driving the divide, they cannot be stopped. Okay, there is a single viable option that could stop it…the Second Coming of Christ. But, we don’t know when that will be.

In the meantime there are some things to do, for instance…

#1 is develop, define, and defend a set of personal principles that are well founded. Work with your family and congregation/community to do the same.

#2 is develop the ability to defend yourself, your family, and your congregation/community. You don’t have to be a tier-1 operator…but you can assist in organizing or help support a community defense organization.

#3 is to remain calm & cool, do not become radicalized, do not do stupid things and take ill-timed actions.

#4 is to organize yourself, your family, and your congregation/community to deal with the coming historical events. Round out your preparations, encourage and assist others to do so.

#5 ensure your ability to communicate with your family and your congregation/community, especially if the normal means of communicating are no longer available.

#6 develop a basic skill plus the ability to grow food.

If you will do those six things, in addition to practicing your faith, you will become much better prepared to deal with all that which is coming. And it is coming…it is inescapable.

I don’t know how much more direct I can be…or how much more encouraging I can be. I’ve laid it out for you repeatedly for over 5 years now on this website. Now is the time…you must get your head on straight and get serious about what is coming. We may have years to prepare…it may be only weeks…it might be a few months.

The time is NOW to get your preparations in order! Please don’t delay.


Contact me with your questions/comments/concerns…


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