Kyle Rittenhouse…ah, yes!

Why am I writing about something you already know about? Cuz I got something to say.

You already know he was acquitted of all charges. Not that he was innocent, he was just found not guilty and the charges cleared. But, what is the real point here?

First off, Kyle was a very stupid and irresponsible young man…child actually, at the time.

His mother…well, she obviously skipped every single parenting class offered to her. She should never have made the choice let him go…period! He should have never made the choice to go armed and ready for a confrontation. He played “dress up” like a militia member and found what he was looking for…a confrontation. Now he has to live with the fact that he killed two people. And his mother has to live with the fact that she enabled those killings occur.

Justified or not, the kid killed two people…it will screw with his head for the rest of his life. God help him!

That being said…there is a bigger and far more fatal issue involved…tribalism.

The country once again finds itself deeply, gravely, fatally divided into two basic tribes on this issue.

On one hand you have the Constitutionalists who clearly see Kyle met the standard of “self-defense” and on the other side…the radical left Communists, Socialists, and Marxists (i.e. Democrats) plus other idiots and the ignorant. The latter group cares nothing about the Constitution, legal rights, or common sense actually. They care only for their agenda. And that agenda is as anti-America as it gets.

And once again America will pay a steep price for stupidity of people like Kyle and his mother…and the millions of extraordinarily stupid people who wanted him sent to prison.

The divide gets deeper, war gets closer…

The results of tribalism in America at first…

Then eventually, soon thereafter…

Then finally…

Tribalism never ends well…and it will destroy America…as it already is doing.



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11 thoughts on “Kyle Rittenhouse…ah, yes!

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  2. Sorry but I respectfully disagree with you sorry opinion of Kyle Rittenhouse. I think he is a very brave young man, like unto the 2000 stripling warriors. I hope and pray there are at least 2000 more like him when we have to take back our county and defend the Constitution.


    • Bernard,

      We all a right to our own opinions. I base mine on his age, a minor, and that he now has to deal with the fact he took the life of two people. And taking a life is no small matter regardless of the situation; and for a 17 year kid…who knows the extent of the damage it will cause in his life. And the sheer stupidity of being out there on his own…stupidity at a new level. But that is all because of his age…a kid…a very, very dumb kid…regardless of his intentions. And noticed I never addressed his “intentions”…because it makes absolutely no difference at all to his actual actions.

      And FYI…remember how the 2000 stripling warriors were taught? Yeah, I doubt this kid ever saw one ounce of that kind of teaching…or he would not have been there, wouldn’t have had his own mother enable him, wouldn’t have been alone, and wouldn’t have to deal with the post-event mental trauma that he is now stuck with…stuck with for the rest of his life.

      When it comes to defending the Constitution…well, I hope we have much, much smarter folks doing so than this kid…this now damaged for life kid. But if not, at least I hope we have solid, qualified, Christian leadership that can teach and lead kids like this in a better way.


    • Thank you Tami, I try hard to not be every other blogger out there. I try to get past the everyday static, see what lies underneath the surface, and what the real agenda(s) is. Regardless of all that, it is clear what we need to be doing to solve this issue…or we are just another part of the problems plaguing our country and world. Please come back often and also share your thoughts. AH


    • Hey Ken, Thank you 🙂
      My schedule of prepping my property and helping neighbors has kept me more than busy. I thought retirement meant relaxing…NOT!
      And a personal issue has slowed me down.
      But I am working on more posts and reviving “Escape From Home”
      Glad to see you stuck around!!


  3. AH,

    You missed or decided not to point out if the mayor, governor, police had done their job on DAY ONE we would not be talking about this!!! DAY ONE!! This is not tribalism, this is a manufactured outcome. Had the police been doing their job there would be no reason for a private citizen posted to protect private property from an unlawful terrorist mob.

    Look at who was attacking Mr. Rittenhouse, it was felons, all convicted felons!!! Did you miss that? And just this week, where or how did the pallets of bricks on corners in Kenosha appear? (Need a forklift to pull them off a truck you know) and the local police not deal with the individuals delivering the pallets of bricks/weapons?

    Tribalism? Thats all you can identify? Its not tribalism at work here, we are purposefully being divided by actors who want to destroy the FUSA. And they are doing a grand ol job of it.

    Saber 7

    (I’m kinda in your neck of the woods this winter, I’m overwintering in Amado.)

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    • Hey Saber,

      Thank you for posting a reply. Now, let me address your issues…

      1) I didn’t miss anything that you pointed out. I followed it closely and wrote about the violent left, etc. back when it occurred…and before with a warning. This post was not intended to be a comprehensive regurgitation of anything…only the “effect” at the 60,000ft level.
      2) Yes, had the police and others in leadership done their job there would not have been the violence. But they didn’t and there was. And that doesn’t excuse the rioters and their behavior. And that had nothing to do with the intent of my post.
      3) There is NO “manufactured outcome” if you are referencing the Kyle Rittenhouse issue. He acted, the government acted, the justice system acted, the jury acted, he was acquitted. Nothing “manufactured” about that. Predictable perhaps based on the players but hardly manufactured, especially the outcome or they would have never prosecuted him. Now, the violence…that was “manufactured” by the usual players on the left.
      4) Private citizens are right in protecting their property whenever they or their property are threatened…in my opinion. However, a minor -a child- on his own, should not have taken up arms, traveled to another city and appointed himself, by himself, a protector of someone else’s property. And his mother should never have allowed that or enabled that. That is just plain stupid and wrong by any measure on both their parts.
      5) As I stated above I didn’t miss anything…especially the felon part. I was aware of the charges, convictions, and prison time of the attackers. And if you notice the post was not about them or their actions. The fact that 3 were shot and 2 killed is of no concern of mine. The world is probably better off without them…rather harsh…but my opinion at this time.
      6) I don’t care about the bricks, forklifts, or anything else regarding what was to happen in that city this weekend. It is a local matter for the locals to deal with. And it certainly had nothing to do with my post…as intended.
      7) I identified “tribalism” because it is a much, much bigger threat to the US than any of the other issues in this matter. There are lots of people who like to focus on small, albeit sometimes important, details, The purpose of my post was to clearly explain an issue that goes far beyond the shootings and the people directly involved. Call it the “big picture” if you will. I am past the small crap going on…it is the bigger stuff that is of most importance and what I try/tend to address.
      8) If you had read and understood my post and the graphics at the bottom of the post you would have understood I was pointing out “purposefully being divided”…which is by definition – tribalism.

      Finally, “…actors who want to destroy the FUSA. And they are doing a grand ol job of it.” We agree 100% on that…and that was the intent and purpose of my post…we are being divided and they are winning. They are winning because we are complicit and foolish…it is our own fault.



  4. The resulting question to me appears, “so, what now?, considering that there is so much polarization and tribalism evident, almost everywhere we look. What can each of us do to break down the tribalism? Or, is it simply too late, and is acceptance of tribalism and polarization the only choice left?

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    • Hey Mickey,
      Thanks for the reply and great question!
      Yesterday’s post had that at the bottom…you might want to read the entire article.
      But here is the bottom line…
      I have been saying it for years:

      – Forget politics!!!!!!!!
      – Define your personal correct principles, then live by them. (I suggest based on God’s eternal principles and principles found in the Constitutional and Declaration of Independence.)
      – Share/teach the Constitutional, Declaration of Independence, and other correct principles to your family, your neighbors, your congregation, and your community.
      – Prepare
      – Serve
      – Endure

      I hope this helps and I would love to hear more from you!

      Folks…please ponder what I have said…see how it fits into your life…act accordingly. Please listen to your instincts and that still small voice inside of you.


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