FAQ – 12/11/2021

  • What do you see as the biggest threat to the USA right now?

Well, there is a 3-way tie for that honor:

1 – Evergrande has defaulted on its debt. Evergrande is one of the largest property developers in the world, they are located in China. They defaulted on a huge pile of debt without so much as a single word to anyone as to why or any other information. That single default could ripple throughout the business world, including the USA, with as of yet unknown repercussions. To get a perspective of the potential problem you have to understand that China is pumping hundreds of billions of dollars into their economy right now. And yes, there are other Chinese developers that are in deep trouble as well. This needs to be watched.

2 – Russia/Ukraine potential war. Do not for a minute think Biden will defend the Ukraine against Russia. First off, Biden is deathly scared of Putin and wouldn’t go up against him for anything…unless Biden is pushed by behind-the-curtain sources. Even though the Biden Family has close legal and illegal ties with the Ukraine, Biden in no way has the courage to stand behind the US’s commitment/promise/assurances/treaty that the US will defend the Ukraine against Russia. If/when Russia makes their move against the Ukraine and the US doesn’t go to the aid of the Ukraine the US’s stature in the world will take yet another nosedive…as if it couldn’t go any lower. All that being said…if unseen forces that control Biden tell him to go to war, Biden will. And we will lose yet again. Now, it’s all up to Putin. Putin has said war was “highly likely” and likened the situation to the Cuban Missile Crisis. And I am telling you…Putin won’t back down. I believe that he sees his time is about to come for him to step up his reputation in the world. And for Putin, Biden is an easy, spineless, half-wit target. Unfortunately, Putin is 100% right!

3 – China/Taiwan potential war. China has seen Taiwan as part of their country since Taiwan came into existence. And to a large degree they are right. China has been building up both the quantity and quality of their military for many decades now. You will find a notable number of experts who feel that China’s military now rivals the USA in overall outcome capability. China has been provoking Taiwan for some time now testing their capabilities and resolve. There is a strong implied agreement that the US will come to the aid of Taiwan should China begin an invasion or other significant military action. Don’t count on it. The Biden Family has strong legal and illegal business ties with China. Biden is scared of economic fallout if the USA comes to Taiwan’s aid. Entering a China/Taiwan would only result in a loss for the USA, the USA could not win that war. And, importantly it could devastate the US economy, literally destroying it, at least temporarily. The hardship in the US would be incalculable.

And here is a summary for #2 & #3…as I’ve written about before should either Russia or China begin an armed conflict with the Ukraine or Taiwan respectively, the other country will make their move as well. The last thing the US wants is a two-front military conflict on the opposite sides of the world with the two other world super-powers…and both Russia and China know it. The US could not win a 2-front armed conflict with Russia and China let alone a two-front war. Further, should we engage with both, the cost to the USA in every aspect would move the USA to third place in the concept of world super-powers, maybe even move us out of that super-power category altogether. And the USA would/will suffer irreparable damage in regards to diplomacy, as well as being a potential death blow to the US economically.

The USA has never in its entire history been as close to destruction as it is right now. And we have a mentally deficient, utterly incompetent fool at the helm…and the most evil of evil behind him controlling him. The situation in US is precarious at best.



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