FAQ – 12/13/2021

  • How bad do you think the energy crisis is right now and how bad will it get?

Well, there are two ways I look at it…internal/external, and the outcome.

Internally, it is the plan and goal of the Democrats to destroy the fossil fuel industry in the US. It became widely known public knowledge back in 2008 when Obama made the statement that the US government will bankrupt coal plants. That made it pretty obvious. Biden made a number of near fatal blows since he took office…nearly doubling the price of fuel. And his radical plan is $6.00 per gallon by the end of his presidency. And heating fuel for this winter is at historic highs. All of which is part of their plan. So, the energy crisis that we are suffering under is purely a plan/goal of the Democrats. Yes, part of that plan is economic hardship on middle and lower income Americans while the rich are relatively unaffected.

Externally, there are a number of factors to look at. You have to understand that Russia has Europe under its thumb when it comes to oil and natural gas. Putin with a single decision could freeze Europe into submission. And why do you think he is making his move against the Ukraine and making it during the winter? Yup, the oil & gas industry and the power it gives him.

And it is part of Biden’s plan to weaken the US by making it once again dependent on external sources of crude oil. Specifically Biden is cooperating with the OPEC countries to increase their wealth, power, and influence in the world…at USA’s expense. Remember, it was Obama/Biden that entered into the infamous nuclear deal with Iran…giving them nuclear weapons and a planeload of cash in the billions of dollars. It is obvious to all the Biden is very pro-OPEC and all things foreign oil.

Back in late October there was an energy meeting with a number of high-profile experts speaking. One stated that based on Biden’s moves and the green enviro-Nazi agenda there will be a significant shortage of energy in the world. Another expert warned that oil could easily hit $100 per barrel near-term, then probably higher, potentially much higher. They all said categorically…we will not go to sleep in a brown world, then miraculously wake up in a green world, it simply won’t and can’t happen.

Let’s talk coal for a minute…on January 1st of this year the price of coal was $76 per ton, it went as high as $270 per ton, now rests at $165 per ton. That is a 117% increase in the price of coal in less than a year. But, let’s back up a minute to the Biden/Harris election in 2020. Just before it was known that Biden/Harris won election the price of coal was $55 per ton. So the price of coal as TRIPLED since the radical leftists took the Whitehouse. And what does that mean to US citizens? Higher energy prices across the board, higher transportation prices, and higher utility prices. The Progressives’ dream come true!

For now, let’s stick with the price of coal for 2021…$76 – $270 per ton price swing. That represents a 255% swing in the price of coal. Why do you think there was that much volatility? Yup, FEAR!! Buyers/Sellers of coal fearing what the radical leftists will do next to destroy the fossil fuel industry.

Outcome – Make no doubt about it, don’t get confused…when the radicals push their green agenda they want to destroy the fossil fuel industry…and they know 100%, without any doubt, it will cause significant unemployment and underemployment, kill hundreds of related businesses, destroy families and towns, and actually kill people (more on that at a later date). They know that…and it is perfectly acceptable to them…it is exactly what they want.

The most sobering prediction as energy prices continue to soar, it will inordinately adversely affect developing countries around the world and lower & middle income families here in the US. And that affect is highly likely to create social within countries but also unrest between countries around the world. That is not only my opinion…it was a statement of fact at that same energy conference mentioned earlier.

Strangely, not only is that plan/goal of the US Democrats…it is the goal of all those who wish an increase in authoritarian states around the world…and that includes all Democrats in the US and most US Republicans as well.

The current energy crisis and the longer-term green agenda plans are all well-coordinated for one particular goal…let the authoritarians offer a solution to crisis, violence, unrest, and other energy related problems across the globe. When you see that pro-authoritarian scheme, when you understand that plan/goal, then the energy crisis we are in and the broader green agenda, both become much, much easier to understand.

So the energy crisis is bad now, will get worse as time goes on, and will result in chaos and crisis…as planned. It is not the crisis that is what worries me so much…it is the solution to the chaos that gives me some sleepless nights.



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2 thoughts on “FAQ – 12/13/2021

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  2. We are already At war. The hacking of different things like the government. The shear hate and ugliness that is allowed. Example the riots called peaceful protests. The division could not be more clear and people just accept it. Horrible things have happened and the worst is yet to come. Come quickly Lord it appears we don’t have much time left to sanctify ourselves.

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