The Real Second Amendment!

I’ve written about this before…but I feel the need to lay it all out one more time. I hope you find it enlightening and helpful…or maybe it will just confirm what you already knew to be true.

Never has a subject been more important than this subject, at this time, in this country, for a whole host of reasons. But, there is one serious and significant reason that you must know and understand regarding the Second Amendment.

So here is the Second Amendment…

Background –

When the Constitution was written and formerly accepted there was heated debate about “rights” in general, and specific rights not being clearly laid out and included as part of the Constitution. So the Founders came up a list of rights which was ratified less than a year after the ratification of the Constitution. Those first ten amendments were designed to protect the basic rights of U.S. citizens, they were unalienable, inviolate and absolute…they are called the Bill of Rights.

So why was the Bill of Rights so important to the Founders and the citizens of the new, post-revolution United States of America?  Because the colonists had lived under government cruelty, they knew oppression, they had to endure a despotic ruler, they knew what a corrupt legislature was, and they knew that power would eventually corrupt the leadership of their Constitutional Republic. And they were determined to ensure that US citizens would never have to endure the malevolence of a corrupt and powerful central government.

They knew that the British Empire had been able to rule over them in the most oppressive of terms due to one thing…power…virtually absolute power. And it was the might of the British Army that assured colonists’ subjugation to whatever burden the British rulers heaped upon them. During the time that the British ruled the American colonies the British Empire maintained a large standing army presence in the colonies. The British army role however went beyond what we think of a traditional army in today’s world, the British army was also the central government’s law enforcement agency as well.

And a reminder…the colonial British Army was the strongest, most professional, most technologically advanced, and most powerful army in the world.

Militias –

To prevent a recurrence of this absolute subjugation of a country’s populace the Founders took steps to prevent a repeat in the newly formed of government. First, the Founders made it clear there was to be no standing army. They knew all too well the threat a standing army was to rights, freedoms, and liberties. They knew that a standing army was the hammer that would allow a central/federal government to become absolute in terms of power and authority. To curtail that threat the military was put into the hands of the various states in the form of militias.

So militias were the “army” of the new United States…formed locally by average citizens and controlled by state Governors. Now, if “war” was declared by Congress at the request of the President then the federal government could request from state Governors that their militias be federalized. Thus becoming the US Army under the country’s Commander-in-Chief and able to defend the USA.

However, a Governor could deny any such request for its militias. This was the “check & balance” against a strong federal government imposing its will on US citizens and using a standing army to enforce such will. (Article 3, Section 2)

If you doubt any of that…research it…and especially pay attention to all of the quotes by our Founding Fathers regarding a standing army.

Let me make this easy to understand:

  • We now have a large standing army that is the most powerful in the world.
  • That same standing army has been used against US citizens on numerous occasions.
  • That same standing army has killed US citizens on numerous occasions, including its own veterans.
  • Today’s large standing army is 1/2 of the military-industrial complex that has been in existence since post-Civil War. The same military-industrial complex that President Eisenhower went to great lengths to warn us about.
  • In addition to the standing army, there are over 700,000 heavily armed paramilitary federal law enforcement officers in the US. (note: this makes United States federal LEOs the world’s 7th largest army, slightly smaller than Russia’s entire army.)
Right to Bear Arms –

Now we understand why militias were so important to the Founding Fathers that they enshrined that concept and right in the Constitution itself via the Bill of Rights. But, if a militia was to be an army to defend the US it had to be well-armed. Armed well enough to conduct war…and win.

Once again we only have to look at history to understand that concept/principle. At the outbreak of the American Revolution the average American frontiersman, farmer, and many town-based colonial citizens were as well armed as the average British soldier…and in most cases, far better armed with better rifles. Many backwoods and frontier colonials would also normally carry a pistol, knife, and tomahawk in addition to their rifle. This additional weaponry would make them far better armed than even the elite of the British Army soldiers. For additional clarification…colonists were armed with the latest technology of the day when it came to weapons.

And as citizens formed militias they would often have the latest in the most powerful weapons of the day as well…cannons and mortars.

The Founding Fathers, desiring no standing army but a militia base, had to ensure that US citizens could have weapons sufficient to wage wars, carry the fight to the enemy, and win. To guarantee that US citizens could always meet that challenge the Founders ensured that US citizens would always have that inviolate right. Hence, the clear, absolute, and unambiguous wording of the “right to bear arms” contained in the Second Amendment.

So the Second Amendment was a clear and strong statement that neither the right to bear arms or of the right of militias could be “infringed.” And if you look up the word infringed it too is very clear and concise…NOTHING could interfere with those two rights in any way…no law, no regulation, no rule, no Executive Order…NOTHING!

And that means it is an “absolute right” regardless of any other opinion to the contrary, enforceable by the Supreme Court should it ever be infringed.

Actually, any opinion or action to the contrary is proof positive showing a person to be either ignorant or an authoritarian…and in both cases they are in direct opposition to the Constitution. And should they be an authoritarian they want only one thing…a totalitarian state with absolute power. Should they be ignorant…then they were a useful idiot…a tool…nothing more.

Summary –

The US federal government, with the help of both Democrats and Republicans, have been very, very successful at dismantling the Second Amendment. Yes, both parties and virtually all politicians have worked tirelessly to utterly destroy the Second Amendment. And for the most they already have…half of it is already destroyed…the other half…almost…they are working hard to finish their task.

Do we have a large and powerful standing army?

Do we have a large standing paramilitary force in the form of federal law enforcement agencies?

Do we have strong state & local militias, controlled by Governors?

Actually, if you are a member of a “militia” how are you viewed by the US federal government law enforcement community?

And, do we have restrictions, regulations, rules, requirements, and laws that infringed on the right to own state-of-the-art personal weaponry (i.e. right to bear arms)?

Well, therein lies the proof of where we are today. And going forward anyone, ANYONE, that supports gun right restrictions is either ignorant or an authoritarian. Both are a grave threat to a Constitutional Republic.

You see, the Founding Fathers also had one other concept in mind with the whole Second Amendment thing. They knew that sooner or later the US federal government would become so corrupt that the people, US citizens, had to retain the ability to throw off the oppression, overcome the tyranny, and restore a Constitutional Republic’s rights, liberties, and freedoms in full.

Simply read the Declaration of Independence to understand that idea and right. And for more information on that subject you need but only to research the quotes of the Founding Fathers.

And to correct the problem of a despotic or totalitarian government when all else failed…the people had to be well-armed, trained, and part of a militia to throw off the government of authoritarians.

So now you can understand why the current US federal government, the politicians, federal law enforcement agencies, the federal bureaucrats, do not want militias and do not want a well-armed citizenry. They want to rule supreme and unchallengeable with absolute power…a totalitarian utopia.

In closing…know history…

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