Feedback & Comments : 8/15/2022

AH Trimble Feedback and Comments

  • You are a “go to source” for me when I am evaluating a situation. I have many of your articles saved and refer to them often. I hate to bug you about Escape from Home but are you going to finish it? (Jack)

Thank you for the nice compliment! How are you saving the articles? Robin asked about that yesterday. Yes! I love that story and a bunch happens…lots of action. I have written most of the rough draft. But it takes a huge amount of time to write, edit, edit again…and edit again. About 6 – hours for each day’s entry. But it is my first love and my passion. For a couple years now I got caught up in writing about current events and warning what is happening, what is coming, and why. But, I have made a commitment to get back to the story…it is just about timing at this point. I will let everyone know when it starts back up.

I have some articles saved in PDF format already. You can download see the list and download them <click here to see the list>

Doug, you are a man of few words…and to the point I might add. And thank you for the kind compliment. I wish more people would have read the article, there is always time for to read it the first time…or read it again <click here to read the article> That article is timely, informative, cautioning, and appropriate for what we are seeing right now.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare these articles. I’m a relative newcomer to this blog, but very much appreciate it. I read through the full May sitrep suite. It must take a lot of time to prepare these articles but I find your content very well researched and thought-through. It helps me sanity check my own thought processes and conclusions. I work at an employee owned engineering consulting firm that is doing very well (power systems). I am halfway through my career. If things continue to go well I could see the employee ownership investment carrying me to a comfortable retirement. However, I’m considering taking a lower paying job at an electric coop where I can be more involved in the local communities and help influence local grid reliability. I’d convert the previous employer ownership investment to real-estate by paying off my mortgage. Normally this wouldn’t be a good idea since the mortgage is a low interest rate, but I ask myself how likely it is that my normal investments will actually be around in 20-25 years when I reach retirement. The probability of that outcome seems to be dwindling rapidly. People I talk to think this is just another storm we’ll pass through in a few years with all societal systems intact. However, I think ever more rapid deterioration until the Savior comes (with some refuge in Zion) better fits the scriptural model. I try to be prudent and recognize I don’t know the future (I keep some 401K investment for example) and I try to give the Lord opportunity to guide my decisions. However, your articles provide some nice guideposts to help me avoid the all-is-well (denial) or sky is falling (fear porn) extremes that would lead to inaction or rash action. I look forward to further sitreps. (Jon)

Hey, glad to have you newbie! Am I am thrilled you see value in the SitReps and yes, it takes considerable amount of time to produce each SitRep. I don’t think I have less than 8 hours in any SitRep and May’s SitRep took about 10 days of 6 hours each to write. Thank you again for the nice compliment. While I don’t fish for compliments…it is nice to hear positive feedback from all that hard work on those articles. And yes, I don’t write anything I haven’t thoroughly researched and/or have special “sources” of information.

You sound as if you are very balanced in your approach to…well, everything. I like you “hedging” when it comes to retirement. I also really appreciate your beliefs and view of the Savior.

And I gotta tell you…your stating that I help you avoid fear porn and denial is the best compliment I have had in a long time. So many websites peddle one or the other…mostly fear pron. Some sites actual promote both…weird. You can figure out what is best for you…your family, your congregation and your community. And maybe, just maybe I can be of some help along the way.

Send me your thoughts, ideas, comments, questions, and concerns…


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