Immediate Action Warning!



Federal Authority Violence

Background –

With all the recent federal law enforcement activity, specifically the FBI, there is allegedly an increase in violent threats targeting federal agents, federal LEOs, and federal employees in general. And since the FBI raid on former President Trump’s home those threats have allegedly increased significantly.  There are no third-party or unbiased confirmation of the threat increase. However, both the FBI and DHS are claiming that threat increase and doing so in written form.

In addition the FBI recently released a document entitled “Federal Bureau of Investigation – Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide: Militia Violent Extremism”. That document labels virtually any Republican, any conservative, any libertarian, any veteran, any prepper, and any self-identifying patriot as a potential domestic terrorist and further identifies them as a violent extremist.

These events and actions create a very tenuous confluence of violence and actions on the part of federal agents reacting to a perceived threat, real or otherwise. Any interaction with federal agents could lead to them perceiving you as a violent threat against them, their fellow agents/employees, or any federal facility. The recent alleged attack on an FBI facility in Ohio is being touted as an example of the increased threat level.

The joint FBI/DHS uses specific terminology such as; “civil war” and “armed rebellion” in order to legally authorize extra-Constitutional tactics. The special interest group, “The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association”, has released a very strong statement virtually urging extreme violence towards anyone who opposes any action that federal law enforcement officers take. This goes to the current mindset among federal law enforcement personnel, clearly indicating their intentions.

Warning Specifics –

Based on the events, allegations, and actions mentioned above you could expect to see:

  • Increased security personnel and protective measures at any federal facility but especially at federal law enforcement facilities.
  • A significant increase in weapons carried by and brandished by federal officers.
  • A dramatic increase in violent actions/reactions by federal officers while dealing with or interacting with the public.
  • A continued increased in anti-citizen activity based on their (FBI/DHS) definition of potential domestic terrorist and patriot-related violent extremism.

Based on the increase in what you can expect to see, I am issuing the following warnings:

  • Do not interact with federal law enforcement officers without a lawyer present. Or, at the very least, multiple witnesses that can both see and hear whatever takes place during the interaction with federal authorities.
  • Do not visit any federal facility, especially federal law enforcement facility, unless absolutely necessary. And then, do so only with a lawyer or multiple witnesses present.
  • Do not attend any anti-government rally, protest, demonstration, or meeting of any kind. There will be federal agents and/or informants reporting on the people in attendance, subjects discussed, and they may even be an “agent provocateur” trying to instigate a problem, including violence. This is a popular tactic by federal agents so they can then pursue those in attendance under the guise of domestic terrorism or violent extremist activities.
  • Immediately disassociate yourself from anyone who speaks in any way, to any degree, advocating violent interactions directed towards any federal employee, especially law enforcement officers.
  • Do not visit or participate in any website, including social media, that in anyway discusses/advocates violent interactions to any degree directed towards any federal employee, especially law enforcement officers.
  • Anyone who advocates to any degree any violent interaction with a federal employee, especially a federal law enforcement officer, is probably a federal agent or a confidential informer for a federal law enforcement agency. Have no contact with or interaction with anyone such as this. If they are on a website, leave the site immediately. If they are part of a web group, on a social media, or part of a prepper website…leave that website and do not return.
  • Do not discuss, especially advocate, any violent interaction with a federal employee, especially a federal law enforcement officer with anyone at any time.
  • Based on these current events, if you personally feel that any violent interaction with a federal employee, especially a federal law enforcement officer, is appropriate then leave this website and do not return.
General Word of Caution –

This is a very stressful and tenuous time for the US right now. I cannot stress enough to keep a low profile at this point, avoid all interactions with federal authorities, and DO NOT take part in any perceived activity that can be seen as a threat to the federal government, specifically federal law enforcement agents. Your life and/or freedom could be in immediate and imminent jeopardy.

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4 thoughts on “Immediate Action Warning!

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    • Hey Saber,
      Do you think they would recognize our country today? I am sure they would recognize the US federal government! How does that old Who song go, the song titled “Won’t Get Fooled Again”…when they sing, “Meet the new boss, Same as the old boss”?
      Yeah…that’s it. And we got fooled again…the government now is the same government as then. Of course our Founding Fathers would recognize our government today…new tyranny, same as the old tyranny. We got fooled again, and again, and again, and again. And we keep doing and allowing the same things over an over again. And we are now reaping what we sowed.


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