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I guess today is food, garden, & farmer day (another article coming later today).

I became aware of this horrible situation a couple of months ago and I have been following it waiting to see how it developed and wanting to verify some facts and sources.

Here are some key points to this situation:

  1. This is a a deeply religious family and they are farming according to their religious beliefs.
  2. This is a gasoline & diesel-free, fertilizer-free organic farmer.
  3. This is a family farm and family farmer.
  4. The farmer started a members-only food club for his customers, the food is not for sale to the public. The farm’s customers made the choice, with full understanding, that the food was organic and in pure holistic form.

Amos Miller and his family have been farming this way for generations. His farm has been selling direct to customers (cutting out all the commercial middle men) for years. When the US Department of Agriculture found out about it they began an investigation about 2 years ago. Then last year a judge stepped in and assigned a government “expert” to monitor his farm and ensure he was no longer feeding people and providing for his family.

When the federal government expert felt he didn’t have unimpeded and unrestricted access to the farm day or night he complained and asked the judge for armed assistance from US federal law enforcement. The federal bureaucrat wanted his unfettered access and wanted to enforce that at the point of a gun.

A judge then ordered the US Marshall Service (USMS) to provide heavily armed tactical teams, “..then ordered that the USMS was authorized to use whatever reasonable force was necessary to gain entry…”

This is an Amish family farm for God’s sake!!!

Amish are pacifists and they don’t serve in the military and this is well-known and well-documented.

The judge also laid $250,000 of fines against the family farmer and ordered the farmer to pay the salaries of the federal inspectors, employees, and agents assigned to his case. And to top it off…the judge said the farmer had to pay a $50,000 fee up-front as a show of good faith. A family farmer!!  But, to make sure this holistic farmer complied with government demands…they also threatened him with lengthy jail time. Prison for a family farmer!!

JAIL TIME for farming…organically farming and providing wholesome food to private customers who want his style of food products. Think about that for a second. Does that even remotely sound anything like justice.

As the farmer continued to object to and resist the tyranny being forced upon him, the federal government figured it was time to take him out. This summer heavily armed tactical teams from the US Marshalls service raided his farm.

Fortunately for the farmer he is a pacifist and wasn’t outright killed by the US Marshalls for “resisting”.

Now the farmer has been ordered to cease all farming operations. Which simply put, means he can no longer practice all of his religious beliefs, can no longer provide for his family, and can no longer provide organic and wholesome food for families that rely on his farm. And here is the key…he has no income to pay the US federal fines. Which means…he will lose his farm. Isn’t that interesting…think about that point for a minute.

So here are some additional points to ponder:

  1. The US government is attacking a farmer for operating outside of the control of huge multi-national agriculture chemical manufacturers.
  2. The US government is attacking a farmer for operating outside of the control of huge multi-national agriculture seed providers.
  3. The US government is attacking a farmer for operating outside of the control of huge multi-national oil & gas companies.
  4. The US government is attacking a farmer for operating outside of the control of huge national food supply chains.
  5. The US government is attacking a farmer for operating outside of the control of US Department of Agriculture facilities.
  6. The US government is willing to send heavily armed federal law enforcement tactical teams in a military-style operation to enforce its will on a pacifist, highly-religious farmer and his family…for farming.
  7. The US Marshalls that took place in the raid, highly armed and organized in military style tactical teams, had absolutely no problem rushing onto his farm, rounding up his family, holding them at gun point, and putting the farmer out of business.

All the farm related issues are bad enough…and I mean really bad. Your US Government Department of Agriculture at work. But here is the part that is most concerning to me…and should be of utmost concern to all freedom loving citizens.

Why did the US Marshalls participate in this at all? Why did these individuals, these Constitution oath-taking federal law enforcement officers, conduct a military-style raid against a religious family’s farm…for farming?

Is the answer something as simple as…these federal law enforcement officer love playing as badge toting tacti-cool thugs? Or maybe as fundamental as…they love their paycheck more than the US Constitution and Bill of Rights? Hell, maybe the thugs just hate vegetables!

My point…these federal law enforcement agents did it and love it!

I have personally talked to federal agents. I have heard at least one say that no person, other than law enforcement, should own any kind of gun, ever. Others are so trigger happy and gun-ho that they chomp at the bit to go full-tactical against any citizen that resists the government at all. During the Bundy/BLM issue I talked with a federal agent who told me there were lots of federal agents that wanted to be involved…and to open fire on those civilians involved in the peaceful resistance, especially the Bundy’s…to teach them a lesson.

I have been warning you for over a decade of the unbelievable danger from US federal law enforcement agents and agencies. They do not understand, nor support, basic Constitutional and founding principles of rights, freedoms, and liberties. Their interests and intents are not the same as our Founding Fathers…they want only one thing…for you and I to comply. They are the tip of the spear for implementing total compliance with an all powerful federal government.

And that my friend is dangerous…maybe far more dangerous than most people can even imagine.

This isn’t going to end well. And in the meantime…it will be an increasing demonic hell.

* I added this in at the last minute to answer a question…

I have been asked more than once, “Isn’t this just some agents, most are good guys aren’t they?”

Well, I know the answer, but let’s test this concept to be fair:

  1. Did you hear of any US Marshall who refused to go on this family farm raid or speak out against it?
  2. Did you ever hear of any ATF or FBI agent refuse to participate in the murders of Weaver’s wife and child at Ruby Ridge or speak out against it?
  3. Did you ever hear of any ATF or FBI agent refuse to participate in the Waco Massacre or speak out against it?
  4. Did you ever hear of any FBI agent refuse to participate in the murder of Lavoy Finicum or speak out against it?
  5. Did you ever hear of any Secret Service or FBI agent refuse to participate in the Trump home raid or speak out against it?
  6. Did you ever hear of any federal law enforcement agent who refused to participate in or speak out against the coup against President Trump that started before he was even inaugurated or speak out against it?
  7. Have you ever heard of any federal law enforcement agent/officer refuse to participate in or speak out against any federal law enforcement action ever?

Think very, very seriously about that.

Let me share this with you…post 9/11 the federal law enforcement agencies began programs of unrestrained, unrestricted, extra-Constitutional actions in the USA. This has been well documented as factual through investigative journalism, reports to Congress, and actual court documents. As part of these actions they also began a “purge” of any federal law enforcement agent/officer or employee that was deemed a conservative or who outwardly espoused support for rights, freedoms, and liberties. I have had that confirmed to me personally.

So why?

Before you answer that, go back and answer the original question, “Isn’t this just some agents, most are good guys aren’t they?”

Describe “good” to me in this context of federal agents and their actions? For me:

  1. It is only those those agents/officers who 100% support the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the rights, liberties, and freedoms contained therein.
  2. It is only agents/officers who respect the true rule of law…not the phony Department of Justice crap.
  3. It is NOT an agent who attends church.
  4. It is NOT an agent who appears to be a family man with a nice spouse and great children.
  5. It is NOT an agent who is a parent, child, sibling, or friend to someone.
  6. It is NOT an agent who is a veteran.

What matters is only that which the agent/officer does in relation to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights (meaning rights, liberties, and freedoms). Basically it’s their morals, ethics, and principles related to the job. And only how those morals, ethics, and principles relate to their actions on the job through the action of those agents/officers.

And right now…morals, ethics, and principles appear to be an oxymoron when referring to federal law enforcement agencies and their people.

Let’s go back to the question in relation to the purge, “So why?

The answer should be clear to you at this point. If not…what other evidence and facts do you need? It has been right in front of your face for over 30 years!

So you can decide for yourself who these agencies are…and who the agents and officers are. And that should tell you everything.

Just for the heck of it:

  • Why does the Department of Treasury IRS have SWAT teams?
  • Why does the Department of Agriculture have SWAT teams?
  • Why does the Department of Interior have SWAT teams?
  • Why the hell does the Department of Education have SWAT teams?
  • Why would those SWAT team members want to be on those SWAT teams?
  • Why is the IRS now recruiting armed IRS agents who are willing to use deadly force?
  • What kind of person would want to be an armed IRS agent ready/willing/able to kill?

I just can’t resist this…

Why are the combined federal law enforcement agencies, total number of armed federal law enforcement agents/officers, equal the 7th largest army in the world!?!?!?!?!!?!?

Have you got it yet? Does your family get it yet? Do your friends get it yet? Do the people at your church get it? Do the other people on your social media sites get it?

Everyone in Washington DC gets it…they are behind it!

It’s coming folks…it’s coming.

The only action right now that I think will save our country and our Constitution is prayer.


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