#1 Rule !

  • What would you say is the #1 rule for a complete collapse of the entire system?

Same as it would be for any emergency, disaster, or grid-down (i.e. complete collapse)…Rule #1 Don’t be stupid!

Meaning, think about you are doing and don’t do stupid stuff. Pretty freaking simple, eh?

Examples: 1) don’t try to hold off a mob of 100 people, 2) don’t get into a gun fight over a 5gal can of gas, 3) don’t let your neighbor’s kids starve to death, 4) don’t run your generator when the entire neighborhood is quiet and dark, 5) don’t tell everyone about your preps, especially your food, 6) don’t brag about or show off all your guns & ammo, 7) don’t prepare for a Walking Dead scenario, 8) don’t vote/act like a Democrat…or most Republicans.

If you want to know more specifically how not to be stupid…read L.I.P.S. <click here>

If you want to be aware of issues coming at you so you can avoid being stupid you could read about Situational Awareness. <click here>

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