I am a dummy…Household Water System PDF File

OK, I am a dummy!

I was trying too hard and working too fast on a couple of posts…and I screwed up.

The water system document that described the waster system for our place had to be updated. And I ended up updating it several times before I got it right. However, while I was doing the updating the “old” files were downloaded by a bunch of ya’ll. Which means you got incorrect and out of date information.

Sorry about that.

Here is the complete and correct (at least for now) document describing the water system:

< click here to download the entire Glamstead Water System PDF file >

If you want to check and see if you already have the most up to date file it should be named “GlamsteadWaterSystem-20220919c.pdf”  The “c” is the important part to look for.

I apologize for any confusion, consternation, or constipation over this dummy mistake of mine.

Later today I will be sending out the filter cartridge changing/cleaning information.

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