Household Water System – IMPORTANT UPDATE!

On Saturday morning I did my annual filter maintenance. And while I did I realized I had made a change last time I did the maintenance I changed the filters, and the .5 (point 5) filter is no longer available.

So I changed the “System Notes” in the Glamstead Water System PDF file.The changes reflect what I am doing now and what filters are available.

For your quick reference the changes are as follows…

12.  I labeled the housings #1, #2, #3 with a Sharpie. The filters are sized as:

  1. Filter Cartridge, 5 Micron, washable (Hydronix SPC-45-2005).
  2. Filter Cartridge, 1 Micron, washable (Hydronix SPC-45-2001).
  3. Hydronix CB-45-2001 Whole House, Commercial & Industrial NSF Coconut Carbon Block Water Filter, 1 Micron

13.  The reasoning behind the filters is this:

  • Larger micron filters are less expensive to purchase.
  • 1 micron #2 filters the same size particles as #3. This keeps #3, the most expensive filter cleaner, saving money.
  • #3 is a 1 micron carbon block filter for removing tastes, odors, impurities, and contaminants such as microscopic cysts, lead, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) from water. Carbon block is a better technology and higher efficiency than a GAC carbon filter.

< click here to download the entire Glamstead Water System PDF file >

Original article (8/30/2022) on our water system: Household Water System


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