Postings on hold…

As of now I am putting any new postings on hold for at least several days. I am doing some extensive research and investigation into some very serious issues. I have three articles that I am currently working on.

On top of that I will be spending a lot of my daylight hours for the next two days helping a neighbor work on his house. They are fleeing a dangerous big city for the safety of our area but need to get their house ready first. So I am helping them out a little.

While I am gone I encourage you to work on a couple of things; 1) Keep your eyes open, 2) Keep preparing, even it is just little things like putting a couple more cans of food in your cabinet, 3) Pray for cool heads to prevail, 4) Remember that DHS/ATF/FBI are all looking for any reason at all to go after any violent domestic extremist or domestic terrorist. Yeah, there is more I wish I could share but I think it would be counter-productive. Just do that which you know to be right.

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