My head wants to explode because of science deniers…part 1

stuff that makes AH Trimble's head explodeYeah, I didn’t write much while I took my week off over Thanksgiving…but I did do a little reading and some research as you would have guessed. And while doing so…I found some things that just wanted to make my head explode. Mainly, I want people to STOP DENYING SCIENCE!!

Yup, stop being a science denier…yes, you…yes, me…yes, them…yes, everybody!

Those 6 “explode my head” things are…

#1 – A Christian organization, Faithful America, has started a petition protesting Trump’s 2024 campaign. And they are asking Christians to “speak out” against Trump running for president. The petition amassed close to 15,000 signatures of their 20,000 signature goal.

Well, I decided to look into who they are…and guess what…they are a radical liberal group trying to pass themselves off as Christians. Now, they may well be Christians individually, but their organization is truly liberal, progressive, or anything but solid doctrine followers of Christ. So we have to be ever vigilant to not be misled by a name alone. And yes, they are mostly pro-Catholic that adamantly support Pope Francis. And yes, they are also eco-nazis.

And speaking of Pope Francis, did you know he is not just a believer in “humanism” he is a hardcore preacher of it? More than a dozen sermons advocating for it in the last few years. Yup! And just for a second think about this…”humanism” is essentially placing the individual and society above God, depending primarily on science and technology, from liberal education sources, to solve problems vs looking to God’s guidance and eternal truths to guide us. Humanism is its own morality. Yeah, go figure…a global church leader, a religious leader of over 1 billion people…a leader who places human knowledge and capability above that of God.

#2 – In 2016 Dallas Police Department used a robot to kill a suspect. Yup, no arrest, no charges, no trial, no jury, no judge…no nothing. The DPD just decided the suspect needed to be killed…even though he was no imminent threat to anyone at the time. His suspected crime…a cop killer. What? Cops wanting to outright kill someone they thought was a cop killer??? Noooooo…say it ain’t so.

When I first heard of this event I was appalled and worried at the time, and wrote an article about it for another website. I cautioned that this would become the norm and take decision making out of the hands of actual people and place the life and death of US citizens in the hands of machines. And since then I have written about the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and its increased use…against humans. And I have written about the US federal government use of drones to kill Americans, mostly overseas. Well, now it is normalized and right here in Amerika.

A month ago a city council in the US voted unanimously to approve the use of robots to kill people. Yes, obviously, to kill people who are suspected of crimes…the key word being “suspected” as you can guess. And now, guess which state in the US this city is located? Well, just think the state most like Communist China with all of its anti-citizen repression and anti-rights suppression? Yup! You guessed it…California. And now guess which city…think the most racial leftist, socialist city in the Communist State of Kalifornia. Bingo! You are batting 100%…San Francisco!

So think about this folks…no arrest, no charges, no trial, no jury, no judge, no due process…no nothing…just a robot sent in to kill a living breathing human being. How’s that make you feel about where we are headed as a country and people? Oh wait, we are already perfectly fine with a multilayered surveillance society…so why not be perfectly fine with government that kill you via machine with ZERO due process…hell, murder with no human even pulling the trigger. Sure will get the LEOs off the hook more!

Let’s stop denying science…or rather…let’s stop using science and technology from killing people on demand.

#3 – Research just released shows over 70% of children 7 – 12 years old are now fearful, scared of, climate change. Yeah, scared of something that has been taking place for millions of years is now the new boogie man and scaring our kids to death. Gotta love it!

I am not a science denier for sure!! The climate is changing…has been for a very long time…that is proven science. And now for a minute let’s say man is a large contributor to that…hell, let’s say mankind is the #1 contributor driving up CO2 and related emissions.

So, that being said there were approximately 200 private jets that flew to COP26 & COP27 Climate Summits (2021 & 2022). The EU’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) says that each flight emitted 43.5 metric tonnes of climate destroying emissions, that is 95,900 US pounds of environment killing vapors. But don’t forget…there were 200 flights…that is just shy of 20million pounds of planet ruining emissions…one way. Yeah, that is 40 million pounds round trip.

So doing the math…our climate saviors, the best of the world’s elites, (about 300 people) dumped the same amount of poison into the environment in two weeks as about 2,300 Americans do…for a whole year!

Oh wait, that doesn’t include the ground transportation emissions for our betters, our elites, to talk about what to do to save the planet from poisonous emissions. Oh wait, and that doesn’t include the poisons from the air conditioning for the luxury hotels they stayed in. Oh wait, that doesn’t include the poisons from the manufacture of the private jets they flew in or vehicles they rode in.

So I have a list of science based ideas:

  1. All private jets must be turned over to a global organization that will recycle every component in them, turn those materials into cash, and distribute that cash to the poorest of the poor in Africa. Of course, no compensation to those jet owners who turned in those private jets…it is their reparations for their destruction of the planet.
  2. The US government will turn over all non-tactical, non-logistical aircraft (including Air Force One) to the same agency as mentioned in #1 for the same processing.
  3. To protect our ocean’s coasts and prevent further damage to the coastline and oceans, all beach front homes (those within a ½ mile of the ocean’s coasts) will be carefully torn down and those building supplies will be used to create free homes for disabled veterans of their respective countries. Of course, no compensation to those home owners…it is their reparations for their destruction of the planet.
  4. All homes larger than 5,000sqft that use utility produced heat/electric will be processed the same as #3. Of course, no compensation to those home owners either…it is their reparations for their destruction of the planet.
  5. Any limousine, or similar vehicle, will be surrendered to the agency mentioned in #1 for processing that dismantles the vehicle and recycles all usable parts. The proceeds from the project will be turned over for feeding homeless veterans of their respective countries. Of course, no compensation to those vehicle owners…it is their reparations for their destruction of the planet.
  6. To further reduce emissions and reduce the national budget/debt, all federal politicians will be responsible for their own transportation to/from work, walking or bikes. Federal buildings will have their thermostats set at 80 during the summer and 65 during the winter to further decrease emissions and the budget/debt. And further more…to truly save energy, reduce emissions, and cut the national budget…Congress will only meet twice a year for a session and for one 1 week each session. And yes, the sessions will be held in mid-July and mid-January…and certainly complying with federal thermostat standards.

What do you think? A good start!!?? Of course no federal politician, elitist, environmental advocate, federal employee, or corporation should voice a single objection…any objection would show they would be in favor of killing the planet along with killing our children and grandchildren.

But not to fear…the UK is here! The citizens of the UK have seen 200 – 400% increase in energy bills in the last year. Some residents can’t even come close to paying their energy bills. But not to worry…the UK government just issued a statement saying they will be cutting off subsidies to their citizens that helped the poor pay for luxuries such as heat and electricity. And they are cutting that off just before winter really sets in.

But the UK government has a solution…reduce the thermostats in your homes, and stop using rooms in your house, and then close those rooms off. So how many government offices does that apply to????

And why would they stop those payments right before winter? Oh wait…they just agreed to pay climate reparations to other countries to the tunes of billions of equivalent US dollars. Way to go!!!!! Globalism first!!! Screw our own citizens!!!!

So let’s stop denying science…let’s get the rich elites and government lackeys to set the example to stop climate destruction!! Let them show us mere mortals, the great unwashed, how it’s done…apply science…SHOW us by your actions how to stop killing the planet.

So today’s “3” things that make my head explode are calm, temperate, and mild compared to tomorrow’s! Come on back and enjoy yourself reading Part #2 🙂

< click here to read Part #2 >

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6 thoughts on “My head wants to explode because of science deniers…part 1

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  2. I’ll start believing the oceans are going to rise a zillion feet…the day Martha’s Vineyard’s billionaire types sell their sea-front mansions and move to Aspen, Colorado. Until then, it’s all balderdash!

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  3. The Dallas event happened during a permitted peaceful protest. The gunman opened fire from an elevated position in a building overlooking the parade route. when he opened fire, his primary target were the police officers who were managing the protest by closing off intersections and such. several protesters were hit. one officer died shielding some protesters. I will email you the report by WFAA reporters on scene who witnessed the incident. We were living in Dallas at the time and watched some of it on WFAA. The use of the robot was after officers trying to get to the shooter were killed or wounded attempting to arrest said shooter. he was active not passive.


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