My head wants to explode because of science deniers…part 2

stuff that makes AH Trimble's head explodeWelcome to Part #2 of my exploding head rant. If you didn’t read yesterday then you are probably better off from a mental health perspective. But, if you are determined to read today’s Part #2 then you should probably read Part #1 from yesterday.

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Warning: Reading yesterday’s article and today’s article may make your head want to explode also.

Let’s get right to it…

#4 – Let’s just go ahead and kill everyone! First off the countries of the world combined kill approximately 140 unborn babies each minute. Think about that for a minute…73,000,000 babies that will never experience life because they will be killed by medical professionals.

But no…that is not enough…not near enough! Back in 2016 Canada approved assisted suicide. Yup, death by Doctor for whomever wants it. But, that too wasn’t good enough! How about this…if you are feeling depressed, or lonely, or kinda blue…the mentally ill…yup, you can have em kill you too.

But wait…that isn’t good enough either! How about…let’s kill kids too! Not the 73million unborn babies already being killed, this is a whole new group of kids that doctors can kill. So who are these kids in Canada? Any unemancipated minor patient (child below the age of 18) that a doctor feels is mature enough to make the decision…can now make the decision to kill themselves and have a Doctor help them. How nice…Doctors at their finest!

And who pays the doctors to kill the babies, the adults, the mentally ill, and now young kids? Oh, the Canadian government. So the more kids and babies that Canadian doctors kill…the more money those doctors make. How convenient.

Yeah, how’s that for a great country like Canada!!! Kill babies, kill the mentally ill, kill adults, kill kids under the age of 18…kill, kill, kill! That almost sounds like eugenics doesn’t it.

Not to worry…only in 10 countries around the world is it legal to kill people on demand…or if the doctor thinks it appropriate. But not to worry…there are more than 50 countries where it is perfectly legal, and women are encouraged, to kill unborn babies.

And there are still a few people that wonder why the world is in such a mess as it is today. Imagine that!

Oh, and we just celebrated Thanksgiving…and so did The Nation magazine. They had the headline…We are Thankful for our Abortions! Oh, and they said to “celebrate the experience.” And FYI…The Nation is solidly communist and the editors have interesting backgrounds including Soviet spies and rabid Communists and Socialists. Imagine that!

Once again, I am willing to accept and use science to stop the deaths of millions and millions of babies, kids, adults, and the mentally ill around the world. And that scientifically proven method to stop all of that death is…simple, stop baby killing abortions and stop the killing of minor children and adults on demand under the guise of euthanasia.

So who are the pro-abortion, abortion rights advocates in the US, Canada, and around the world????

#5 – Biden…yes, “Joe-the-Pervert” Biden, says semiautomatic firearms have no social redeeming value. Dang! Well, give him credit…that comes after a number of high-profile shootings. Shootings by mentally ill folks and criminals in predominately liberal/Democrat controlled cities and/or states.

So let’s not blame the shooting on the actual primary causes…criminals and mental illness…let’s blame the gun. The gun that is obviously perfectly capable of making decisions on its own and pulling its own trigger…while aiming itself at people.

While “Sexual Predator” Joe is senile and in the throws of dementia, he and those around him know why the Founding Father believed so strongly in the Second Amendment…the average citizen’s capability to resist a tyrannical and oppressive central government.

Of course “Child-Hair-Sniffer” Biden wants the guns gone…then our tyrannical federal government can’t be resisted as the Founding Fathers wanted and that the Bill of Rights ensured.

And of course this comes on the heels of a report that shows that half of all Americans believe the US is close to another Civil War. Huummmm……

So, since I am not a science denier let’s look at the science to stop gun violence. Since the mentally ill are one of the largest groups to commit shootings, let’s pass a law that forbids the mentally ill from buying or processing a gun. Oh, we already have that. Well then I guess that means we should have institutions where the mentally ill can receive quality care, be protected from themselves and each other, protect potential victims from becoming victims of the mentally ill, and that creates a safe environment where the mentally ill can’t realistically possess and use a gun to shoot and kill people. Oh, the liberals, Progressives, and Democrats already made those kinds of institutions a thing of the past.

Now that leaves the criminal element who commit a large portion of gun violence. Well, science and logic would then dictate to keep the guns out of criminal’s hands. Oh, we already have that. Well, maybe the best way to keep guns out of the hands of criminals is treat criminals as criminals…lock them up. When a person commits a crime where a gun is used then the criminal gets locked up for a very long time. Plus, automatically, no bail upon arrest. If a person committing a crime uses a gun to injure someone then it is life in prison, if they use a gun to kill someone they get the death penalty. So there is that scientifically proven cure.

Now there are two remaining additional known statistics/facts associated with gun violence. First off, most gun violence occurs in jurisdictions that are under the political control of liberals, progressives, and Democrats. Solution is simple…disallow local jurisdictions from being politically controlled by liberals, progressives, and Democrats. And, just to be fair, any politician who is the governing authority in a political jurisdiction at the state level or below, where gun violence is above the statistical mean for any given year is immediately removed from office, and forbidden to hold any future political office, regardless of political party association. A perfect scientific solution based on statistics and facts.

And finally, the last of the last two additional known statistics/facts associated with gun violence. According to CNN, 2021 was the worst year on record for mass shootings. Further, they state that 2022 will eclipse 2021 and become the worst year on record for mass shootings, making 2021 and 2022 the worst years in history for mass shootings. That is science, statistics, facts…and they are not to be ignored, they are not to be denied. During those same years Joe Biden has been President. Obviously, based on the very same science that liberals, progressives, and Democrats use for a whole host of decisions…Joe Biden should be immediately removed from office…obviously there is a clear and undeniable scientific link there.

So you can clearly see that I am not a science denier and I am more than willing to apply facts, evidence, and scientific methods to cure problems in the USA.

# 6 – The best for last…oh yeah!

So there seems to be some confusion out there on a particular subject…but science can eliminate that confusion. So let’s not deny science shall we. Let’s embrace and believe in science!

From Psychology Today (scientific journal) titled X Y Chromosomes

“Each human cell contains 23 pairs of chromosomes that carry DNA within their nucleus. The X and Y chromosomes, commonly referred to as the sex chromosomes, are one such pair. They determine the biological sex, reproductive organs, and sexual characteristics that develop in a person. Female (XX) mammals inherit one X chromosome from each parent, but males (XY) receive an X from their mother and a Y sex chromosome from their father.”

Then there is the SCIENCING (scientific journal) article Differences in Male and Female Chromosomes.

“The main differences between males and females are the X and Y chromosomes. Among humans, two X chromosomes make a woman, and an X and a Y chromosome make a man.”

So there we have it…there is no confusion, no debate, no concern any more about male vs female!! It has been scientifically proven for 117 years. Yeah, go figure…people, to this day, are still denying science and thinking that biological males can become females, and biological females can become males. If you have XY chromosome you are a male, if you have XX chromosome you are a female.

But of course…a person can play at, pretend to be, another sex. For instance a male can pretend, make believe, he is a female…but he is still a male. And there is no third or even ten-thousandth gender available in science. And no, a person can’t be “gender fluid” unless they have found a way to change their XX & XY chromosomes at will like contact lenses. Which science says, when it comes to chromosomes, they can’t and don’t.

Summary…there are only two genders, two sexes according to science…male and female. Of course any normal, reasonable, intelligent, non-idiot, with even a single functioning brain cell person already knew that.

Now here comes the biggest issue I have in regards to the “gender issue”…children.

When someone teaches children that their gender is not “fixed” or determined by science they are lying…criminally lying.

When someone assists a child to pretend to be another gender they are committing a criminal, dangerous, and disgusting act.

When a person gives a child hormone altering drugs so a child can resemble a sex other than that which science says they are…then that is a foul and repugnant criminal act. If that person providing the drugs, or prescribing the drugs, is a medical professional then that person is beyond a criminal…they are evil.

When someone mutilates a child’s physical body to allow that child to make believe they are a gender other than what science says they are…that is the worst of the worst kind of extreme child abuse crime. That is consistent with the thinking and actions of Josef Rudolf Mengele, physician, Nazi SS officer, referred to as the “Angel of Death” during the 1930’s and 1940’s.

And then there is the perversion and degenerate activity that has become popular…drag queen shows for children as young as 3. I can hardly conceive a more debauched and depraved activity than this! A group of scientifically proven males dressed up in the most hideous costumes pretending to be females and corrupting not just the minds of children…but corrupting their very souls.

How as a society, one that was founded on morals and correct principles, devolve to a point where this disgusting and completely morally bankrupt activity takes place? And how can our elected officials not only tolerate it, but encourage it?

How totally void of morals, ethics, principles, and decency does a person have to be to take part in this kind of utter evil against children?

As for the parents who take their children to such events…there will be a day of reckoning…if not in this life, then the next.

Stop denying science…assist biological males to be MEN…assist biological females to be WOMEN!!

Summary –

Man, long posts over the last two days to be sure…but I had to get some of that crap off my chest. It has been bugging me since early last week. But I wasn’t sure how I wanted to write it up…I am glad I waited.

The evil in the world wants to corrupt truth into lies. The evil in the world wants to somehow make science only applicable and true when it benefits them, the evil ones. The evil in the world wants to corrupt the good in the world because it despises all that is good and decent.

The best way to avoid evil taking hold in your life, in your family, is to know truth…and hold to that iron rod of truth! Do not be swayed! Do not tolerate evil! Do not allow evil people and evil ideas into your life…not even one iota!

Read truth, watch truth, listen to truth, embrace truth, and only truth. When it comes to being open minded…it doesn’t apply to that which is evil…reject evil completely and totally and immediately!

Take care folks…and I mean that sincerely. I am a believer in, and a student of, history. And I can’t remember ever reading about more global evil being present in the world than what we have today. Evil is claiming more and more people, destroying more souls and lives, but you can fight it and you can win!



Find the truth, hold on to the truth, and fight evil at every turn.

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9 thoughts on “My head wants to explode because of science deniers…part 2

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  2. Some good issues you have highlighted there. But the one with Biological Male & Female part, there I would like to differ, as I have seen people in my society where I live, People don’t play to be XX or XY, But they have this natural thing in them which compel them towards such actions. They too don’t like it that way, but there is I don’t know a natural urge on which they too have no control. We need to look into this in very deep.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You do bring up a good point…same sex attraction…and it does exist. However, a desire, emotion, or even a mental state that attracts a person to another of the same sex doesn’t change their gender. Do you agree? Do you believe in science or “beliefs”, “culture” or some other aspect to gender other than science?
      Of course same sex attraction does affect their mental state, possibly their lifestyle, and may add to other confusion but is doesn’t alter their chromosomes. And scientifically it is chromosomes that determine gender. Even people who undergo physical or chemical mutilation in attempts to alter characteristics of their biological gender do not change the underlying science based determinate…chromosomes. Hence, regardless of a person’s mental state or their physical alterations doesn’t change their gender.
      And even if science comes to the point of being able to alter chromosomes, it will still not change whether a person was born male or female.
      Now, don’t get me wrong…if a male wants to act as a female the libertarian in me says that is fine…it is their right. As long as that right (their actions) do not impinge on the rights of others. Example: A male can act as a female and dress as one all he wants. But if that male dressed as a female is in a position to influence, through a position of authority, a minor child’s scientifically determined gender identity…NOPE!!! That is wrong. It is adversely affecting that minor child whose decision making capacity is not fully developed. Once that child is determined to be an adult…then that adult person can expose themselves to anything they so desire. But, scientifically we know that minor children do not have the developed mental capability to make fully informed decisions.
      For me personally, children are the most important aspect of this issue…protect the children…adults can do as they wish as long as they cause no harm to others.

      Liked by 1 person

    • We all have agency to choose. It is a God-given blessing. How we decide to exercise that blessing is up to us. And there is/was no guarantee that making choices, or this life in general, would be easy.
      And once again, I am not speaking to “urges”, I am speaking to science. And it is science that dictates whether we are male or female.
      And I completely respect your right to your opinion, and I defend that right wholeheartedly. I am not referring to opinions, I am talking about scientific fact regardless of any societal beliefs or delusions.
      “Urges” are one thing…mutilating your body, or your child’s body, based on those urges is plain wrong.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I knew it! Well played, and I heartily concur. I’m so up to here with the lies and the insanity, especially those prepetrated upon our little ones. How Father must weep to see them tortured so… Because torture it certainly is.

    Liked by 1 person

    • See, I think you hit a great point, one I was going to use if someone attacked me for being “non-woke”…if there was one with enough guts, or stupidity.
      I don’t give a horse crap what a person does as long as they don’t hurt someone else. If a man wants to pretend to be a female in some fashion, such as the drag queen perversion, fine…that is their business. But, when they spread that filth and degenerate crap to a minor…oh no!! Now it is a different ball game entirely. Keep their perversions to themself and other consenting adults that are also corrupted. But, leave the “little ones” out of it…don’t pervert their souls with degeneracy.
      And if a politician enables that kind of activity…they should be more than just removed from office.
      And if a parent enables that crap…oh my gosh…that is a horrific kind of child abuse!

      I am a “civil society libertarian”…and make sure that the “civil” part is understood to mean just that…decent morals, ethics, and principles.


      • It’s the most egregious sort of mind and soul f#$&. I am glad that Balanciaga seems to have overplayed their hand, cause I think the backlash is gonna wake some people up to the evil going on. And good on Tucker for speaking to it as well. Better that the proverbial millstone be hanged around their necks…..

        Liked by 1 person

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