I came to my senses…maybe.

Yesterday morning I was ready to post a great article (aren’t they all great!) concerning the nearly $14trillion drop in US household wealth so far in 2022. I tied it back to the increased use of credit cards to pay monthly bills, the historic drop in US household savings rate, and that 60% of US households have burned through their entire savings paying monthly bills. It painted a pretty pathetic doom & gloom picture.

But I couldn’t find the document with the article that I would move into the website software…I spent an hour looking for it…no luck, it was gone. So after pouting for a while I just didn’t post anything…and went to work getting the batteries for the folks I am helping with their solar systems. That was immensely satisfying!

So throughout the day I kept having this nagging feeling…nibbling at me all day…really doing a number on me mentally and spiritually. And that is the point of this post…or rather the outcome of all that mental and spiritual gymnastics is the point of the post. But let me explain a few more things first…the context of all of this.

My original goals for the website were four-fold –

1 – When I started the website originally (8 years or so ago) it was based on two things; 1) the website I was participating in at the time started to go sideways in many aspects, turning ugly at times, delving into the weird and nonspiritual, 2) a huge number of emergency preparedness “experts” that were completely incompetent, untrained, and ill suited who were providing seriously bogus information to unsuspecting people.

2 – I also wanted to do a “brain dump” of 40+ years of prepping experience and professional emergency management experience to help people. Yes, relay to folks what I learned from my training…but mostly what I learned from what works and what doesn’t work based on my own experience in the field on actual incidents.

3 – I wanted to test, assess, and evaluate equipment, gear, concepts, and processes in the real-world to help folks avoid following bad advice that was more than just abundant in the prepper “expert” website world.

4 – And I wanted to try and provide a more spiritual environment from from the ugliness that I saw in other prepper websites, especially the ones that claimed to be Christian oriented, but weren’t in practice.

Yesterday I was checking the website for “stats”, comments, and emails…as I try and do throughout the day. I try to keep up on what is happening on the site, answer questions, and respond to comments. For quite a while I have kept noticing the most consistently viewed and downloaded files are the ones related to Baofeng radios. And those files and posts are some of the oldest on the site. Those were posted at a time when I was focused on getting communications capability out to the prepper world…and it appears I still am.

As I was working on the detailed drawings and parts list for my upcoming solar system upgrade I did a little general current events research as well…and it all sucked!

This morning when I woke up I knew what to do…and that is where I am headed with this. My thought was simple…Who in the hell wants to hear what I have to say about the current state of the world?

Don’t get me wrong…I have some clear and strong opinions on the world and what is happening. And you should have a pretty clear idea of all that by now. So why in the world would I want to keep posting my opinions and supporting info every week? Seriously, if you come to this site you have your own opinion(s) about the state of everything. Why would I want to change or influence your opinion? What would that accomplish?


So I am going back to the roots of this website…my original four goals. Kinda like back to basics thing/effort.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I will take the opportunity from time-to-time to share things/events that I feel are important. Maybe in the form of a SitRep, maybe in the form of “head explosion”, maybe just an article. And I will continue to do the “Feedback & Comments” and “FAQ” posts when appropriate.

My interest right now is solar power. And a few months ago I was pondering a number of things that had been troubling me. The I received a clear prompting that I needed to help folks who were struggling with their solar systems…and do it for free. What!? Yup, I felt that if I helped folks get their system fixed, corrected, or finished I would be blessed. OK…fine…now what?

Within a week we were visiting with some new friends at our house. They saw our solar system and asked if I could help them with theirs. They had bought some equipment from a huckster but that was it…the project died. I agreed to help them. A couple of weeks later a person had seen a neighbor’s system that I had installed…he asked if I would help him with his upgrade. I agreed. Last week at our church Christmas dinner an older lady came up to me and said she heard I helped people with their solar…and asked for help. They too had bought some equipment from a huckster but that was it…the project died. 

Now, the blessing part…for about 6 months I have been feeling the need to increase our power production and storage…but equipment, especially lithium batteries, are pretty expensive and we didn’t have any extra money laying around. Well, last summer a local solar company owned by a friend asked if I would be willing to take on a project at his company regarding logistics and organization. I agreed and in return bartered for all the equipment I needed for the power production upgrade. Then just before Thanksgiving he asked me to handle a project for his equipment yard and off-site storage facility. I agreed and the money from that will just about cover one of two batteries I need to add to the system. So…the prompting was real!! Following promptings like that work…if they are from the right source.

In the coming weeks, maybe months, I will be concentrating on providing information on solar power systems.

Before I close this post I want to share a couple things from my heart:

» The world has turned perverted with things such as drag queens performing for young children, abortions/killings of babies, and medical professionals (i.e. doctors) performing sexual mutilations on children.

» The federal law enforcement agencies are 100% corrupted and must be stopped (within Constitutional bounds) before they begin to look entirely like 1930’s Nazi Germany, 1920’s Communist Soviet Union, or present day Communist China.

» Social media, main stream media, and big-tech companies are simply extensions of the US federal government doing their fascist and authoritarian bidding, especially spying and influencing.

» The economy, US and world, is in dire straights beyond that which any single person can completely comprehend. There are forces at work that have a single intent…elevate the rich elites to am unassailable position of control and authority while turning everyone else into nothings more than serfs…while killing off as much of the world’s population they can along the way.

» The world is full of fake, fraudulent, and counterfeit “experts” that will lead you astray in every possible aspect of life. So beware…and the only thing/person that can prevent you from being led astray is you…and that includes that still small voice that can, and will, guide you…if you allow it.

» Both political parties, virtually 100% of all politicians, virtually all government employees…are corrupt, especially as it applies to rights, liberties, and freedoms. As you look at them and their actions they are interested in only two things; 1) power, 2) money. And gaining as much of both as possible…at your expense.

» There is no violence-based answer to solving the problems in the world today…NONE! Yes, you can defend yourself and you must defend your family. But, the larger problems, the real problems, the ones that will crush humanity can only be saved through one source, through one avenue, through one process…turning to God and His son Jesus Christ…then following them the best you possibly can.

Folks…please, please prepare everything you need to be self-reliant in every aspect of your life; 1) physically, 2) mentally, 3) and spiritually. The most important being spiritual preparedness, spiritual self-reliance.

Remember what you can change, where you have influence:

  • Yourself
  • Your family
  • Your neighborhood
  • Your congregation
  • Your community

I can honestly say this…I love you guys…I really do. I would love nothing more than for all of you to come to the glamstead, with burgers on the grill and plates full of food while we enjoy each other’s company on the green lawn enjoying a fresh spring day. Maybe one day…




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4 thoughts on “I came to my senses…maybe.

  1. Dear Sir,

    I have read with great interest your site for several years. I have found your technical writing of great value – especially regarding communication. However, I DO also value your insights about current events and encourage you to continue to write about them as you see fit. Thank you for your efforts in encouraging others to provident living.

    PS – Regarding commo – NC Scout has a great new book out about the use of the ubiquitous Baofeng. Good read.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I am glad to hear that you find value in the site. Yeah the little Baofeng radio really set the comm world on its head…and I am glad for it!
      And you are most welcome 🙂

      PS I will get and read his book. Thank you for the head’s up.


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