Third Battery Arrived – Trophy 220E-1

note: This post should have been made 6 days after the initial post regarding the battery purchase, but it was delayed along with the first post.

Well, you know by my last post regarding my quest for a new battery was arduous but I pulled the trigger and bought a third battery for my system upgrade.

If you want to read about our solar power system upgrade you can read about here < click here >

If you want to read about evaluating and choosing the new Trophy Battery you can read about it here < click here >

If you are wondering why I didn’t buy two new batteries to round out the two I already had for a total of four batteries you can read about it at the bottom of the Solar HomePage < click here >

If you remember from the first post in this series about buying a new battery I had the batteries shipped to a friends business, his warehouse. It saved a considerable amount of money avoiding a “residential deliver” and a “tailgate lift fee”.

As soon as I got there I started popping the pallet straps, then I figured it would be good to have a video of what it looked like. Here is the video…

So the batteries (5 total – 3x110Ah, 2x220Ah) were well secured to the pallet, they shipping cases were all in great shape, no apparent damage. Trophy did a great job of designing the shipping cases. They also did a great job on shipping case placement on the pallet and strapping them down really well. And yup, FedEx handled them with care and delivered them a full day ahead of time…despite a snowstorm in the area.

I am thrilled so far…more evaluation to come!

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