Donation for a Battery…? WHAT ?

Yup, a couple folks asked me about the whole hidden “donation” thing. And they wanted to know more about what is was, and why I was doing it. They had found it tucked away hidden at the bottom of the Solar Home Page.

So here is the deal…my plan is to upgrade our solar power system here at the ‘glamstead’ to, as my wife puts it, upgrade our standard of living. Don’t get me wrong, we are doing just fine at this point, we just want to add more capability to power own “grid” that provides power to our place. Yes, meaning we are 100% off-grid when it comes to electricity…we produce and store own electricity via a solar power system.

So here is what the “donation” thing is all about…

Some folks have been very, very kind to me; they have understood the effort, time, and money that I have put into this website over the last 10+ years. A couple people wanted to directly help out financially with our solar system as kind of a way of showing appreciation. And, in their opinion, our fourth battery purchase seemed like the right place where they could help out.

The only major part of the solar power upgrade we have left to buy is the last (fourth) battery. The reason for the fourth battery is pretty simple; 1) we want to be able to store more power to last another day when it is cloudy outside (or during winter months) while we aren’t charging the batteries as fast as we are using the power, 2) we want to be able to run more/different appliances longer into the evening/night when the sun has gone down, 3) we also want to be able to power an RV or camper, or two, should folks show-up when times get tough.

The fourth battery will cost about $4,000 for the battery, shipping, and the wiring to hook it up. These very kind folks wanted to make a cash donation…and they suggested I do a “donation campaign” to raise the rest of the funds so we could get the battery sooner. They thought all the effort I have been putting into the website and the solar information was, could be, would be of value to folks who also appreciated what I do.

I was a little resistant at first, felt kinda like begging, but then I felt I should follow the encouragement of those folks. And it would be a huge blessing to my wife and I since we are now living on a fixed income and $4,000 is a whole lot of money to us. All things being equal, it would be sometime late next year till we had saved the funds to make that large of a purchase.

I want to thank everyone in advance for supporting the website and our efforts…regardless of whether you donate towards the battery purchase or not…thank you! You guys are the absolute best…and I am glad there are folks like you to help others.

Here is the button to do to the donation page…


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