Tip/Trap: Solar – LiFePO4 Batteries

I am hearing considerable feedback regarding a particular problem with LiFePOWER4 batteries. The problem seems to occur in larger parallel strings of batteries, 3 or more. If the batteries aren’t brought up to 100% State of Charge (SOC) every 1 – 2 days then the BMS’s begin to have significant problems reporting the correct SOC. They have also been known to have the BMS shut down a battery when it is actually above the low voltage disconnect, due to the BMS incorrectly reporting the SOC.

The only “fix” appears to ensure that the batteries are fully charged every day or two (at the most).

One of the problems I am seeing in systems are large battery storage capability but not enough PVs (solar panels) to adequately charge them on low sun days (i.e. cloudy or short winter days).

As an additional note, I looked at LiFePOWER4 batteries when I was assessing different batteries to explain my current storage capability. I was not impressed with the LiFePOWER4 batteries for a number of reasons, price being one of them, but mostly build quality and performance issues as well.

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