New Solar Home Page !

I have created a new Solar Home Page to make it a bit easier for folks to find all things solar related.

There is general information, Tips & Traps, our Glamstead project information, and the solar book project that I spoke of a while back.

The new page is a work in progress since I am trying out a few new ideas for page formatting so I am sure it will change…just not sure how as of right now.

So go take a look you might find some interesting information there even if you are all that interested in solar power.

< click here to visit the solar home page >



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3 thoughts on “New Solar Home Page !

  1. Hi AH,
    I appreciate your ongoing emergency prep commentaries, especially your recent Solar odyssey. I am wondering how you intend to ‘harden’/ protect (or shield) your solar array from EMP? My research resulted in two main potential options:, and How do you intend to protect your solar investment from an EMP?

    As an aside, I maintain an older 4.3 KwH portable system for emergency use (Solar-Maxx 6000 from – I wanted a portable option rather than a whole-house system. Thanks for your ideas.

    Edward M. “Mickey” Duke and Sharon P. Duke


      • Hi AH… when I originally asked about EMP protection, I had already researched and purchased EMP shield for both my home, and for the portable 4.3 kWh solar generator that I have. However, I didn’t want to bias your opinion, so I asked how you intended to protect your whole house system. I appreciate the thoroughness with which you corroborated my judgment, as well. My system was purchased in 2015, and uses six AGM deep cell 120 amp hour batteries. I am keeping my batteries trickle charged, and was afraid that an EMP surge would render my portable system useless.

        I very much appreciated your research. Thank you.

        Mickey Duke

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