Another perspective…”Ancient” 20th Century History

This came from a longtime site visitor Delta Three Two. I find it interesting how the rise of a small political party with a single madman at the helm of a tyrannical government led to a worldwide war costing 10’s of millions of lives.

I find it interesting in that it starkly contrasts to the rise of the American Revolution that fought against tyranny and brought about the most revered Constitution the world has ever known.

But both follow a similar path…with the exception of the an added first step of the American Revolution…”Petitioned for Redress” as outlined in the Declaration of Independence. Well, that and the inclusion of a divinely inspired cause.

So we must be extremely careful with political movements…look deeply and critically at the end-state of any movement you get involved in. And never accept, or settle for, a “the ends justify the means” type of movement…or people.

So here it is…

Consider this bit of “ancient” 20th century history:

In 1921 Adolph Hitler would become a member and in a short time, the leader of a very small group of German malcontents. In 1923 he would lead a small group of armed patriots in Munich to overthrow the Weimar government; the German government. The armed and violent coup failed. Adolf Hitler and members of his extremist group would be sentenced and jailed to prison time. However, his trial and incarceration would bring him fame and a large multitude of followers. He would learn from this experience.

While in jail he would author his book, “Mein Kampf” (My Struggle). After his short stint in jail he would return as the hero leader of the German National Socialist Workers Party known by the acronym NAZI. His time spent in jail would convince him violence only would not overthrow the German government, but violence would be an ongoing element of the NAZI party’s rise and maintenance of political power.

Consequently he turned to politics. In 1933 he was elected Chancellor which he held, as dictator of Germany, until his death in 1945.

My points with this very abbreviated history of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power is:
1. Organize.
2. The NAZI organization would use violence.
3. The NAZI organization would use politics.
4. The NAZI organization would use the media.
5. Expect a long time of effort to accomplish the removal of ,the entrenched and established government.

It took Adolf Hitler and the NAZI Party 12+ years of perseverance using both violence and politics to overthrow the German government. With Hitler’s ascent in 1933 to German Chancellor the power of the National Socialists would be confirmed. And the tyranny of Adolph Hitler’s Third Reich would be forever embedded in the history of the world.

Organization in the tens of thousands, millions of dedicated movement patriots is required to make any change.

Learn from history.

And never forget that sometimes, violence is the answer.

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