Biden and Classified Documents

Really? Are you that worked up over this? Why? No reason to be.

See, there are several main levels of intrigue going on here…so your shouldn’t be surprised or worked up over this…there really is nothing new or anything to be worked up over…business as usual in Washington DC.

At its lowest intrigue level is Biden’s mental state…what little he has left. Biden was always a moron, in conventional terms, but in the last 10 years he has gone full-dementia. He doesn’t even know where his shoes are, let alone how to tie them. And that is when he is wearing them. So don’t doubt it when he is/was surprised he had highly classified documents in multiple locations, one being his garage. He probably doesn’t even remember what a garage is or that has one, let alone that he owns a Corvette.

Oh, by the way, is that an electric powered Corvette? Surely he wouldn’t own a fossil fuel burning vehicle would he!?

Then there is the disparate treatment between Biden and Trump…Trump gets a full on police state, banana republic, FBI (Gestapo) SWAT raid…Biden gets a press conference. So it is obvious that there is a multi-tiered justice and law enforcement system in America.

Then there is the pre-election White House cover-up. You have dozens, if not hundreds, of government executive branch employees and officials, who work directly for Biden, covering up this multi-felony criminal activity of Biden’s. And notice the “pre-election” part…there is the real crime there and a conspiracy to overthrow the election. All those folks, including Biden himself knew it would adversely impact the mid-term elections…against the radical leftists (i.e. Democrats). They all covered it up…it is further evidence of the true nature of the Biden Crime Family.

Then the next level is the DOJ and FBI utter, total, and complete corruption. And again, this should come as no surprise to you guys, my site visitors…I’ve been documenting and writing about it for years. The DOJ & FBI conspired with other government employees and Biden administration officials to keep this quiet until after the elections. This proves once again, beyond a shadow of a doubt, proves that the DOJ and FBI are nothing more than political criminal thug organizations for the benefit of the government and the Democrats. The FBI and DOJ once again, worked intentionally to influence national elections…for the benefit of the Democrats.

But, those levels of intrigue are not the primary level of darkness going on here. What was really taking place was so devious and cunning that it could easily hide in the shadows if you weren’t truly looking for it.

Biden, in his delusional/dementia state of mind actually thought/thinks he was/is doing a great job as President and he would run again in 2024. And as we all know…no one wants Biden as President again…not even the Democrats! However, it’s not the Democrats or Republicans that are controlling if Biden is running again or not.

You see, Biden has served his purpose. He absolutely trashed the economic system in the US. He instituted an Stock Market Crash is a concern, threat, risk for preppers during grid-down.intentional plan of hyper-inflation, stock market crash, huge net income and wealth reduction, the virtual elimination of savings, and a huge spike in every form of debt. He has done his job, completed his mission, and they are ready to move on to the next phase.

The next phase is coming at us at light-speed! It is the fundamental transformation of America; truth be told…the entire world. And it is right before our eyes, plain as day…if a person but looks with eyes that see. Biden had a role to play and the next President will play their role as well…once the DOJ and FBI get them elected.

You might be wondering what will happen to Biden after this extensive list of classified document related felonies. The answer it the same that it is with Trump…nothing, no charges, no nothing. Why?

Both of these instances controlled by TPTB were simple in goal…stop both of those individuals from running for President in 2024. And no, it was not the DOJ, nor the FBI, that made those decisions…it was the folks who control both corrupted and criminal organizations.

So, no reason to get all caught up in what happened, the disparity, the potential outcomes, who was behind it, etc. Just know what the goal was for both Trump and Biden…Mission Accomplished, TPTB won!

What you should be focused on what comes next…what does the next phase looks like. And most importantly…how it affects you and your family. Prepare for that and you have a chance.

No, it matters not who the next President is, just know that the DOJ & FBI will make sure the right person is elected to implement that next phase. The “phase” that has already been decided on…and fits nicely into their plans.


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2 thoughts on “Biden and Classified Documents

    • You know Paul…that really is true. Yeah, over simplification, I know. But, we really don’t know what is coming, or in what order, or the timing…we just know it is coming. So the only option is to simply “prepare” as we know we should…and not look to something specifically to prepare for…lest we get it wrong. Maybe at some point we will figure out the “specific” thing to prep for…but for now…

      PREPARE !


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