The one thing they can’t control…

I wrote this Sunday morning. I decided against posting it on Monday morning because I didn’t want to edit it right then and I wanted to give it some time to make sure it was appropriate. Most of Monday I was working at a local church camp with my tractor repairing their roads from a bad rainy season. Then Tuesday I started do a bunch of work preparing for my solar system up-grade. Both days I contemplated what I had written. This morning I knew it was time to edit and publish. I hope you get something out of it, something of value just to you…please listen to the spirit as you read the post.

This morning was another one of those mornings…2:55am and I am wide awake. I am not sure of the single reason I woke up, but for sure I couldn’t go back to sleep…too much rolling around in this 67 year old mind. As I laid there I did a mental exercise…based on a 25-year old kid (ok, young man) from Utah that police killed this past week. I wish I had just gone back to sleep.

Follow along with me if you have a few minutes, but don’t read any further unless you are willing to read to the end…because that is where the good stuff is. And please, don’t just skip to the end 🙂

So on an average working/employed morning, a person (call him Joe) wakes up laying on a bed and pillow that the government has to approve the materials, labels, and the entire manufacturing/selling process. The bed and pillow are in a house that government controlled every aspect of its build. Every electric wire, every water pipe, every 2×4, every door and window…every single piece of anything that built that house had to be approved by the government. Even the actual construction itself at each stage of the build. And the builder was controlled by the government in every possible aspect of his business while the government collected a staggering amount of taxes, permit fees, application fees, etc.

So Joe gets into the shower with hot water that is supplied by a government entity, or controlled by one. Even the quality water itself is controlled by multiple layers of government. The soap, shampoo, and conditioner is all manufactured by a company that the government controls, as is the company the transported it…and the same for the store that sold it. Then it is time for Joe to eat breakfast…as with all meals Joe will eat that day…all the food is controlled by the government…from growing to the store it is sold in. As Joe heads out to work he takes out the trash, that a government department will collect or it will be collected by a company that the government controls. Then Joe heads to work in his car that the government mandates by law has to meet government requirements, or Joe takes public transportation that is entirely controlled by the government.

But wait, Joe kissed his young children goodbye as they left for school…school attendance is required by law, taught by teachers that only government can approve, in buildings that are owned by government, and the entire curriculum has to be government approved at some level, or multiple levels.

Joe gets to work…as a barber, a man that has always loved to cut hair. But Joe had to get a government license to cut hair, without government approval and permission Joe couldn’t do what he loved. And Joe can’t cut hair as his own home and he can’t create his own hair cutting business because government controls every aspect of creating a business and Joe can’t afford the licenses, permits, fees, taxes, and government required insurance to do it…so Joe works for another man’s business. Oh, and that business Joe works for…it only exists because the government gave that company permission to cut hair…and to even exist in the first place.

Today is payday…Joe gets his paycheck for doing what he loves. But, a huge chunk of his paycheck was confiscated by local, state, and federal governments. Joe is paying for other peoples’ retirement, other peoples’ medical care, other peoples’ workplace injuries, and a long list of “other peoples’” everything. So Joe only takes home about 60% of what he actually earned.

Joe gets home, his children have already been released from school, and his wife is home from her job. Joe’s wife has to work too because Joe’s paycheck is going to pay for other peoples’ expenses instead of taking care of his own family. But Joe will have a little less money this payday to pay for his family’s expenses. Joe was driving home, got distracted, and a cop gave him a speeding ticket for going 42 in a 35mph speed zone. And even though Joe didn’t cause harm to anyone, the city will now confiscate $157.00 of Joe’s paycheck…or send him to jail, taking away his freedom and ability to provide for his family.

After dinner Joe sits down with his family to watch TV. The TV was manufactured to government safety specifications, the programming provided by cable that is overseen by government, and taxed heavily by government. Of course the TV and all other electrical devices in his home is powered by electricity provided by a government entity or a government controlled utility company that has to meet government mandated standards and is heavy taxed by the government at every level.

Joe and his family retire to bed for the night…the same beds/pillows/house that is, or has been, all controlled by the government. But not to worry, Joe and his family will go to church on Sunday and worship God according to their own beliefs. Well, not really.

At church the minister wants to preach about the evils of abortion and how the government shouldn’t pay for it and shouldn’t arrest those that protest against that hideous crime against man and God. But, the federal government says “No!” and the preacher understands federal tax law…he can’t bring politics to the pulpit. If he does…his church will lose their tax exemption according to federal government law. So the preacher must only say things in church that the government approves of…or risk IRS agents paying a visit. As Joe falls asleep he wonders why the First Amendment gets ignored by the federal government.

As Joe drifts off to sleep he remembers the minister is already in trouble…he was arrested during the COVID lock-down for holding church services in the parking lot…which was against the government’s emergency declaration. And the police informed him at the time of his arrest that Constitutional rights, such as the First Amendment, didn’t apply when there was an emergency declaration by the government.

After church Joe wanted to take his family shooting at the local gun range. But Joe lives in a state that sees guns around children as “child endangerment” and Joe already knows several families where the father was arrested for guns around his children in their own home. One of Joe’s fellow congregation members even had his children take from the family based on a court saying it was child endangerment.

That father hasn’t seen his children in 9 months, and he will probably end up in prison at the conclusion of his trial. And besides, Joe can’t really go to the gun range, running low on ammunition and doesn’t want to buy any more. Sellers are now required to provide all ammo purchase information to the state government because the government now suspects anyone buying ammo is a potential violent domestic extremist. And the federal government requires all ammo manufactures and distributors to report numbers to various government agencies.

And Joe even considered attending a prayer meeting outside a local abortion clinic next Saturday. Those that will attend are planning to sing hymns and pray outside the clinic in hopes to dissuade women from killing their unborn babies. But, Joe won’t do it now. For months people all over the country have been arrested and imprisoned by the FBI for violating the “FACE Act.”

And Joe knows that the US federal government is firmly in support of abortion which is a part of the eugenics program…a program implemented by the likes of Hitler and Stalin. And the FBI and Department of Justice will not tolerate anyone getting in the way of killing unborn babies…so Joe will not be attending any anti-abortion protests…or even the prayer meetings. Joe is actually considering not taking his family to church anymore.

The FBI has already branded Catholics as radicals and domestic extremists. And although Joe isn’t a Catholic, he is a Christian, and he is intimidated by federal law enforcement now persecuting a Christian denomination. Joe doesn’t want to put his family in danger like the Catholics are. Joe briefly realizes that the FBI operation of active intimidation is working…working against the First Amendment. Joe wonders why the FBI would do such things.

Joe gets a good night sleep…and starts another new day. But all is not well.

Last week Joe and his wife sat down and went over their budget…it was a gloomy picture. First off, Joe realized that paying taxes meant he worked for the local, state, and federal governments for the first 5 months of every year. Then he worked for the utility companies the next month, then the bank for the next 3 months paying for his two cars and home. Then a month paying for natural gas for his home and gasoline for his cars. That left him with 1/6th of his annual income for his family real expenses…thier “living.”

No wonder both he and his wife had to work outside the home. What worries Joe the most…his property taxes. If he fails to pay the property taxes on his home the county government would take his home and sell it. Then his family would be homeless. Joe thought originally he “owned” his home, but after paying property taxes for the last 10 years Joe realized he actually only rented his home from the government. Ironically the actual “seizing” of his home would be done by the Sheriff’s department…who strangely enough have the slogan on every vehicle that says “To Serve and Protect with Integrity and Honor!” Rather odd Joe thinks. Somewhere in the back of his mind Joe remembers something about Communism…comrades only rented from the government.

Now I ask you…Does this sound remotely familiar?

You may not be a barber, you may have grown kids, you may homeschool…but what part of your life isn’t controlled by some level of government? Seriously, I am asking you…What part of your life is actually under your control, and your control alone?

I am sitting here writing this article in a home that every aspect was/is controlled by the government. I am typing on a laptop that had to have government permission to be made, imported, and sold…and they taxed it at every level. I am wearing glasses that again, government controlled and taxed. I will post this article via the Internet that the provider is government controlled and heavily taxed. The article will go to my website that is hosted by a company that is controlled and taxed by the government.

Are you any different?

So I hate to break it to you…today’s USA is a 3,533,038 square mile prison! Metal bars and barbed wire may not surround the prison entirely…but a prison all the same. Is it not?

Do you doubt me?

Try this…if you break any of the prison rules what can happen to you? If you try to live outside of government control what happens to you? If you resist prison rules at any level what happens to you?

The best you can hope for is a monetary fine. But you could almost as easily find yourself homeless or imprisoned. Take it one step further and I guarantee you…you will be dead…the FBI, ATF, CIA, DHS will all see to that.

You can see it all around you…just research actual facts and news. How did it turn out for the nearly 80 men, women, children, and babies who died in the Waco/Davidian Massacre at the hands of the FBI & ATF.

Full Stop!

The title of the article is “The one thing they can’t control…” So what is that one thing?

First off “they” is the government…any and all levels of government is they. Next, the one thing is…your mind and ultimately the choices you make. I see the two as a single concept…mind and choices.

You well know the government does everything it possibly can to control your mind. Everything from laws that require your children to be taught government mandated curriculum starting at the age of 5…to controlling what a minister can and can’t say from the pulpit. The government even has jack-booted thugs with badges that will try to intimidate your into doing their bidding. Just ask all those dozens of people that have been arrested by FBI SWAT over the last couple of months for praying and singing hymns outside of abortion factories…trying to save baby’s lives.

But for the government to succeed in controlling your mind…you must succumb to them…you must freely give up your ability to think for yourself and allow the government to dictate what you think.

Same goes for the choices you make. You can make choices based on your own free will, your own agency, your own conscious, as God and the Constitution intended. Or, you can make choices that bring you in-line with the government will…with government dictates and mandates.

Here’s the deal…every person is free to think as they see fit, to make choices they know to be right…to follow their own principles. But those brave actions, may come at a price…potentially a steep price.

As you well know, government at any level, wants compliance, total compliance. Government workers want you to comply, they demand you comply, with their every whim. And should you step outside their desires…they will move against you with all the power government can bring to bear. They can bring the wrath of government down on you…even to the taking of your life. And they do so regularly, often, and publicly…they have bought up armies and navies of immense power that can be used against you.

Only the brave, the courageous, those with a true understanding of the Constitution and a solid discernment of God-given rights will have control of their own mind and make choices within the bounds of both God and the Constitution. All the rest of the people must ask if they will be sheep at the feet of their government masters. Simply to be sheep allowing the government to control them, to dictate to them everything from awaking in the morning to laying their head down at night.

Life is full of irony and contradictions. For me, I believe that government was instituted for the benefit of people, to protect rights and freedoms. And about 230 years ago people in the USA set up their government to do just that…protect rights, freedoms, and liberties…and for the USA to be very, very limited in all other aspects of governance. But that is long gone…today we simply serve the government with our slavery giving up our hard earned money to those bureaucrats and politicians that waste it.

As for our rights, freedoms, and liberties…tell me again, where are they in your life?

Our last aspect of life that some petty government official, or some federal badge-toting thug, doesn’t control is our mind, and with that our choices. Don’t let them control your mind…and be wise, very wise and courageous with your choices.

May I suggest that today that you read the first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence. I believe it to be a true and just document inspired and directed by God given to our Founding Fathers as a guide and motivation. Motivation for a new country to free itself from tyranny and oppression. And it is just as applicable today as it was on July 4th, 1776.

The government can’t control your mind, they can’t control your choices…unless you give them that power.



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4 thoughts on “The one thing they can’t control…

  1. The sad thing is that it is so easy to control the population. Look at the Covid farce. People couldn’t wait to follow the rules as long as they thought they would be “safe”. And they would jump on every chance to rat out their friends and family who weren’t being “safe”. Then the government says, “Stay home! We will pay you! You can do work and school on a computer. You will be “safe”! Now people are dropping like flies after taking the “safe” government jab.

    We have all these rules because we want them! They will make us “safe”! Safe haircut, safe school, safe food. The list goes on and on. The truth is we are not “safe”. Just about any government entity can take anything we have at about any time they want. Property, family, belongings and our freedom. We are at this point still able to say “NO”. But will we? Time will tell. And we won’t be “safe”.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Reminds me of what Viktor Frankl learned living in a concentration camp. The only freedom that hadn’t been taken from him by his cruel captors…”Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” And that, I totally agree, is pretty much the only one we have left. I cringe every time someone gets up and thanks the Lord in a prayer for the freedoms we enjoy in this country. Really????? (I changed my account name, btw, but not the picture. :-))

    Liked by 1 person

    • I truly wish more folks had a grasp of history that you do…especially first-hand accounts from people who lived that history.
      And I too cringe when I hear the thanks for all our freedoms. I want to ask them exactly what freedoms/rights/liberties they are referring to.
      Thank you for your comments…I wish more people would share what they think and feel!!!!


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