Let’s talk WWIII…

First off…let’s start this our correctly…we are already in WWIII. Well, at least the early stages of it, in my opinion. Currently the shooting war is in Ukraine with Russia. But, make no mistake about it…our troops, contractors, and CIA operatives…along with 10’s of BILLIONS of dollars…are already there.

If you remember the early days of WWII, 1939 – 1941, we were supplying huge amounts of arms, money, and “advisors” to the Allies, specifically England. Today the Allies are NATO and England is Ukraine in today’s war.

Couple more points…

1) Russia started the war when they invaded a little over a year ago.

2) We are responsible for it when we toppled the sovereign Ukrainian government in 2012 – 2014, and Biden green-lighted the Russian invasion in the days running up to the invasion.

3) We, USA & UK, stopped peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia last year, some 60 days after the war started.

4) We stated we want to destroy Russia (a sovereign nation) and overthrow Putin (a sovereign nation’s President).

5) We, along with NATO, have escalated the war by providing increasingly more lethal and offensive weapons to Ukraine. Russia has reacted to those escalations, inflicting more death and destruction.

And here is an interesting question…Who is responsible for funding Russia in its war with Ukraine?

Here is the answer that will blow your mind…

the USA!!!

The month before Creepy Joe Biden was elected President of the United States oil was $35.79 a barrel and Russia was producing 9,500,000 barrels of oil per month. That was giving them an income of $340,000,000 per month, or $4billion per year.

Now fast forward to Russia’s most recent stats from late last year…oil is now $76.45 a barrel (price increase of 114% under Biden) and Russia is now producing 10,300,000 barrels of oil per month (production increase of 8% under Biden). That is giving Russia an income of $787,435,000 per month, or $9.5billion per year.

Yup, good ‘ole Hair Sniffer Biden and the dumb ass US government is providing Putin/Russia with more than twice the money to wage war…wage war against Ukraine, NATO, and the USA. Do you think Putin sent Biden a Christmas card thanking him for his generosity?

Oh, and while we’re at it, as a bonus for Russia…the Biden oil inflation is hurting American business and really putting beat down on middle and low income Americans. Yea USA!!!

What does that have to do with WWIII? Wait, I will get there.

A few years back research was done on countries who experienced civil war since WWII. One consistent statement kept coming from those that were interviewed who came from those countries who experienced civil war.

We didn’t know it was that bad. Then overnight it just erupted.”

If that sounds familiar with what many of the Jews in Germany and Poland said in the run up to WWII…it does because it is.

What does that have to do with WWIII? You don’t have to wait…I will tell you right now. People whose countries experienced violent civil war simply were not aware of how bad the situation was until AFTER it started. And yes, that included the Jews at the start of WWII.

I have been telling you for years that the USA was building up to a civil war…last year I told you it had started. Yup, the US federal government has started a civil war here in the US.

What does that have to do with WWIII? The USA is fractured into so many tribes and political groups, and races and all manner of diversification that we are no longer “united”…we are fractured…fractured beyond most folks’ imagination…just the way our US federal government wants it. And that fracturing means that the USA is internally weak…very, very, weak.

Then you factor in out-of-control inflation, huge increase in energy costs, trillions and trillions of dollars of wealth disappearing last year in just the housing market, ALL debt at historic and unrecoverable highs…well, our economy is in shambles.

Okay, so you get the picture…you see it all around you…you don’t need me telling you. But, have you clearly accepted the fact that we have lost the military? The US military as long been revered as a sacred cow…despite a long and sordid history of violent actions against US citizens. But now it has entered a whole new phase…call it wokism, CRT, diversification, whatever you want…the mindset in the military leadership is now just as fostering anti-American principles as the rest of society.

On July 28, 1932 the U.S. government attacked World War I veterans with tanks, bayonets, and tear gas, under the leadership of Douglas MacArthur, George Patton, and Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Did you know that US Navy recommended reading list last year had a Marxist doctrine/principle book on it…that is full of, and promoting, race hatred? Did you know that the Secretary of Defense put a higher priority on teaching CRT than military readiness? Remember when the USAF Academy was secretly teaching it new officers to not use the terms “mother” and “father”? And lastly, the majority of all service members now say they would fire on Americans if so ordered…regardless of the reason to do so.

Think back to all of the articles I’ve written on the US federal government demonizing and dehumanizing groups of people using the terms:

    • Terrorist
    • Violent domestic extremists
    • Domestic terrorist
    • Violent militia extremists
    • Violent white supremacists

Think about this…if military members have, through a survey, said they will fire on American citizens, think how quickly they would fire on any individual, or group, labeled with a term mentioned directly above!

What does that have to do with WWIII? America is weak beyond comprehension right now. And don’t think for a minute that Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and Saudi Arabia don’t know that. Hell, they have been working towards that goal!

So here we are, locked in a war with Russia located in the Ukraine. Notice that North Korea started missile “testing” again? And notice how China has been probing Taiwan lately?

Previously I showed that we, the USA, has lost every war we’ve fought since WWII, the latest embarrassing loses were Iraq and Afghanistan. Could we beat Russia head-on? Yes, I believe we could…and therein lies the danger. Do you honestly think that Russia would tolerate losing a war to the US if it was backed into a corner like an animal about to lose everything? Or, do you think it would go nuclear…at least tactical if not strategic?

Well, before you answer that…if we were in a toe-to-toe war with Russia do you think China would not go for Taiwan?

Let’s talk about China going for Taiwan…

    • China has tens of thousands of military-capable drones on mainland China. What happens to US air superiority when we get done dealing with all of those drones? We don’t have enough missiles in our arsenals to deal with all of those drones, let alone the Chinese bombers/fighters aftermath. And we surely don’t have enough of those missiles in the Pacific Theater.
    • What about jet fuel and ship fuel and helicopter fuel and tank fuel and Bradley fuel and Humvee fuel? We do not have enough of any of that fuel in the Pacific Theater to deal with a war. And we don’t have enough tankers to move it from the US production facilities to the Pacific Theater…under normal times, let alone war time. And we currently don’t have enough production capability in the US to fill the tankers even if we did have the tankers. Nor do we have the storage facilities in the Pacific to store all of that fuel even if we could get it there.
    • And should we try to shift emphasis to a war with China…then what happens to the war with Russia?

So you see…we are screwed! China doesn’t have to invade the US…and it wouldn’t want to if they simply wanted to dethrone us. The US is weakened political, internally, economically, and dependent on foreign countries for so much…we would be unable to defeat both Russia and China…or even China by itself…conventionally. And with Crazy Joe as president…well, how does that sound?

And we haven’t even talked about North Korea going for South North…or Iran striking Israel.

And just think for a minute…if China would start dumping US government debt. Then think if Saudi Arabia would cut oil production and/or stop accepting US dollars for payment?

And notice…China just formally got cozy with Russia economically? And we know that they are already supplying Russia with arms, technology, and all manner of wartime aid. And we know that China is loving buying all that Russian oil.

So we are in the early stages of World War 3 right now. And virtually no average US citizen is realizing it. But our politicians, especially Biden, knows we are. That’s exactly what he wants.

Do you know how close we are to open WWIII? Do you know that there is no winning WWIII?

We are closer to open conflict with Russia that even during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Hell, we are in open conflict with Russia already!

The famous “Doomsday Clock” is set at 90seconds to midnight! That is the closest to nuclear war that the clock has ever been.

And China already knows it can destroy us economically…just look what happened when Chinese goods sat unloaded off the US coast during COVID lock-down. Oh, the COVID lock-down that Biden implemented. And FWIW…a couple of days ago China’s President Xi Jinping instructed his country’s military to be ready by 2027 to invade Taiwan

And please, please don’t forget all the money, huge amounts of money, that has flowed to the Biden family directly from the Chinese Communist Party!

So what do you think? What are you doing to prepare for this eventuality?

I say…Live up to your principles.



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3 thoughts on “Let’s talk WWIII…

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  2. A friend told me the Air Force was directed to get ready for war. The friend works at an Air Base on the west coast. I can’t say more than that or I betray his confidence. I probably shouldn’t have said that much. In my opinion WWIII started in 2014 when the Crimea was annexed by Russia, No one talks about the bio-weapon labs the U.S. has in Ukraine. Neither side has clean hands. I am concerned about how much we are sending to Ukraine in arms and ammunition. There are rumblings that we are giving so much that the manufactures are not keeping up with the demand. Both Russia and China could walk in nearly unopposed if they wanted. Our military has been defanged with the woke agenda. The Military is supposed to be able to break and destroy things and kill people. I fear even if ordered to fire on our citizens they would not be able to hit anyone much less on the battlefield. In a word you said it “we’re screwed.” Thanks for the post you have a much better way of saying things. your books Escape from Tucson and Escape from Home are kind of touching on this problem on a micro- scale. I really wish you could finish Escape from Home. But with the things speeding up like they are I fear the finishing of Escape from Home will never see the end of the story.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lot’s of good information there!
      Russia, China, UK, and USA have all told their military to be ready for imminent war…some have stated nuclear war readiness as well.
      Who is winning in all of this crap…the only ones???? The military-industrial complex. Oh, and all the Dems and Repubs who get bought-off by the military-industrial complex.
      Why can’t the war hawks see the damage they are doing to the world? Then again, I doubt they care…it is the money and power they love!

      Liked by 1 person

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