>>> CRITICAL – Keep your eyes open and be careful !

I had to put some articles on hold due to my assessing some deep information. There are some things afoot that could be game changing…for the worse…way worse…and soon.

It is imperative that you keep your eyes open, head on a swivel, and maintain serious Situational Awareness. Do not allow those you really care about to go out alone in public places…especially in big cities…or anywhere in California.

This coming weekend could be very dangerous starting Friday night. In major cities police have all but totally abandoned trying to keep civilians safe.

If you are a conceal carry person…do NOT carry your weapon in a purse or fanny pack. Carry your weapon ONLY on your person…and securely.

Avoid crowds at all costs. Be extremely careful of any public event, especially in big cities or California.

I will expand on this once I have completed by research/assessment. At this point I just want to issue a warning and not delay warning you of the danger right now.

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