>>> CRITICAL – Here it is…

Dang! It is happening fast and coast-to-coast…and it will get worse. And I have been warning you of this for a long time.

The problem is…the violence and threat of violence is coming from every direction…from criminals, children, “bubba”, as well as the federal government. Some, including me, would say more from the federal government than any other source.

I have to go back to Socialist/Communist Van Jones when he was interviewed by a Communist activist and propaganda/media organization Mother Jones back in 2008. During that interview he laid out what the plan was for everyone to see. He was asked, “How do we get to the tipping point where the rules change. Does it have to come from the very highest levels?” His response, “The change has got to be top down, bottom up, and inside out.”

In nutshell he was saying that to force the transformation of America the radical authoritarians had to come at traditional America from every possible angle. They had to create so much confusion, chaos, contention, violence, and division that America would tear itself apart. Citizens would cry for, beg for, and demand the government solve the problem…the federal government.

Then of course the authoritarians would step in with the perfect solution to all of America’s problems. The weak, ethics deficient, morality impaired, mentally unfit America would demand that the problems be solved with the all-knowing, all-powerful, all-wonderful federal government’s plan. At that point it would be done and over.

On Wednesday I posted a “Keep your eyes open and be careful!” warning. This post is a follow-up to that warning. Some of the information I was going to quote I couldn’t get sufficiently verified and documented so I am leaving it out as ‘fact’ and this will be mostly an opinion piece.

I won’t cover all the events taking place in the last 1 – 2 weeks, you can see them, read about them, and maybe even have lived through them yourself…so you don’t need me going over old news. There are a couple points that I am going to remind you of:

  1. Chicago is now is in full-blown anarchy. That city is not safe to travel to, shop in, or even live in. Watching the video from the lawless depraved teenagers (yes, black children) take over and terrorize a large portion of downtown Chicago was horrific. Worse was when multiple white adult victims were attacked by hordes of black teens, not a single LEO went to their assistance to save those white victims. Actually, watching some of the video you can see LEO’s running away from groups of teens. Cowards. But the worst of it…listening to the radical Communist/Socialist leadership of that city defend the rampaging and depraved teens.
  2. California is virtually a lawless state…the entire state. For several years now people have been empowered by local and state politicians to steal at will from stores with both impunity and immunity. San Francisco has become a septic tank of crime and corruption. Compton (Los Angeles County) is now worse than it has ever been, as if that was even possible. Compton is over 96% black and Hispanic. California has become the loathsome example of leftists as leaders. Looting and theft is now a way of life for a large portion of inner-city people.
  3. New York City, run by radical leftists, is a place where criminals, mostly black, are now free to commit whatever crime they wish with virtually no consequences. Even LEO’s are being attacked openly on the street. NYC is a lawless city run by utterly corrupt radical leftist leaders.
  4. “Bubba Effect” events are now wide-spread around the country. Just this last week white teenage girls were shot by a man of color for mistakenly trying to get into a wrong car. A black teen was shot while ringing a doorbell of a white man’s house. A young woman was shot for being in the wrong driveway. And on and on and on…
  5. In the last two weeks the reports came out about police tasering an 80-year-old man. His crime, going 38 in a 35mph zone. A homeowner was shot and killed by police, who were knowingly at the wrong address, when the homeowner opened his door. And then the San Francisco Bay area white cops disgusting exchange of texts where they clearly exposed their extreme racism…including threatening the black mayor of the city. More LEO’s in America that are out of control.
  6. Then there was the white 6-year old girl and both her white parents shot by a man, their neighbor. Crime? Yeah, the little girl’s basketball rolled into the black neighbor’s yard.
  7. And then the black thug teens that committed a mass shooting at a birthday party in Alabama.

Those are just small, very small, snapshots of what is happening in America. The kind of events that I have been warning you about that was coming. It is here…it is coming at us top down, bottom up, and inside out. And as Socialist/Marxist Obama stated in his famous 2008 speech…they were just days away from transforming America.

Why point out “black” and “white” aspects of these events? To show you that they are winning. “They” being the race pimps and elitists that wish to pit one race against another…and they are being very successful at it. They are creating violence, hatred, and division…pitting one race group against another making it easier for them to provide the plan to solve the problems. And as I have pointed out before…race war is a Marxist/Socialist ideology to bring down a traditional society.

Let me be really clear about this…there are some really good people in the US…there are some really good places in the US. There are…period…and there is no doubt about that. The area I live in is a great place, virtually a bubble of safety from the outside world in many ways. But here too I am seeing a change in the last 7 years; a change in who is moving here, who is shopping here, who is working here, etc.

That being said, America in now in a state of anarchy. The federal government has devolved into a Banana Republic style of a regime. The entire federal government is one huge authoritarian machine with a single goal/mission. And the vast majority of the media is complicit with them in implementing their authoritarian plan. Every macro-aspect of America is in chaos…intentionally so…it is their plan.

What does all this mean and where are we headed?

I don’t have to spell this out for you…you already have a grasp on it. Biden is doing everything he can to get us into a shooting confrontation/war with China…he has been paid by China to do that. Why? Because China knows that we can’t defeat them and they will usurp us from being the world super-power if we go to war. And China is right!

As the National Guard whistle blower revealed over the last month, the American government has been lying to us about the Ukraine/Russia war from the very beginning. I told you when it started that we had American troops on the ground fighting Russians…and we do, and we did…the whistle blower reveled the documents.

What few allies America has left are furious at us! Again, the National Guard whistle blower revealed we’ve been spying on our allies…and specifically their leaders. No wonder countries, including our so-called allies, are moving away from the US dollar as the global reserve currency. If you can’t understand why most of the world’s countries leaders hate the US government…then you are part of the problem.

Every single indicator out there shows shows traditional America is collapsing (or already has) both internally and globally. I outlined in detail not just that the American Empire was falling but the how and why of it all.

I am telling you this plain and simple…America is done, the Constitution is no more!

We are in the middle of it, it is happening here and now, we are living through monumental history. The fall is coming from the top down…from all levels of government onto American citizens. The fall is coming from the bottom up…the dregs of society, criminals, crazies, the transgender cult, Bubba, and thug teens. The fall is coming from the inside out…doctors mutilating children in the name of transgenderism, medical professionals committing infanticide, neighbor shooting neighbor, teens shooting teens, adults shooting children in cold blood, mobs of anarchist teens rampaging at will assaulting whom they wish…with police intentionally not stopping it. Unsolved crime costing Americans trillions of dollars per year. Chaos and mayhem now reign supreme.

We are facing an economic and banking crash here at home. We are staring a crash of the dollar globally. We are already in one war and facing the almost certainty of another war…one we cannot win. And that war…well, China could defeat us almost overnight if they wanted in the global economic community. They could once again cripple our economy within 60 – 90 days simply cutting off the shipment of retail and manufacturing goods to us. And domestically American has fallen apart, is divided beyond repair, shooting and killing each other at will, and on and on and on.

America is falling, it is turning increasingly violent everywhere. Crime is surging while police, especially federal LEO’s, are focusing on people of religion, patriots, preppers, liberty-minded voices, and pro-life advocates.

There is no stopping this. Well, one exception…Christ can stop it…if it is His will. And I for one do not know His will in this.

You must understand all of this mayhem is intentional and controlled at a high level. It is meant to collapse everything to install authoritarianism not just in the US but globally. If you doubt this…simply go to the WEF website and read all about it. Bottom line…globalists want to control everything…especially energy and food. They have made that clear by stating if you control the food you control the people. That strategy is being implemented in the EU even as we speak. And if you control energy you can control not only travel but you can entirely control actual life and death of everyday people with relative ease.

The reason I write this now, today, is two-fold; 1) their intentions have become crystal clear to everyone at this point, they can’t hide it any longer, 2) we are coming into summer. Historically America’s worst rioting, violence, and mayhem occurs during the summer months. I believe that to be especially applicable for the next two years.

I keep getting asked, “What should I do?Please top asking me that.

I have written 1,000+ articles outlining just that…what you should/could do. In the last 3 years I have written hundreds of posts stating specifically what to do…in detail.

If you want to know what to do…READ MY PAST ARTICLES!!!

But I am telling you this…you better kick it into high gear! You better start taking this VERY seriously!


There will come a time, probably way sooner than later, when prepping will become difficult. Then that time will pass fairly quickly and preparing will be virtually impossible.

The federal government has been dropping the hammer in overdrive against everything good and moral since 2001. But that will feel like a feather compared to what they have begun. That is what I wish I could comfortably share more with you about…using documented and verified information…but I can’t document it to my satisfaction.

Even without sufficient verification what I will tell you is this…wait, let me say…this is my opinion only, this is not a statement of absolute fact, opinion only. The DOJ formed a combined agency ‘task force’ that has been identifying sources of disinformation and foreign government propaganda. The agencies involved are lawyers and staff of the DOJ itself, FBI agents, ATF lawyers/agents (minimal presence), and DHS lawyers and agents. The DHS Disinformation Governance Board is taking a significant role in this operation but the DOJ has the lead.

In this operation they have already targeted some “low hanging fruit” to go after first and soon. The first indictment has already been processed and the wording will astound you. It is a blatant attack on the First Amendment. No, actually…it is proof positive that the DOJ has no regard for rights, freedoms, and liberties whatsoever. They have completely dissolved the Constitution and any protections therein. This is the opening salvo of the final chapter. I hope you heard me say that, I hope you understand clearly what I am saying. This is it…period.

I have been asked how they will come after conservatives, libertarians, websites, pundits, bloggers, etc. They will do it the same way they have been doing it for a long time now. Look at the latest example…the National Guardsmen that revealed the government lies about the Ukraine war with Russia, spying, and other crimes…they demonized the leaker at first, then came up with a plan to marginalize him once they knew who he was. The same will happen with those who promote freedom, liberty and rights with any notable voice.

The federal government, in conjunction with a complicit media, will demonize a particular media/Internet voice first. Then marginalize them through a campaign of propaganda against that person, including outrageous allegations, claims, and supposed evidence. More than likely there will a huge list of crimes brought against them by the DOJ…which is standard practice for that Banana Republic department. It will get ugly and confusing…and violent. More than to silence the person, it will be imperative that they demonize the message. In other words…discredit and destroy the messenger and discredit the message completely.

To the federal government, the authoritarian masters, it is the message that is the real threat to their plans. It is easy to destroy people, the government is good at that, but the message could live on…if it too is not destroyed. The government wants all actual/real truth to be destroyed so only their version of “truth” exists. For those of you that have read “1984” you know exactly what I mean.

And honestly, I guess I should say…it will get uglier, more confusing, and more violent. The federal government is already at war with American citizens. An outright shooting war is coming to the US…and soon.

Plan, Prepare, and Pray.

If you have gotten this far you will understand this next statement…this is 1930’s Germany.

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9 thoughts on “>>> CRITICAL – Here it is…

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  4. Here are some things that you are not taking into account:

    1) The Chinese do not have a blue water navy. They cannot attack us by sea. It would be hard to send a whole army by air all the way over here without us shooting them down. 2) The Chinese need to sell us merchandise more than we need to buy it. Most of what they sell us is not important at all. If we were to stop buying merchandise from China, their economy would collapse. 3) The Chinese are not self-sufficient in energy or food. Their energy and food comes from many thousands of miles away and the boats that bring it go past many of China’s enemies. We don’t have to attack China to win a war with them. We just have to stop the boats that are delivering them their oil and food and they’ll starve. 4) A plan is about to be sprung on the traitorous government. The current government is so corrupt that someone from the outside the government has to adjudicate it. There is a thing called ‘devolution’ which has been set up in case what has happened happened. It will be done by a special group of our military who are sworn to uphold the constitution. All at once, they will arrest everybody who has had anything at all to do with stealing the 2020 election, put them in front of military tribunals and ship all of them to military prisons or worse. This will include just about every Democrat in government. It will include all of the newscasters who have been telling lies to help all of this to happen. This makes them traitors and the military will consider them as such. On the same day that this happens, every rioter will be arrested, tried and imprisoned. This includes every member of Antifa and anybody else who riots against this happening. They won’t go to a normal jail or a normal court. They are tried by the military and shipped to a military prison or worse. I hope it’s Guantanamo Bay. I’ve heard they are expanding it to hold more people for when this happens.

    If this devolution does not happen, then what he says will happen. It will go to what it says in the prophesies, we’ll have a period of tribulation and then the millennium comes. The thing that bothers me is that none of the prophesies speak of anything like devolution which will solve the problem, nor do they speak of anyone like Trump saving the day. The prophesies only talk about social chaos and physical natural disasters.


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