Feedback from Hedge…

So I got this comment from Hedge last night but didn’t see it until this morning; and no, I don’t know who he is. But I found it a little disturbing in its content. The content was pretty aggressive but there was no context for the aggression. He also didn’t make a single reference to anything specific that I had written that he had supposedly read and objected to. I found both of those things pretty strange.

I initially responded with this…

“Well now…we get to hear from the other side. I am not sure the other side of what…but no doubt someone who disagrees with me.
What I wish is that he/she had been a bit more specific in references…then we could have had a more enlightening discussion. And maybe with that discussion myself and others would have gained knowledge and understanding from him/her.
Maybe they will come back and help us out, I surely hope so.”

But then I started to think about it on the way into Lowes to buy some garden irrigation supplies. And the thought struck me…the content didn’t sound like a person would speak or write…it just seemed to lack any meaningful, specific, or logical content. The thought struck me…What if this was ChatGPT generated?

I would love to hear back from anyone…everyone…on what you think of his comment. Please…respond/reply!

Here is the comment from Hedge…

Let me say I didn’t even read this. But having read the entire 7k plus word “thang” you wrote before….. You better go check your self cause ain’t nobody buying that load of drivel. You better go spend a couple decades studying up and getting real. I’m sorry you have come to this so late in life and I can understand but there is no room or time for this bullshit. Sorry to be frank but fuck all that non sense. You better get real old timer. This shit is about to get real. Love you so that’s why I say what I do. Yeah sure you can write a bunch of shit after this but you better get your fucking head wired right because there will be no explaining when it goes down. If you aren’t on point you’re done. Ain’t nobody got no time for that shit.

It’s fucking EVIL and IT’S GOT TO GO. Don’t over think it.

God Bless.

Probably better to maybe not post this but think about it.

Here’s a lil sumptin…. Zack Brown band… they just did a commercial for Budweiser. Trying to bring back customers with a country music commercial. The rule is “they” have to tell us. “They” have to tell us what they will do to us so we can accept. It’s the rule. Learn that and you open the door. So go to Zack Brown band website. What is the first thing you see? The cowboy hats. But what about the hats? I’ll wait. Sorry for my profanity.

So what do you think about this?

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6 thoughts on “Feedback from Hedge…

  1. Chat bot? Hahaha. You guys have such a long way to go. A week of writing “the most important article of my life” and only the totally uninformed among us learned anything from it. I was expecting way more than that honestly.
    You’re dealing with evil here and evil has rules placed on it. The fact that you hadn’t even made the antichrist connection like your other reader suggested showed a level of ignorance I wasn’t prepared for because here I was thinking you’re on top of stuff. Simply put, you’re not.
    It’s too deep and I don’t have the patience to type a long explanation to any of you. You’re too far behind and after reading your 5 day rant I was left with disgust at thinking about how many people out here are running off at the mouth about the news and what’s going on but can’t really see it.
    Anyway I apologize for being rude. I know I can be but I’m tired of carrying the water for you people metaphorically speaking. Do us all a favor and try to keep up. Then again your generation took all the bounty America had to offer and left the rest with this bs while you guys slept at the wheel dreaming of your precious retirements and rv traveling. So we won’t wait for you or carry the water any longer. Like Trump you guys had your chance so don’t be crying about how it gets done now or what position you’re in because you guys built this mess and left us to live with it.
    I don’t have anything against you personally as I don’t know you but I hate your generation. I can admit that. And when I see one of you so far off the mark is makes sense why we are all in this mess. You guys had the tiger by the tail and then after the circus made its money you fed your grandchildren to the tiger in a last gory show for profit. Now you’re all bewildered about it.
    Anyway… good luck out there you’re all going to need it. Everything you know and was taught was a lie. You’re friendly but pissed off ChatGPT bot.

    And to mamagrizz… you are a class A suck up. Lonely cat lady I’m guessing? But you’re his number one fan so you got that going. Maybe you should try reading some stuff from some folks that know what’s up and you too wouldn’t be so lost. As far as Q I did kinda get into that for a bit at the first and some folks still think that stuff is in play such as the 11.3 not being a date but the 11.3 manual (look it up). Idk maybe it is. Truth is I don’t know if it is and you don’t know that it isn’t. Put your obvious ignorance and bias aside and just maybe you will learn something. I doubt it though by how you hang on Trimbles nutsack. Bloggers love “followers” just like cult leaders do. Anyhow you’re low hanging fruit and I’m done with you.

    ChatGPT hahahaha.


    • Here is a deeply disturbed individual…if it is a real person. If it is a person then these are the folks you will want to stay away from at all costs. And be prepared to defend your family from. Due to its mental illness it could be dangerous because they are not living in the world of reality in any form. They create their own reality and are a danger to others…a very real danger.
      Be ready, be prepared to deal this them with all appropriate prejudice. An example of the criminally insane.

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  2. If it’s Artificial Intelligence, they better up their game if they want it to appear intelligent. If it’s from a real human being, well, I could say the same. No useful information or explanation given, just an excuse to profanely vent. What exactly is he calling bullshit on? What exactly is the evil that’s going down, and what should we expect that to look like? And…Zac Brown? Scuse me? And the cowboy hats? I have to ask, is this comment a reaction to your Q post? Cause that would not at all suprise me as a response from a Q’er. Not a whole lot of critical thought, but plenty of reactionary shooting from the hip nonetheless.

    I’m not immune to profanity, believe me, but when I do pull it out, it’s backed by a lot of thought and reasoning that precedes the anger. This post was a veneer of anger and profanity, and when you scratch it back, there’s NOTHING there. Makes me think of the famous line from Macbeth:
    “Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
    And then is heard no more: it is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.”
    So, yeah. That’s my take.

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    • I am not really sure what his comment is in reaction to. He never said other than the “7k word thang”. And I can’t find a 7k word post that I’ve made in the last month.
      Yeah, the “Zac Brown” reference was weird. Not sure what he was getting at.
      And I too wondered about him being a Q’er…but he didn’t say that either.
      Oh well, maybe Hedge will come back and expound on his comments so we can all benefit.


    • You didn’t look into anything I posted you moron. Spouting off shit about the antichrist but you wouldn’t know it if it bit ya.


      • And here is the proof that this is fake, a ‘bot’…or someone with no intelligence.
        Notice the reference to their use of ‘antichrist’ implying that I used that term or talked about it? Yeah, I didn’t. So this is nothing more than an automated attack on the website.
        This is exactly the stuff I have been warning you about. Take note and be prepared to recognize it and deal with it.


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