QAnon Crap – Feedback #2

This is some of the feedback and thoughts concerning the article on the 26th “QAnon Crap!”

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Also, there is previous ‘Feedback’ post as well.

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  • You are completely wrong about Qanon, its real, they exists, and Qanon will save america.

Nope on both accounts. You are welcome to your opinion and I do respect your right to have that opinion. And let me make sure I am clear…QAnon is evil/poisonous, the environments that promote QAnon are promoting evil, and you are completely wrong about QAnon. And you will learn that given time and intelligence. Hopefully you don’t lack the intelligence and you have enough time left.

  • Jim writes…

Who would be offended by this article? Not anyone who loves and honors the Constitution, I’m sure. If you’re in for the Constitution for a penny…you have to be in for the whole enchilada.

That could change if the Left goes all Storm Trooper and Kristallnacht. At that point, the Left won’t even be pretending to be abiding by the Constitution. Indeed, they’d likely announce termination of the Constitution, being replaced by something along Marxist lines.

At that point…the non-Constitutional coup has already taken place, courtesy of your least-favorite Leftists. What happens after that is debatable. We’ll see what happens.

  • You hate our military, you should be ashamed of yourself!

Ah, no…on both accounts. I am not a fan of how our military has been used…but that is primarily the politician’s fault. I am not a fan of how they have been scrubbed clean from a propaganda perspective. I do strenuously dislike a lot of what they have done. I am in agreement with the Founding Fathers, and I do not support that we have a standing army, for the simple reason it lends itself to the establishment of tyranny. And we see that tyranny today. And I am not the least bit ashamed of myself or my opinions that I express. I have worked hard to gain the facts and knowledge that I have…and that is nothing to be ashamed of. And FWIW…I don’t have a generation of my family that didn’t have military members…including myself, and I volunteered for Vietnam.


I encourage you to read all of the following articles to get a full picture of what I am talking about.

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7 thoughts on “QAnon Crap – Feedback #2

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  2. A.H. Trimble – BRAVO!!!
    BRAVO to TRUTH!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you sir, I am glad you appreciate what I am trying to do.
      We have a big fight looming on the horizon and there are a lot of folks who simply are not dialed into much of anything.
      And then there is a large number of folks who will fight hard for the other side of this.
      May we all find ourselves on the side of “good” and not “evil.”


  3. Let me say I didn’t even read this. But having read the entire 7k plus word “thang” you wrote before….. You better go check your self cause ain’t nobody buying that load of drivel. You better go spend a couple decades studying up and getting real. I’m sorry you have come to this so late in life and I can understand but there is no room or time for this bullshit. Sorry to be frank but fuck all that non sense. You better get real old timer. This shit is about to get real. Love you so that’s why I say what I do. Yeah sure you can write a bunch of shit after this but you better get your fucking head wired right because there will be no explaining when it goes down. If you aren’t on point you’re done. Ain’t nobody got no time for that shit.

    It’s fucking EVIL and IT’S GOT TO GO. Don’t over think it.

    God Bless.

    Probably better to maybe not post this but think about it.

    Here’s a lil sumptin…. Zack Brown band… they just did a commercial for Budweiser. Trying to bring back customers with a country music commercial. The rule is “they” have to tell us. “They” have to tell us what they will do to us so we can accept. It’s the rule. Learn that and you open the door. So go to Zack Brown band website. What is the first thing you see? The cowboy hats. But what about the hats? I’ll wait. Sorry for my profanity.


    • Well now…we get to hear from the other side. I am not sure the other side of what…but no doubt someone who disagrees with me.
      What I wish is that he/she had been a bit more specific in references…then we could have had a more enlightening discussion. And maybe with that discussion myself and others would have gained knowledge and understanding from him/her.
      Maybe they will come back and help us out, I surely hope so.


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