Brain Dump…

So much is going on lately…it can easily get overwhelming if you are not careful. I wrote about getting overwhelmed, if you haven’t read that article yet, it might be helpful. With the sheer volume of current events I am being very selective on what I write about…I don’t need to add to your mental and spiritual load right now unless there is a very compelling reason.

Besides, I am super swamped right now getting my garden in…I am almost there! And FWIW…I have strawberries on the plants from last year’s efforts 🙂

And then there is by workshop’s solar system…almost out of commission, limping along on its last leg. Last month when I was building my raised beds for the garden I was cutting a 4×4 and buried the blade and stalled the saw. The inverter hasn’t functioned correctly since. I have been acquiring the replacement and upgrading parts, including a new-used inverter. Now I just have to get sufficiently motivated to do the work.

And no…I am not thrilled to do the work because I just got done doing the MAJOR upgrade on the house system. I am happy to report it is working flawlessly!

Moving on…

Have you noticed that there is now multiple investigations into employees’ and investors’ stock sales in the belly up banks? Yeah, imagine that…selling out their stock with insider privileged information. And there are government officials, including Congressmen, who did so as well. And yes, it is illegal to do so.

Then there is the whole “debt ceiling” drama taking place. Anyone honestly think the debt ceiling will go without being raised!?! No one in Washington can control their spending…and they don’t even want to control it…it is all planned and intentional. The drama makes for good politics. Do any of us, think that any of them, care about any of us, in any way? Of course not. Spending money gives politicians power…and they lust after power, lots of power.

Oh yeah, the Durham Report…DUD!!! I remember way back at the beginning when it was first announced…he was going to drain the swamp. Ah, no. I told everyone then…nothing of any consequence will come of it…not a single person will be held accountable and no one will go to prison…no swamp draining. You see…THEY are the swamp…they are not going to drain themselves from the very swamp they have created and perpetuate. There is no one in Washington with any real power that will do a damn thing to drain anything! They all love the power, they hate the common person, they hate Constitutional principles…and they lust after more and more power. And the people controlling them love it…that is their power over those politicians who think they are in charge.

And Biden moves us closer to World War 3 with the gift of fighter jets to Ukraine to be used against Russia. Nice, eh!

Well, enough of all of that…time to go back to work. I just wanted to share a minute with you. Gotta get the last of the tomato plants in the ground. I am having a hard time finding Pablano pepper plants, I need 3 to finish up the garden. Yeah, my seedling pants didn’t fair well…when my dog ate them right out of the seed tray…and that is another whole story.

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