Prepper Myth #10: “My Bug Out Plan”

This is one of a series of posts on some commonly held prepping beliefs, and reasons why they may be wrong and possibly dangerous to you and your loved ones.

Their Myth Reasoning (not me talking/writing) – If there is something that forces us to leave, we’ll grab the BOB’s and other gear and load the stupid people - stupid planstruck. We’ll then head to one of our locations and keep an eye on the situation. If something happens that would force us to walk, we have a wagon and would find a shopping cart nearby as well. In the winter we have a couple children’s sleds we could load up and tow behind us.

My Opinion – First, this is not “my” plan. It is the plan of a so-called prepper expert giving advice under the guise of dispelling “myths.”

Second, Any “plan” that starts out with “if” is no plan at all. Then he does it again, “If something…” This guy obviously has no plan at all and simply plans on “winging it.” And he will fail. And then talking about having a wagon and finding a “shopping cart.” This is how the guy plans on bugging out with his family? Riiiiight!shopping cart as a bug out vehicle

Come on, I can’t get most shopping carts to work right in the grocery store. How is this guy going to load it down with his bug-out gear and travel down the road, let alone cross-country?

Then he goes all nostalgic on us by talking about loading up kid’s sleds in the winter and heading out. And how much can a sled hold on those skinny little metal rails? And does he plan on bugging out only when there is snow on the ground for the sleds?

Come on! This guy has no clue whatsoever on a plan, bugging out, or the slightest idea to even begin solving the problem. But the real problem is, he is trying to act the expert giving advice to less informed folks. But the way I see it, you will die along with your family if you follow his advice and example.

If you are going to develop a plan…make it REALISTIC! And then test it under real conditions to see if your plan will work.



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There are people that need us…

Sorry that I didn’t come up with a more dramatic or attention getting title for this post. However, this is a pretty low-key piece of writing. But, it potentially may be one of the most powerful posts I’ve ever written…at least in my opinion.

So this low-key idea came into my head Sunday while I was sitting in church. Yeah, sorry again that this is not some Rambo-style, shoot-em-in-the-face, Zombie post-apocalypse super-prepper post. So there I was in church and there was a young lady, probably 22 or so, speaking from the pulpit. No, we don’t do paid ministers/clergy in our church.  Messages come from actual church members, the topics are those that they are inspired to talk about. So she is talking about this prompting she had about a 10-year old boy while she was in a foreign country. Turns out the prompting was needed and the boy was in trouble and he needed their help.

While she is relaying this story I hear “…there are people that need us…” Honestly, I don’t know if she said those words, those are words I thought I heard, or words that just were in my mind. But, no matter…it started me down a serious thinking path Sunday and ended with this post.

There are people that need us. Think about that a minute…yes, actually think about it.

What just popped into your head? For me there were two clear messages as I pondered it; 1) there are people that need us today, right now, 2) there will be people that need us during a coming emergency, disaster, or grid-down event.

People that need us today, right now…

For the last year, maybe a little longer, I’ve really been trying to focus on the reality of post-grid down and what society and people will be like. And while looking at that I really started to notice people around me right now. Then I started really seeing people on a wider scale…beyond my personal bubble. And I gotta tell you…it has me worried. First off, let’s dismiss all Democrats right away…they have gone insane and cannot be reasoned with. They have simply lost their minds and lost any connections with reality or morality.

OK, that being done let’s look at the remaining folks…and focus, for this conversation, on people just trying to live their lives day-to-day. I’ve been mulling an idea for months now. I’ve been looking for a way to put it into words…and then into action. Couldn’t quite get it figured out till Sunday, but actually the answer started coming to me last week. But, before I get into that let me get a little personal.

Last Friday my wife and I attended a memorial service, a young lady still in her 20’s took her own life in a rather gruesome way. Her parents were nearby and heard the shot and discovered her body. Her parents had been extremely good friends of ours, the young woman’s dad was my best man when I married my wife. About five years ago there was a falling apart of the friendship. At the memorial service he and I hugged as if we were old friends, his wife and I hugged like the best long lost friends ever. We left after a short visit to give them time and space with the large crowd of other mourners to share their time, grief, and love.

To say I didn’t want to be there would be accurate, although I knew I should be there, and needed to be there. We didn’t reestablish our previously wonderful friendship…but being there felt right and was the right thing to do. The “right” was far more apparent as my wife and I talked on the way home afterwards. My dear sweet wife shared with me that she had told our friend (the wife) that we are going to help. We weren’t going to ask what or how…we were just going to help. On the ride home we vowed to help them as the spirit prompted us. We didn’t know how, but we were going to help them. They were people that needed us.

Sunday afternoons my wife takes our old dog to a local arroyo for a walk. It helps my wife clear her head, think about whatever is on her mind, and gives our old dog a chance for some real freedom to run. Hours before she left for the walk she was prompted to invite our friend…so she invited our friend…who gladly and gratefully accepted the invitation.

My wife told me afterwards that there was no big spiritual experience, no deep talk of life, nothing more than a couple of friends walking on a wonderfully bright and beautiful Sunday afternoon. She said it was amazing and just what was needed. She also found out two additional things; 1) they weren’t sleeping well, 2) they weren’t eating well. You can understand both. As we talked I felt prompted that we should start taking them meals from time to time. I felt like they might be lacking the desire to cook, more than just a lack of desire to eat. And I felt as if breakfasts were a good place to start. I’ve seen many times that dinners have been provided to families in need, but never had I heard of breakfasts being supplied. We now had our mission.

Monday morning I did my part since my wife had done the walk…I was going to provide breakfast. But, I never do much in a small way…go big or stay home is a common motto with me. I bought two pounds of sausage, two dozen eggs and started cooking. They are on a Keto diet so this breakfast casserole was two pounds of sausage, half a pound of bacon, half a pound of Mexican blend cheese, and two dozen eggs. Wow! The house smelled amazing all day! The multi-pound breakfast was delivered not long after lunch.

So what is my point? What I didn’t mention was four weeks ago a very, very close friend of their family also shot himself. That is a staggering loss for any family so close together. The family was hurting after a double loss.

So here is the point…look around you…do you see people that need help? Maybe they are short of food, maybe they need a job, or a better job. Maybe their kids need school clothes, or a hot breakfast. Maybe the elderly widow down the street needs her trees trimmed, or just to have someone care enough to ask. Maybe the neighbor two houses down with the car on blocks needs help fixing it, or towing it off. Maybe a co-worker needs to find a church to attend, or to find his relationship with God. Maybe your local fire department needs a couple more volunteer firefighters or another EMT, or maybe a little more money for proper gear and equipment. Maybe the woman with the “Need Gas!” sign really does need gas, or a hot meal. You get the idea…There are people that need us.

As preppers…What kind of people do we want to be?

Yeah, I am serious about that question! I’ve gotten puffed up before about how much food we have stored, how much ammo I have ready to go, or how “bad” my Ford 4wd truck looks. I’ve preached to folks about emergency preparedness, shared my experiences, given talks, written books, and run a prepper website. But, I had to look at myself and really ask how many individuals have I directly helped. I mean gotten out of my truck, or out of my personal bubble, and actually helped. The answer…not enough.

About a month ago I was a visitor at a church near my new place in Arizona. After the main service I attended a meeting of just men. There was probably close to 350 – 400 people at the main meeting, maybe 60 – 70 men at the later meeting. I have no remembrance of the men’s meeting subject or intent. But, I do remember that the subject came around to how they, as a congregation, interacted with people and supported each other. There were a lot of dislocated shoulders and broken arms in that meeting…so much back patting and congratulating going on.

Why the sarcasm? How many men acknowledged me at that meeting? How many people even said “Hi” to me at the first meeting?  The answers are none and one respectively.

But, that is not the point. The point is…they had no idea that they had no idea. They were so busy congratulating themselves on how good they were, how Christian they were, and yet they completely missed a total stranger sitting among them. Was I, am I, guilty of the same or something similar?

How often do we feel very comfortable, and safe, within our personal bubble? It’s easy to wave to friends or have a conversation with them about a mutual interest. But what about the total stranger that looks like he could use a friendly “hello”? Heck, what about our good friend…does he have something going on in his life that he needs to, or wants to, talk about? Or, maybe he needs help changing the oil in his car. Dang, he may need a car!

Now do you get an idea where I am headed with this?

I am not saying you need to save the world…that has already been done. But, there are people out there that need us. Can you please help? Follow your instinct, listen to the still small voice, keep your eyes open…there are people that need us.

People will need us…

This website is all about preparing for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down events. You should know that by now. But…what if we need to be prepared to do more? Yeah, I am serious with that question.

I have responded to hurricane disasters, house fires, flooding events, suicides, missing/lost canoers, shootings, bombings, car accidents, tornadoes, and more wildfires that I can remember. They all had one thing in common…people needed help. Now, what happens when the grid goes down? No…that question should be more along the lines of…What do you do when the gird goes down? I hope you’ve given that some thought…there’s little doubt that you already have.

Without mentioning names, I know men who have given a wide range of answers to that question…some completely expected, some extremely concerning, if not outright scary. All have said they will take care of their family. And one aspect of that statement…almost to the man has also said that his family comes first…above ALL else. Now, that is to be admired…at least at first glance.

A couple of times I’ve dared ask the question…”Would you let your neighbors kids starve to death while you still had food?”

Many have given answers such as, “They had time and resources to prepare and they chose not to, so it’s not my fault.”, “They are responsible for their own family.”, “I won’t have my kids starve to feed their kids.” A few men have simply replied, “Yes.”

I am not here to ask that question of you, or even to pass judgement on the replies I mentioned above. Heck, the situation may not even occur to you or I. My point is different.

If there are people that need us now…how about needing us after an emergency, disaster, or grid-down?

The answer is a simple one…Yes, there will be people who will need our help.

If we can’t help everyone now, we dang sure can’t help everyone post-apocalypse. But, just as we can help an individual or two now, are you willing to help others when the need will be the greatest? And have you thought it through or made any kind of special preparations for that?

Look, don’t take this wrong, I am not saying be prepared to feed the entire community for a year, or even feed your close neighbors for a couple months. I am just giving you something to think about. What can you do, what are you willing to do, are you even willing to consider it?

Now a sobering thought…What if you are the one that ends up needing the help…or your child?


There is a ton of crap in the world now. Some absolutely despicable people, and a few that are utterly evil. You have Democrats that have lost their minds…proposing to protect the planet, protect whales and protect kittens, and yet they are willing to kill our babies. There so many things going wrong…dangerously wrong. But…there are people, good people, out there that need us!

They may need nothing more than a smile along with a “Good morning!” But, maybe they need help repairing their roof. I don’t know who needs what. You might be the one that needs a friendly conversation…or your oil changed in your truck. Your son, your parent, your neighbor, or your spouse might be hurting inside with something that they haven’t told you about…and they want/need to talk about it. Who knows what problems people have.

Ah yes, there is the tough part…Figuring out who needs what?

But there is an answer to that one… listen to your instinct, listen to that little voice. If you are a Christian…listen to the Holy Spirit. Find out what you can do to help someone…then do it. It doesn’t have to be earth shaking, mind bending, or financially burdensome…but you can help people.

There are people that need us! Help them.

I promise you this…the more you help people now the more you will be able to help, and be helped, when it all falls apart. Start the habit now…the world needs it…you need it…we need it.

There are people that need us.



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Prepper Myth #9: Your BOB Needs to be as Light as Possible

This is one of a series of posts on some commonly held prepping beliefs, and reasons why they may be wrong and possibly dangerous to you and your loved ones.

Note: Myths 5 – 10 were taken from a post by a so-called prepper expert providing advice while dispelling “myths” about prepping and bugging out. I thought the advice to be so outrageously idiotic and dangerous that I felt the need to respond to this guy before he gets people killed.



Their Myth Reasoning (not me talking/writing)  There have been more posts and comments about this than any of the other myths. Anytime someone makes a forum thread and shows their BOB, there are always people who make a comment like “Good luck carrying that”. I always wonder where these scoffers are planning on bugging out to. Me? I plan on driving. If there is some type of event that keeps me from driving, I can think of five ways to carry my BOB and other gear as well.

Maybe they plan on heading to the deep woods? For 95% of people, that is a bad idea. Even if you are a primitive skill master and can make do with a knife and a dirty look, what about your family?

Since the events that you actually need to bug out for are severe and you don’t know when you’ll be able to go home, what will you do in the woods when your supplies run out?

My thoughts are that if I do have to bug out there is a pretty serious reason. Since I don’t know how long I might need to be away, I want to make sure I have enough gear to take care of my family. I’m more concerned with making sure I have what we need than I am with the weight of the pack. On the very slim chance I can’t drive and have to carry it, I can find five means to negate the weight.

My Opinion –  Well-intentioned but horrible reasoning and advice. This guy is showing his utter lack of understanding of the most basic of preparedness concepts.

First, if you are going to drive, then there is no “BOB”, there is a BOV (Bug Out Vehicle). But he keeps referring to a BOB, as in “bag”, so he is way off base once again.

Second, Then he makes fun of those that comment on the bag’s weight when referring to people who challenge him on the weight. Well, those folks are 100% right and the “adviser” is 100% wrong. If you must carry a BOB, which is the whole underlying premise, then weight means everything. Actually, the concept of “weight and space” means everything. A concept that this so-called adviser is unaware of. Which then leads me to believe that this adviser is a novice at best.

Third, he infers that he can negate the weight of his burdensome BOB in at least five ways, yet doesn’t mention a single one, let alone the benefits and drawbacks to each.

Fourth, He comments about being away from home for a long time and that he needs to have “enough gear to take care of my family.” But he doesn’t mention a single piece of gear that he would take, or a system/process by which to identify what gear to even consider. That is a rookie mistake, let alone poor advice. And then he makes the audacious statement that he is not concerned about the weight of his pack containing “enough gear to take care of his family.” What a mistake!

Sorry, but as I read this guys’ advice to counter prepper myths I get infuriated with him. It is this kind of “expert” that will get people killed by the droves. He may talk pretty, saying key words, feigning some level of expertise – but he is utterly void of any substantial, practical, workable advice. This guy is a danger to preppers!






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SitRep – 3/12/2019 (update)

>>  Update to the 3/12/2019 SitRep <<

Normally I don’t do updates to SitReps, especially so closely after one is posted. But, this is an exception. If you haven’t read the original SitRep posted on 3/12/2019 you probably should.

<click here to read>

So, I just wanted to reinforce where I think we are as a country and make an impression on you to work harder towards being prepared.



Please don’t ignore the warning signs that our economy, even the world’s economy, is in rough shape and is growing worse by the day. Manufacturing is weakening and that is one of the cornerstones of Trump’s economic policy and recovery. Also, home ownership is increasingly dying out among an entire generation of Americans. The worst of that news is…their lack of home ownership is due to ballooning personal debt. That is a 1-2 punch to the economic gut.

U.S. manufacturing sector slowing as economy loses steam
(Reuters – 3/15/2019)

Millennials are so buried in debt they can’t buy into American Dream of owning a home
USA TODAYMarch 14, 2019


One of the primary tech giants that is a huge player with the US government is also a huge service provider to the Chinese government. And Google is assisting the Chinese military! So, for the right price…what else is Google providing to the Chinese government?

Also, note that an increasing number of companies are using AI to hire their employees. Really? So now people’s employment is increasingly dependent on Artificial Intelligence? The fate of people more dependent on AI now than ever…and that trend is growing at light speed! AI is a far great threat to our way of life, and to us, than most people imagine.

Joint Chiefs Chairman: Google ‘Is Indirectly Benefiting The Chinese Military’
CBS SF / CNN – March 14, 2019

HR Departments Turn to AI-Enabled Recruiting in Race for Talent
Wall Street Journel – March 14, 2019


Gun Ownership/Rights take another hit. Since when does the manufacturer of an inanimate object become liable for the illegal use of that item in the commission of a crime? Will Craftsman become liable when a hammer is used in a murder? How about if a Chevy owner intentionally murders someone by running over them with a Cruze? This is just another attempt at the US Government (via the US Judicial system) to tank the gun industry and gun ownership. There is a growing anti-run wave…and soon it will be a tidal wave that grows into a tsunami. And you may be surprised at who won’t defend gun rights.

State Supreme Court overturns lower court ruling, says Sandy Hook families can sue gun manufacturer Remington

Morality / Debauchery

Here we have a Democrat Senator voting for infanticide…and is against the killing of kittens! Next time you hear of Democrats loving children…throw the BS flag!!!!  They love baby kitties more than they love baby humans! This is just another sign of the Democrat evil and their utter disdain for anything good. They should be ashamed of themselves…but they are not. And that my friend should scare the hell out of you!

Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley Condemns ‘Slaughter’ of Kittens, Voted Against Protecting Human Babies from Infanticide
Breitbart – 14 Mar 2019


I want to impress upon you to see the signs all around us. Notice what is happening and how and to whom. Yes, I realize that there is much going on in the world…sometimes overwhelmingly so. But, I don’t want you to lose track of it and lose your Situational Awareness. Macro events are happening quickly all around us…and virtually all of it is bad and getting worse. And it is happening more quickly…and it will speed up. It will speed up to the point where it will spin out of control…out of control even to those that think they are in control. And that point is not too far off.

What am I saying?

I am telling you point blank…get your house in order.

No, I am not telling you to pack up the truck and head for the mountains or anything like that. I am telling you I am seeing events unfold that are causing concern…to my way of thinking. I want you to take what is happening and see what you can do in terms of prepping to make you and your family -and yes, your community- better prepared for what is coming.

I understand you may want yo ask…When will it all fall apart? I would like to ask that as well. I don’t have that answer for you. If I did I would share it. But, I can tell you this with absolute surety…it will fall apart. It could come tomorrow…next month…next year…or 10 years from now. But, it is coming and it will surprise all of us. I just want you to be the least surprised and as best prepared as possible.

Ready my Summary from 3/12/2019 SitRep on what I am encouraging you to do.


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Prepper Myth #8: You Need a Bug Out Location (BOL)

This is one of a series of posts on some commonly held prepping beliefs, and reasons why they may be wrong and possibly dangerous to you and your loved ones.

Bug Out location mythTheir Myth Reasoning (not me talking/writing) The majority of preppers don’t own a separate piece of property that they consider their BOL. The truth is, you don’t need one. Sure, it might be ideal, but it isn’t needed. Below is a way to develop multiple locations. That way you have four routes out of your area.

First, if you have a relative or friend outside of your general area, consider asking them if you could head there. If you don’t have another location to go, I recommend finding a town that’s big enough to have a hotel but small enough to be inconspicuous, which is thirty to sixty miles away.

I say “large enough to have a hotel” because that is the landmark. If they have a room available, stay if you like. If you want to continue on, do so. Do this going north, south, east and west.

Now develop a couple different routes to each location and label the routes “1” and “2”. We purchased plastic foldable maps and have one in our BOBs and one in the vehicle. I think each car should have a map and the directions to each location. If you’re at work and your spouse is at home when you need to bug out, you can send a text or email that says “North, route 2”. Now you know where they are going and the route they’re taking to get there.

bad prepper advice on bugging out or bugging in will get you and your family killed.My Opinion –  This one is a complete mess to the point I have to disagree with the writer based on just flat-out poor advice alone.

First, the writer talks about having “four routes out of your area.” Really? Where did that magic number come from? However, he does share his wisdom by identifying the four main points on the compass; North, South, East & West. Wow, amazing planning advice!

Let’s take my situation where I live. Going west leads you into very inhospitable desert conditions. Going south leads you into just as inhospitable desert conditions plus it leads you towards the Mexican border and a very large cartel controlled city on the way there. Heading east runs you into extremely rugged granite mountains that also happen to border a highly controlled military base; and the mountains are the beginning of active bombing ranges. So would that be a good idea to plan to head those directions? Nah, not so much. So that leaves north as the primary and almost sole direction to head. But there are only two real roads that head that direction; state highway and Interstate. So what do I do?

Second, the writer makes a recommendation of the size town to head to for safety. Reality strikes! There is no town within 30 – 60 miles for me to head to. Now what? Well, the writer makes a recommendation on how to decide that decision making is not flipping a coin. high quality decision criteria is a must.the town is right for you and your family. His criteria? “…finding a town that’s big enough to have a hotel but small enough to be inconspicuous, which is thirty to sixty miles away.”

You have got to be kidding me! His decision criteria is a motel that is “big enough” but also “inconspicuous”? Sorry, my decision criteria would be more along the lines of:

  • Sufficient number of folks to adequately defend the location from a reasonable level of violence.
  • Medical facilities and at least some well-qualified medical personnel.
  • Enough self-sustaining independent water supply.
  • Capacity to grow sufficient food to be as self-sustaining as possible.
  • Non-violent to outsiders.
  • Knowing the people there well enough (or having enough skills/gear/equipment) to be welcomed.

There are additional criteria that I could identify but that list is a good start.

families must stick together when bugging out, bug out, bug-out, bugout.Then there is the audacious advice that families members should bug-out to far off locations independent of each other! This is a virtual death sentence. I can’t for the life of me imagine telling my wife to hit the road on her own during a time of crisis when the #1 threat would be violence. And violence is always the #1 threat to deal with. Now, the writer would have you believe that the same advice would be true for your kids as well? Absolutely absurd!

DOn't be an idiot when it comes to emergency preparedness.Bugging out is not a decision to be made lightly and certainly not without considerable coordination and planning. The logistics alone is daunting. And he can do as he wishes, but I will gather my family first. Because my first responsibility is to protect my family and I can’t do that if they are on the road by themselves.

This single “myth” and the idiocy of the writer’s advice is sufficient motivation for me to write a series of articles on bugging out; that is bugging out without getting you and your family killed.


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Prepper Myth #7: You Don’t Need an Actual Bug Out Plan

This is one of a series of posts on some commonly held prepping beliefs, and reasons why they may be wrong and possibly dangerous to you and your loved ones.

Note: Myths 5 – 10 were taken from a post by a so-called prepper expert providing advice while dispelling “myths” about prepping and bugging out. I thought the advice to be so outrageously idiotic and dangerous that I felt the need to respond to this guy before he gets people killed.



Failure to plan for bugging out will result in failure, injury and probably death. Bugout buginTheir Myth Reasoning (not me talking/writing) This is the other camp that says they won’t ever bug out and don’t need a bug out plan.  As I mentioned above, in the vast majority of scenarios, staying home or “bugging in” is a better solution. To me, this means that the events you do need to bug out for are much more serious. Events that could push me from my home are things like imminent fire, flooding, a prolonged grid down or civil unrest in an urban and some suburban areas. When do you know you should bug out? When you would be safer leaving than staying. The events I described could be extremely dangerous, so not having a plan to put in action, having BOB’s and a plan for bugging out, is equally as dangerous.

My Opinion –  Once again, I kind of agree but the logic and reasoning but the advice falls short. The writer talks about some events that would push him from his home. But he gives no rationale behind his decision. Nor, does he give you any advice on how to apply it to your situation. His advice to go is “When you would be safer leaving than staying.”

What? How is that for sound reasoning? What do you base the answer on? Do you wait until some magical answer appears to you?

PLan for bugging out and bugging in. failure to plan will bring failure and that means death or injury to you and your family.I say, make these decisions ahead of time. Identify the events, situations, or scenarios that would drive you to bug-out. Set trigger points and steps to take at each trigger point so when you are in a full-on panic mode you can still know what to do and when. In so doing, when you are at the most crucial decision point your level-headed decisions are already made for you. It is called “planning.” And those of us that have worked in high-stress, emergency, disaster, and stressful lines of work know that the worst possible time to do planning and making complex decisions is when the pressure is at its highest.

Go through a threat and risk assessment of those events that you have decided will likely affect your family. <read more> Then work through the “probability and severity” aspect of each threat. Then based on that you can design a plan to mitigate the threats and risks in logical and reasonable approach. You can take it one step at a time addressing the most urgent threat first.

So, yes, I agree with the writer on having a plan. But I feel his logic, reasoning and advice is flawed to the point it could jeopardize the safety of you and your family.



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SitRep – 3/12/2019

Dang it!  I was really not wanting to do any SitReps any more…at least not many. But, this is one of those times I feel I should.

First off…I love life and many of the things going on in the world today. Next, I am not saying the sky is falling or we are about to crash and burn. Finally….please, PLEASE…don’t think this is a call for panic or any kind of serious, life-altering action(s) on your part. This is only me sharing some things I am seeing and that I am concerned about…and that I want you to consider and be concerned about.

Whew…that was my full disclaimer/disclosure!!!  OK, let’s get started…

Financial / Economy

It sucks!  No better way to put it. We are seeing pension funds going belly up with taxpayers having to bail them out, we see sub-prime auto loans defaulting at historic levels, we are seeing massive federal budget deficits, and the federal debt is more out of control now than ever before.

As for the federal debt…In 2018 interest on the national debt was about $310 billion dollars. In a mere five years (2023) the interest bill will have doubled to $619 billion!!  And that is if the national debt doesn’t grow like it has been and interest rates don’t grow more than expected.

I took a look at the USA’s GDP figures. I am not real crazy about using GDP due to some underlying issues I have with the details of how it is calculated. However, it does give a useful trend indicator. Stats: 2016 1.6%, 2017 2.2%, 2018 2.9%, 2019 2.3%, 2020 2.0%, 2021 1.8%. That means the economy is now softening and expected to get much more soft and soon.

Notice that when Trump took office the GDP improved. However, 2019 figures are showing that the GDP is weakening and the projections for the near future are not good…clear weakening sign for the economy. Also, as a side note…the IMF projects noticeably smaller GDP grow for the USA in years 2019 – 2021.

Last week the EU announced its central banks were going back into stimulus mode. Meaning they are in a near recession and are very worried about their economies slipping into a full-blown recession…one they think could be as bad as 2007 – 2008.

In January of this year the American consumer set a new record…the highest level of credit card debt ever in the history! It is well beyond a trillion dollars…with the average household owing nearly $7,000. That is staggering! I tend to compare that to the rise in GDP and see a correlation. Meaning a false growth in GDP due to it increasing based almost purely on debt increases. Also, as a side note there are 37million credit card accounts that are 90+ days past due. That status, 90+ days past due, is considered seriously delinquent.

In July 2018 the 30-year fixed mortgage rate was 3.41%. In March of 2019 the rate was 4.41%. That is a 30% increase in mortgage rates. However, in November 2018 the rate hit 4.94%…a 45% increase. That shows a drop of over 12% in that five months. So I see this as two issues…1) home buying is becoming more and more expensive for Americans leaving less available income for other expenses, 2) there is significant volatility in the credit market. Neither of these are good signs.

Now, let’s talk stocks for a minute. Well, the stock market sucks as well. For the last year it is up a measly 2.4%…terrible. And its volatility has been horrific. Enough said about the stock market.

And now on to retail…nearly 5000 retail stores will be closing in 2019. Oh wait…that is just the announced closings as of mid-March 2019. Let’s see how many more stores will close in addition to the 5000 as the year wears on.

And last tidbit…socialism. Yup, you’ve been hearing a lot about it lately…and for good reason. Socialism is the Democrat Party’s answer to overthrowing the US’s financial system. Have no doubt, without qualification, without reservation Democrats want socialism to rule the United States. Why? Because that gives them more control over the economy and thus, more power over people.

The Constitution

US Senate Bill 7 – “Extreme Risk Protection Order and Violence Prevention Act of 2019”

When all is said and done this is a gun confiscation bill completely outside of the Constitutional right to due process. On the mere derogatory comment of an unhappy neighbor, upset girlfriend, ticked off wife, idiot pastor, liberal doctor, or literally ANYONE…the police can simply come take your guns without any interaction with the court system.

And here is the thing you really need to know…it is being proposed by REPUBLICANS!!!!  Yes, you read that right. It is Sen. Marco Rubio…Progressive, globalist, Republican from Florida is the sponsor of this bill. And let’s now make it just a tad bit worse…Sen. Lindsey Graham, Republican, announced that is already has the approval of President Trump, Republican. And that should come as no surprise since Trump is not a believer in the Second Amendment. Really? Yup, his administration has not defended the Second Amendment in the court system. And remember it is good ole Donny Boy that brought forward banning bump-stocks by Executive Order. And Trump is, and has been, a big anti-due process advocate.

Republicans, if not already, are now clearly showing their attitude against the Constitution. As I have been saying for a very long time…Democrats and Republicans are nothing more than different sides to the same coin.


I would have hoped that by now you are up to speed on all the issues with technology and privacy. If not, let me help you. There is no privacy when it involves technology. The NSA collects virtually all electronic messaging in the world, but specifically in the US. Multiple federal law enforcement agencies monitor all websites, especially social media…even so-called “private” or “membership” websites. As for cellphones…whatever the NSA doesn’t capture, it is all available to the feds with a simple “demand order” to the cell phone companies.

But, let’s talk Google for a second…not only are they a massive tech player, they are a massive personal information provider to the US government. And why? Money! Google not only provides all that data to the feds, they also now provide huge amounts of tech services to the US government…by hosting federal databases on Google servers. How’s that make you feel? Oh, and have you ever looked into how much money Google lobbyists pump into Washington?????  Yeah, they are the largest money pumper into that swamp.

Now for Facebook…they are a privacy mess. Well, technically there is ZERO privacy when it comes to Facebook. Everything they touch they collect personal information…and they either sell it to other corporations or provide it to the federal government. And here is a great little piece of info…Facebook VPNs. Yeah, Facebook got into the VPN (Virtual Private Network) business a while back. Well, finally someone ratted them out. Seems that Facebook monitors ALL information going over their VPNs. Yeah, cool eh? A supposedly “private” form of web communication is fully monitored by the very same company that is providing it. And they once again capture everything going through that network, record it, decipher it, and sell it. Or, as with all their other data tracking…provide it to the US government.

And let us not forget…VPNs are not as private as you might think, regardless of who is providing the service. The data (i.e. communications) is still monitored, can still be captured, and can still be decrypted. And all it takes is someone wanting that information. The feds simply need to provide a demand order to a company and “poof!’’ the US government gets whatever they want…for whatever reason they want.

As you already know…a lot of good is coming of out the use of technology…no doubt about it. But, plain and simple…technology is killing our society. It is dumbing people down to a moron level. And it is eliminating privacy. And it is killing people’s ability to actually interact with others on a social level…in real life face-to-face relationships. But, the single worst thing that we have learned…technology is manipulating people…big time! And I will let that go at that.

And already occurring, but what will increase exponentially in the next five years, is AI (Artificial Intelligence). What is happening in the AI world and what the plans for it are…should scare you into never getting a good night’s sleep again.


Another area that I could sum up by simply saying…it sucks!

I don’t care which party you belong to…you shouldn’t! The Democrats are the party of evil. Republicans…not much better…if any. I have issued this warning over and over again…the 2020 election is a no-win situation. The outcome of the investigation of Trump/Russia is also a no-win situation. Plainly put, the best of it is this…

  • Trump is spending us into oblivion.
  • Democrats are promoting infanticide and Socialism.
  • Republicans are promoting gun confiscation.
  • We have never, ever been more polarized.
  • All of these politicians are now acting with an insanity not seen in my lifetime.

Yeah, that dire. And I know the Trump lovers will go off the rails on me…but truth hurts and Trump is doing some miserable things to us.

But, what does it all mean? I can’t see anything positive coming out of Washington…period. And that is a very bad sign. Because when the chips are down, the country is split, is hurting financially…politicians seem to come up with war as an answer. The question to ask…Who is the war against next time?

Morality / Debauchery

I’ve already written extensively on this subject. We are crashing and burning as a country from a morality perspective. If you can’t see that…you aren’t looking. If nothing else, abortion/infanticide alone condemns this country.

US Government

Well, where do I start? I guess stating clearly that the US government is the biggest threat to the US Constitution and the worst danger to US citizens would be a very reliable summary. I’ve been writing quite a bit over the last few years exposing the utter darkness that is within the FBI. The CIA historical record stands on its own…one of the most evil governmental organizations that the modern world has ever known.

But, what about the Department of Justice? Well, all I can say is read Sidney Powell’s book “Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice”. It will make you sick to your stomach to know that those we think should be protecting us, US citizens, and our rights….well, they are actually doing just the opposite. Reading the massive corruption that exists in the DOJ is eye opening to say the least.

And an interesting side note…The FBI, the CIA, and the DOJ are not authorized under the US Constitution. Interesting, eh?

FYI…I firmly believe that in the coming couple/few years we are going to see a noticeable upswing in prosecution/persecution of individuals and groups that are vocal about what is happening in our country. We’ve already seen it occur in many situations over the last few decades. However, that will be nothing compared to what is happening. I also believe that the DOJ, as well as state authorities, will use “abuse” accusations/allegations as a major propaganda tool against individuals.


Nothing new! It is the same old crap that is been rapidly building for 20 years…it is just now exponentially worse than 20 years ago. And it is growing worse at a rate that is approaching light speed. And it is irreversible.

Now, granted…read the “tagline” to the website…If ye are prepared ye shall not fear. So don’t fear what is happening. And dang sure don’t fear what is coming! You simply have to prepare for it.

Now…what to do about it?

Sorry, a simple answer again…what you have already been doing…or should have been doing:

1 – Be prepared to defend yourself and your family.

2 – Be prepared to provide medical care for basic injuries and sickness.

3 – Be able to communicate with your family by unconventional means.

4 – Organize your preps, your family, and a group to respond to emergencies, disasters, and grid-down situations.

5 – Have multiple ways to purify water.

6 – Be able to provide secure shelter and have a back-up to your home as shelter.

7 – Be able to feed your family for as long as you possibly can. Make sure you have seeds stored.

8 – Get training in all aspects of the above 1 – 7.

9 – Practice the skills in all aspects of the above 1 – 7.

10 – Teach your family in all aspects of the above 1 – 7.

11 – Consider reaching out beyond your family in all aspects of the above 1 – 7.

12 – Strengthen your faith, your compassion, and your commitment to helping others.

13 – Help your family to strengthen their faith, their compassion, and their commitment to helping others.

14 – Listen to that still small voice within you…and act on it at once.

And in and amongst all of that…get yourself in the best financial situation you can.

Now, that list is not necessarily in priority order. Each person and family situation is different…and this list is just a “prompter” to give you something to think about. But, I do believe it to be sound advice. Listen to the still small voice on what you and your family should be doing…and DO IT! And do it sooner rather than later.

I posted a “update” to this article on 3/15/2019. Please <click here> to read that update.



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