FAQ – 5/11/2016

  • Do you trust anything the government tells us?

Do you? Tell me the last time that anything the government told us turned out to be true? I am serious, and I don’t care which political party…tell me one time that what they told us was actually true?

So, no. I don’t trust the government to tell us the truth about a single thing. I don’t think the government, politicians or bureaucrats, are capable or have a desire to tell us the truth. I was part of an incident management team. In staff meetings they easily talked about how to deceive the media and control the media to their advantage. They talked about making sure the media produced stories that made them look as good as possible to citizens/victims.

No, I don’t trust the government to tell the truth.

  • How much would you budget each payday for preparedness?

I think 10% is doable for any family. If that isn’t possible, then I think you are spending too much money on other, less important, things. I think the money set-aside in the preparedness budget is like buying insurance that you are 100% sure will eventually payoff.

  • You wrote an article about herding dogs vs. sheep dogs. What is the difference again?

Herding dogs control sheep. They bark and nip at the sheep to push them around driving them wherever they want the sheep to go. Herding dogs are predators that have been conditioned and trained to not attack the sheep. But they act like predators and the sheep fear them.

Sheep dogs are dogs that live with the flock of sheep. The sheep accept them as protectors and as part of the flock. Sheep dogs sometimes live for weeks and months at a time mixed in with the flock, sleeping, eating, and moving with the sheep. Sheep dogs will immediately react to protect the flock from predators, even given up their own life to protect the flock.

Herding dogs seldom, if ever, protect a flock and must have a dog handler (master) there to control and direct the dogs.

Yes, there is a direct correlation in life. Peace Officers are sheepdogs. Hearding dogs are law enforcement officers.

No, there are a whole lot of good people that are sheepdogs that are not Peace Officers. And there are a whole lot of herding dogs that are not cops.

  • Is the NSA a dangerous organization?

In the United States today I don’t think there is a more dangerous, anti-Constitutional, anti-American organization than the NSA. At this point I think the NSA is doing more damage, far more damage, to the United States than all other organizations, government or corporate, combined…excluding the CIA. The only other organizations that rank distantly are the CIA, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Federal Reserve.


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