FAQ – 2/8/2019

What is your take on Trump’s 2019 State of the Union speech?

Ah yes…loaded question! I am going to try and take a slightly different tack…I want to comment on what the state of the country actually looks like based on the reactions of the Congressmen to two things Trump said in the State of the Union speech. Yeah, novel approach.

Statement #1 –

Trump’s call urging lawmakers to pass legislation that bans late-term abortion (includes live-birth abortions). To the best of my observation…Republicans cheered it, Democrats hated it. And that my friend is a clear indicator of good vs. evil in our country today. Democrats hate the idea of saving infants from death. Democrats approve of infanticide. Evil at an unbelievably new depth. I applaud Trump asking for that legislation. And, we all know there is ZERO chance it will be introduced…let alone passed.

Statement #2 –

Trump’s statement that “America will never be a socialist country.” Once again…to the best of my observation…Republicans cheered it, Democrats hated it. And yes again, that clearly shows that Democrats have come completely out of the closet and are now the advocates for, and supporters of, socialism.

I would love to think Trump is right in what he said. Unfortunately we already know he is wrong…America has embraced many aspects of socialism and is moving closer to socialist/communist goals every single day thanks to our politicians, especially Democrats. It is only a matter of time until we’ve fully embraced it. The problem with socialism, and its cousin communism, is the mass murder in the 10’s of millions that go along with those systems of government. If you look back over history…EVERY major country and most minor countries that have ever embraced socialism/communism have murdered millions of their own citizens through “cleansing” and other social programs. The more minor countries that have embraced socialism-light aren’t done yet…let’s see where they end up. And remember, the end goal of socialism/communism is “totalitarianism”…the ultimate dream of Democrats.

Summary –

The reactions to those two statements alone clearly, unequivocally show you where we are as a country. Or, maybe better stated…where the Democrats are as the marketers of evil in America.

Is there hope to turn this situation around? No, there is not. At least not till the Lord returns. But that is not to mean that there is no “hope” at all! What I am getting at is this:

  • You can become a better person, and should.
  • You can grow your family closer together.
  • You can be a help to those in your congregations and communities.
  • You can reach out and be a great person full of compassion and willing to help others.

You see, we don’t need the government for us to be good people, for us to be good spouses, for us to be good parents, for us to be good neighbors…we can be that person without, or in spite of, the government or any politician. We just have to do it!



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