FAQ – 2/9/2019

  • Is the economy terrible or is there anything good about it?

If there ever was a dichotomy, the economy is it…or is it? Some parts of the economy are doing very well, and continue to improve (i.e. job growth, stock market in Jan/Feb 2019, labor participation rate, etc.). There are some parts of the economy that are really not so good (i.e. HUGE federal deficits and MASSIVE out of control national debt, increasing interest rates, growing gap between rich and poor, home affordability, etc.).

So, it is easy to make a case either way…the economy is GREAT…the economy is TERRIBLE. However, in this case…both are true. Yup, it isn’t actually a dichotomy it is a false dilemma. Both views of the economy are correct…not opinion, fact. Bottom line…how you view the state of the overall economy is based on opinion; your view is based on your bias.

  • Would you buy precious metals right now?

I am no financial or investment advisor to be sure. No, I would not buy precious metals right now. That’s for me personally. Unless of course you believe lead/brass to be precious metals. In which case I always advocate to “buy!” However, I would not buy gold or silver right now. Well, there is one exception, maybe two.

If you have everything you could possibly need for preparedness…and I mean EVERYTHING…and you want to preserve wealth then go ahead and buy some precious metals. Notice I didn’t say invest in gold or silver. Precious metals should NEVER EVER be looked at as an investment. They are strictly a wealth preservation move. And tenuous even at that. Precious metals have little to no intrinsic value. Gold has zero intrinsic value. other than some limited use in jewelry, electronics, and military components. Silver marginally more so. Their value is purely emotional and historical especially gold. People believe that precious metals are valuable and hence they are…until people lose that belief.

When might people stop believing in the value of precious metals? I really don’t know. But, if you are hungry, I mean really starving, and you have 100oz of gold…and someone has a 100lb of food…who holds the more value?

In a TEOTWAWKI, or hard grid-down, situation common calibers of ammunition will have FAR more value than gold/silver. And food will have FAR more value than ammunition. And seeds will probably have more value than food, or at least its equivalent.

What you didn’t ask, “Would you sell gold & silver right now?” Yes, unless I have everything I could possibly need for preparedness…and I mean EVERYTHING. If I had a gap in my preps I would sell precious metals to purchase those items that I need to fill the gap(s).

  • Does it bother you when people really criticize you?

Yes. How’s that for honesty!

My single goal is to make sure people are prepared for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down events. If someone gets caught up in criticizing what I am saying they either don’t believe in emergency preparedness to begin with, or they have found fault with some detail I am using.

I would rather everyone be prepared for emergencies, disasters, and grid-down…so when people find fault with what I say…or outright reject preparedness…then I feel I have failed…and that bothers me. Yes, I am adult enough to know I can’t make everyone happy. But, it still bothers me.

Yes, there are a few folks that simply don’t like me and object to anything I have to say. OK, I understand that. I am sorry they feel that way. And some of it is justified due to my writing style and personality. Hopefully not so much now, but in the past I feel I was more provocative than I needed to be, or should have been. And that is on me.

  • What are the top three problems the USA faces today?
#3 – Tribalism

We have fractured ourselves into to so many divergent groups it is virtually impossible to work together on much of anything in areas of politics, race, economy, border security, etc. And as long as we maintain that tribalism we won’t be able to find much common ground. On the flip side…tribalism is a good thing when it comes to preparedness…taking care of our own.

#2 – Politics

We’ve entered an era where we have primarily two extremely different political views of our country…the right and the left. The left believes in big government, police state, welfare state, victimhood, Marxism, Socialism, Communism. The right believes in big government, police state, world’s policeman, nation building, crony capitalism, etc.

Then there are a few folks (almost no politicians) that actually believe in the Constitution, our Founding Fathers principles, Natural Rights, Common Law, and eternal truths. That is very small federal government, small standing military, limited taxation, USA first, non-intervention, liberty/freedom/rights over national security, etc.

The first two groups right/left are tearing the country apart…very successfully! The third group is virtually powerless on the national, even state level, because there are simply too few. The first two groups both want power and authority over others. The third group wants to leave each other alone…and for the federal government to leave everyone alone.

#1 – Godlessness

Yeah, you weren’t expecting that were you! Let me make myself perfectly crystal clear…the USA is becoming more and more godless. And as a result of that godlessness trend we are seeing the fall of the United States empire.

If you look at the decline in church attendance vs. events in recent US history you will notice an interesting correlation. And if you compare church attendance in 1952 to church attendance in 2012 you will notice a startling exponential drop. Now, consider where this country was in 1952 overall…strong, moral, religious, and united…to where we are 60 years later. It is clear, crystal clear, that the USA’s #1 problem is godlessness.

And before you get all riled up and claim church attendance doesn’t measure belief in a God or the moral virtue of a person. Well, you are dead wrong! The “macro” measure of church attendance is a clear indicator of religious adherence and practice.

Our Founding Fathers knew, clearly knew and acknowledged, that God and religion had a place in the founding of our country and keeping our country a Constitutional Republic. But you already know that so no need for me to convince you of that.

So there you have it…America’s #1 problem is simple…godlessness. Not by all, to be sure, but an alarmingly growing percentage of the citizenry.



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