POST-DISASTER PERSONALITIES : Part 4 – Warning & Summary

BigGovernmentPlease make sure you have read the first three parts to this series of articles:

WARNING! – If any of you are reading this and you are an owner/master in sheep’s clothing just waiting for the right opportunity post-disaster to emerge and make a power play know this…you will be found out. And when you are found out you won’t like the way you are dealt with. People will not tolerate evil, and owner/masters are evil…current or latent.

sheep are good people too.For those of you that are sheep, I would strongly suggest you find a shepherd and get to know them well and join whatever organization they are currently leading; most probably a church. As a sheep you can be productive and useful, but only in the right group can you also be safe and happy. Consider taking the training to become a sheepdog. You probably have the capability inside you, it just needs to be nurtured and developed. At the very least…you become a better equipped sheep to deal with wolves.

cops are herding dogsFor those of you that are currently herding dogs I would suggest you change your ways. You may not even realize that you are a herding dog, you may think you are a sheepdog. Please review the articles or judge yourself based on what you feel is right…your morals and ethics. But herding dogs have a hard time realizing who they are. It is tough looking in the mirror and making that call. It all boils down to attitude and who you are professionally doing that job for. If you say to yourself or others “Hey, I have to go home to my family at the end of the day.” Or “Hey I’m just doing my job.” Or “They are dirt bags and deserve it.” Or “I’m just following orders.” Or you look at everyone with suspicion, or believe that “stop & frisk” is a great police tactic. Or you think Civil Asset Forfeiture laws are great police tools…then you better question yourself.

If you look at the Cops are herding dogs at DUI checkpoint.Constitution and Bill of Rights as a hindrance to doing your job you are probably a herding dog. If you think criminal defense lawyers are scumbags you are probably on thin ice. If all you worry about it overtime and retirement then you are for sure a herding dog. If you enjoy pulling people over for traffic tickets and enjoy DUI checkpoints then you are probably a herding dog. If you are “badge heavy” you better take a hard look at yourself,there is no doubt you are a herding dog. You might think that you will make a great sheepdog…well, don’t count on it. You will probably be even more of a herding dog…or wolf…post-SHTF.  And the worst of it, you will think you, as a herding dog, are doing a great service to the flock that you are part of.

Latent SheepdogsIf you don’t know that you are a sheepdog, that is OK. When the crap hits the fan some sheep will turn into sheepdogs because deep down inside they have been a sheepdog all along and there just was no opportunity for that to come out in today’s world. If you want to become a sheepdog, then go find one and do what he does. Let him mentor you and guide you. Although he may be reluctant to do so due to his humility.


If you are a predator your days are numbered. Sheepdogs will not tolerate any attack on the flock…and we will eliminate you. You will lose…quickly, maybe later…but eventually you will lose.

If you are a hybrid you better think twice, change your ways because sheepdogs won’t tolerate you for very long. You will either forsake your evil ways or sheepdogs will stop you.

politicians are owner/mastersIf you are a politician and the grid goes down just shut-up and become a sheep. No one wants to hear any of your crap! It is probably your fault that got us into the mess to begin with. Once a politician, always a politician.  And politicians suck!

Same goes for an owner/master – we will stop you one way or another. It is best you try and change your ways now. But you won’t, your ego won’t let you. But sheepdogs will stop you when the time comes. Period!  Look for them, they will stop you. You should be afraid but you won’t be; your ego is just too huge.Sheepdogs Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield

If you are a sheepdog, don’t do anything, you don’t have to. You have your own sense of self-worth and feeling of accomplishment in this world and the one to come. Thank you!

Billy Graham is a shepherd.


If you are a shepherd you are a very blessed person and one who deserves a lot of thanks and appreciation. There are very very few of you. We need more. Those that are sheepdogs are looking for you. For sheepdogs to do their jobs to the best of their ability…they need you, a shepherd, to be leading the flock.

I hope this has been of some value to you giving you a perspective that maybe you haven’t considered before. If you would like to comment or discuss I would love to hear from you.

Thank you to all those in my life that have helped me to understand people and personalities.



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