Religious Freedom, Indiana, Constitution and Politicians: Threats – Post “Grid-Down” (Part 1)

LGBT extremists violence against christiansoriginally published April 2015, updated/edited Apr 2019.

I wanted to take some time before commenting on the recent assault on religious freedom in the USA. It has now been long enough to allow the players to show their hand and allow the opposing sides to develop their strategy. It is now time for me to share my thoughts.

There is a lot more at play here and some other seemingly unrelated events and people that tie into it. In other words, I am trying to connect the dots. And some people won’t like it, some will refer to me with unpleasant names and many of you won’t read any further than this. And that is OK, I am writing to those that want to see a bigger, longer-term picture of what is happening in the world as we speak.

It has been all over the news for the last week or so that somehow Indiana has committed a heinous hate crime against those in our society that wish to practice sexual activities that many believe to be sinful, or at least not normal. And if you adhere to the word of God, the sexual activities of the group that I refer to, commonly called LGBT, are sinful. If you are any thoughtful, intelligent person you know that LGBT sexual activities are not normal. Yes, you heard me right. By their own admission the LGBT community is no more than 10% of the population at most. If you believe various poll and survey results, the LGBT community is actually only about 4 – 5%. Either way, when 90 – 96% of the country’s citizens behave one way, the other 4 – 10% is not the norm. Hence the phrase “not normal” is used in this context.

LGBT pose a violent threat to christians and preppersBut, whether the LGBT folks are sinful or not-normal is not the focus of this post, I want to expose the danger LGBT and their supporters pose to the country in general and Christians specifically. And yes, I said “danger” without any qualification or hesitation. In my series “POST-DISASTER PERSONALITIES” I went into considerable detail explaining the kind of people that pose the most threat in a post-event, “grid-down” environment. The LGBT community fits into the “wolves in sheep clothing” category perfectly. Why?

Ah, yes, great question and one that must be asked and answered with full knowledge of what is to come. But first, why is there even a “LGBT” designation? Because they are a special interest group that desires to legitimize their behaviors. They want their abnormal behavior accepted by the overwhelming majority of people that don’t participate in their activities. Yes, simple as that, they LGBT special interest groups are a threat to christians and preppers, deny rights to christiansare a special interest group that is advocating for their belief system and acceptance into the mainstream. Well, that and they also desire special treatment, rights, and protections under the law.

Again, why do they advocate? Because they want special attention, special protection and special rights that other citizens won’t and don’t have. And they want all of that by denying others their Constitutional rights. And that is the “rub” as the saying goes.

In my series of posts “Power, Politicians, People…and ‘Prepping’  I explained how “power”, as it relates to people and government, is not created, it moves from one person to another. Or, it can also move between people and government. That means for someone to gain power, someone has to lose it. If government gains power it does so by taking it from individuals; hence, people lose that power to the politicians and bureaucrats.

In this case it means that over the years the LGBT community has gained power through laws that they advocated for, lobbied for and purchased at the federal level and in the state legislatures. And in so doing other people lost power; namely, Christians. And the power the Christians lost are rights still guaranteed under the Constitutional Bill of Rights, namely the freedom of religion.

Religious freedom law support for religious freedom from LGBT extremistsNow there was amazing event that took place in Indiana, rights protecting legislation was passed and signed into law. A law that reinforced Christians, and others of faith, to have their freedom of religion supported and guaranteed.  In other words, that freedom of religion would not be encroached upon by the legal system. And before the ink was dry the LGBT activists were in full-on war mode. They, along with their Progressive activist buddies, immediately attacked the legislation, the governor, the state, and anyone who even remotely supported the law. Companies threatened, and in some cases, pulled their business from Indiana. Another state forbid its employees from traveling there. And other financial extremists’ activities took place.

And exactly why again?  Religious freedom. And just for review purposes “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…” (First Amendment Constitutional Bill of Rights)

Here we have a group of special interest activists, the LGBT folks, demanding that they be allowed special rights and privileges. Neither of which are granted via the Constitution. Those “rights”, empowered by law, will force Christians to behave in ways that are acceptable to the LGBT community. Then we have the religious folks who simply ask that they not have their free exercise of religion be restricted. And whose position is the very first right guaranteed in the Constitution’s Christians deserve protection of freedom of religion from LGBT and government persecutionBill of Rights. So who should win and why?

The religious folks should win this fight without any hesitation or reservation, period. Their rights are far far more legally superior than those of some special interest group. How so? Because the LGBT community is not adversely impacted (i.e. they suffer no loss) as the religious community exercises their right of living their religion. So what happened and why?

Christians are being killed all over africa and the middle-east, chrsitians are being crucifiedAll over the world we see Christians under intense persecution, literally. Christians are being slaughtered all over the middle-East and Africa, including death by crucifixion. Christianity is virtually non-existent in Europe. And here in the USA there is a very very intense war against anything Christian. And the LGBT extremists are at the leading edge of the battle against Christians here in the USA. And they do so through the court system, through the legislative system, and through financial and physical violence as well. Violence? Yes.

Memories Pizza Indiana target of LGBT violence and threats against christiansThe owner of a small business in Indiana called Memories Pizza was interviewed by the media. In the interview they made a statement to the affect that it was against their religion to support gay marriage. Accordingly, they wouldn’t cater a gay marriage or reception if asked because it goes against their religious beliefs.That sounds perfectly legitimate and acceptable, don’t force anyone to do something that is against their religious beliefs. That is a Constitutional protected right.

However, as soon as the interview hit the air the hate from the LGBT community and other Progressives started. Then it escalated into threats of physical violence against the pizza shop family. The man was so concerned for the lives of his family that he closed his pizza shop because of the threats of physical harm from the Progressives and LGBT community. How’s that for your Progressive bunch? But hold on, it gets worse.

A well-intentioned man felt the shop owner was being unfairly treated and began a campaign to support the shop owner by LGBT threaten violence and to burn down Memories Pizza for being christian. hate by LGBT community against christiansstarting a “go fund me” page raising funds for the pizza guy and his family. Well, that guy then immediately began being attacked and threatened. By who? Yup, the LGBT and their co-conspirator Progressive buddies. And FYI, the guy that started the “go fund me” page is black. So where are all the race advocates now?

How does any of this have anything to do with “prepping” and related activities? Absolutely nothing! But, it has everything to do with a post “grid-down” event which will affect “preppers.”

In this horrific example of power shifting from a Constitutional right of religious freedom of a group of Christian citizens…to a special interest group. A group that is demanding and advocating for special recognition and special privileges based on sexual lifestyle. Once again, the Constitution loses, religion loses, the citizenry loses, and the Progressives win. And it will continue to get worse, much worse.

Let me explain why it will get worse. Groups like the LGBT community and their fellow Progressive & liberal extremists are violent, very violent, LGBT violence hate and Liberalism progressives democrats are haters, they hate christians by nature. Their intolerant view of the world emboldens them to feel that their rights and beliefs are superior to anyone and everyone’s else’s rights, even those rights guaranteed in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights. And those folks are perfectly capable of, and feel justified in using, financial warfare and physical violence against anyone who doesn’t bend, bow and submit to their vision of society. That makes them an extreme threat to worry about when the grid goes down. They will come for your food, your water, your gear, your equipment and they will stop at nothing to take it all. And they will not hesitate to threaten you, financially ruin you or kill you to do so. Or they may come after you simply because they see you as conservative, libertarian or any other group people they hate. The Progressives have no tolerance for anyone who thinks or behaves differently than they think and behave.

You must see liberals and Progressives (and their various sub-cultures) for who they are, and be prepared to deal with them. Know that they will stop at nothing, including force and violence, to get their way. They have proven that clearly over and over again. They do not respect “rights” of others and they will forsake the Constitution at their first opportunity. They have proven it again with the issue in Indiana. They have no problem using force, whether financial destruction or threat of, or actual physical violence, against Christian families. They will and do put their special interest desires above the Constitutional rights of Christians. And it will only be worse when the grid goes down.

The LGBT and Progressive violent extremists are a clear and present danger once the grid goes down. Do NOT underestimate their power and ability.  The Progressives and all their special interest groups have a huge numerical advantage over “preppers.”

So who are their Progressive buddies in Washington and why do they pose a threat? Read the next post in this 2-part series.



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