SitRep – 6/16/2019 (Part #2)

Solution Summary –

Now this is the part that I’ve been really looking forward to! And before I get too far along I want to share a few thoughts first…kinda like to set the stage properly. And before I do that, if you didn’t read the original SitRep of 6/15, I am going to suggest that you read the SitRep that is generating this Part #2 post. <click here to read it>


#1 – I am just a fairly normal person. I have no special insights that come from divine sources. I have had no dreams or visions of the future, especially not concerning what I write in this post.

#2 – I am speaking of my own views and opinions and what I can do to make things a little better. In other words…these solutions are based on what I think I can/should do. Plus a thought or two for you to consider.

#3 – Please take everything I say and ponder it a lot before you consider taking the same or similar action. What is right for me may not be right for you. You have to do the right things for you.

#4 – Please provide feedback…especially if you think I am off the mark. If you see me going down the wrong path (in your opinion) then talk to me about it. We might be able to find a better solution working together…undoubtedly.

OK, that is out of the way. Now, let’s talk about some general solutions to what I outlined in the 6/16 SitRep.

First and foremost…stay away from fringes. In other words…moderation in all things. And yet another way to look at it…no extremes, no radical(isms), no abnormal behavior. Yeah, I know, that can be very subjective. But you my friends are intelligent well-grounded folks and you know what I am talking about. Think “balance”.

Example: Not ever using a bank. That is radical and extreme…and no common sense to it. There is nothing wrong with using a bank. Now, depending on it for everything and having all your liquid/cash resources in a bank is just as extreme. Find a good balance for you.

Next, use common sense. If you are reading this article on this website you are probably pretty intelligent, pretty well educated (not necessarily “schooled”), and pretty well grounded. That implies that you have a heavy dose of common sense. Use it! If something doesn’t seem to make sense…well, it’s probably nonsense. If something sounds too good to be true…it is.

Example: Someone that you know tells you they have had a dream that you should put all your money into dandelion oil futures. Does that make any sense at all? Nope! First, making an investment decision on someone’s dream is plain stupid. Investing in something as off-beat as dandelion oil is pretty far-fetched as well. But, futures in dandelion oil…come on! Really? Use your God-given common sense.

Have a firm foundation for your beliefs. I wrote an article back in 2016 “Are you well grounded?” that article touches on this topic pretty decently.  <click here>

But, the bottom line is this…know what you believe and why. The “why” can be tricky. If you base your foundation on situational ethics your foundation is weak…made of sand. But, if your foundation is built of rock…well, it’s solid.

Example: Is it okay to kill people? Most folks will say “no!”…but why would they (including you and me) say no? For me…it violates the 6th Commandment (of the 10 Commandments). Why do I put so much stock in the 10 Commandments? Because I believe in God. So my foundation is rock solid…it won’t change based on situational ethics. Now, is it ever okay to kill someone? Yes. A God-given right is the right to defend ourselves. So taking a life in self-defense is acceptable. What about war? War is another example of self-defense. What about defending our family? Yes, the scriptures and Prophets tell us we are responsible to protect our families. So you get the point.

A last example would be the Governor of a state, President of a country, or leader of a military unit simply giving an order to kill someone who was no threat, or it is otherwise illegal to do so. You then would have a moral obligation to refuse to kill that person. And if your foundation is built on a rock…you will be willing to accept the consequences of your decision.

Now…let’s get into specifics for each category of the original 6/16 SitRep.

Flood & Food –

First off, if you have food storage the flood issues wouldn’t affect you anyways. But, that being said the best way to avoid reacting inappropriately to this kind of issue is Situational Awareness (SA). Knowing that the vast majority of crops that are being affected are corn and soy beans. So going out and panic buying a year’s supply of wheat wouldn’t solve anything. And most of the soy beans affected are normally exported as well. So the panic of flood and the prospect of food shortages declines from panic to mild concern.

When you hear of catastrophes, but before you panic react, know what you are dealing with and its true effect on your world. That is good SA!  A series of articles to help you know more about Situational Awareness, and how to use it, can be found at <click here>

Financial –

The #1 way to be objective about economic and financial situations/issues is to understand that everyone that talks about it in the media has an agenda. And they, along with politicians, are seeking money and power. So when you hear about economic data the first question would be something along the lines of…”If I take this information as true, and act on it, who benefits the most in terms of money and power?”

So, when you hear that unemployment is at historic lows…what do you believe and what do you do about it?

Let’s employ my question…”If historically low unemployment numbers are true, who benefits the most in terms of money and power from those low unemployment numbers?” Answer that one honestly and objectively and you start to understand where those numbers come from and why. Once that is done then you can look at what you do, or don’t do, in regards to that information.

Now, if I am right about the economy and financial systems being in trouble do you believe it and what do you do about it? Well, for me and my family we do the following:

1 – Get out of debt. Debt is a cruel master that can cause serious trouble for you in everyday life. Generally speaking debt would not affect you very much in terms of emergencies or disasters…unless your ability to recover from either is reduced, or eliminated. Meaning…you don’t have an emergency fund to repair damages, replace items, or buy necessities. For a grid-down event…I don’t see debt being a significant problem, at least initially. If you have a lot of debt let’s say after an EMP event, how would that negatively affect you? My opinion…not much. As time goes on the lust for power and money will grow. And, if you are in debt (i.e. mortgage) and can’t pay it…you could have your house repossessed and your family is now on the street. Same could be true for anything that is held as security for a debt. And worse of all…same could be true if you can’t pay taxes. You have real-estate taxes wherein you could lose your home. You have income taxes where you could be put in jail. And one I want you to really think about…if you have a car loan, and it goes unpaid, you could lose your transportation.

2 – Have a cash emergency fund. The amount is dependent on your individual situation. And yes, I mean cash…not a bank balance. But yes, you can have funds in a bank…that is fine. But, have a cash emergency fund available.

3 – Have an IRA/401k. You don’t know, I don’t know, no one knows for sure, when the system crashes. Yes, it will crash but you aren’t smart enough to know when…I know I’m not. But, you do know that you will retire…prepare for it. A self-funded, self-directed retirement fund is imperative. If you don’t have one, and refuse to get one, you are setting yourself up for a disaster at some point in your life. We use Fidelity and for growth we use an S&P index based mutual fund. And please…don’t spout off nonsense about stocks, mutual funds, and such gibberish. They have a good history of performance over a long period of time. Can they go bad? Sure. Will they go bad? Absolutely. And we don’t have a clue as to when. Till they do…use them to your advantage! And prepare for what you know has a very high probability of happening…retirement.

4 – Precious metals. Have some, but not too much. Historically precious metals have been a good way to transfer/maintain wealth during difficult times. But, for me personally…precious metals should NOT be viewed as an investment. Precious metals are a commodity NOT a currency. Precious metals are similar to insurance (wealth insurance) they are NOT intended to make you money. Don’t have more than 10% of all your investments in precious metals…ever! Do not own any precious metals until all other seven areas of preparedness priorities are met. <click here>

5 – Pay more attention to macro-economic indicators. Individual tax rates going up or down is a micro indicator. The amount of tax revenue being sucked out of the private sector to the government is a macro indicator. Yes, more income tax flowing out of the private sector into the federal government is bad, very bad. GDP is a micro indicator (albeit a decent one). The annual federal deficit is a macro indicator. Unemployment numbers are a micro indicator. National debt is a macro indicator. I am not saying to ignore micro indicators, just put much more importance on macro indicators. It is the macro indicators that will point more accurately to the true state of the economy and the financial system.

6 – Have access to land that you can grow food on.

War –

It is inevitable…and it is already taking place. We have multiple hot wars right now. While limited in scope, they are shooting wars all the same. And one thing I completely avoided mentioning in the original SitRep is this…in a very real sense we are already at war with Russia…and have been so since 2015 in a noticeable way…digital warfare.

Digital warfare is much more subtle but can be far more effective…and much cheaper to wage. A “David” could slay a “Goliath” in digital warfare and relatively inexpensively. We know pretty conclusively that Russia interfered with, as in “influenced”, the 2016 Presidential election. No, they didn’t get Trump elected. But, we do know that they had a concerted and successful effort via Internet media to influence voters and political topics. We also know that they probably hacked into several states’ voting systems. We have a very good idea that they hacked DNC computers.

Considering the rate of technology growth what do you think they are capable of now, four years later? How about what Russia might do in the 2020 elections? Have no doubt…that kind of activity is warfare just as much as firing a missile at a ship is.

So what has our country’s reaction been? We have launched cyber-attacks and cyber-reconnaissance against Russia…and to a lesser degree China. We are engaged in digital warfare with both of our major world opponents. And if one side begins to lose in a significant way…what do you think the other side will do? If one side’s ability to wage an appropriate cyber based response…what do you think their option(s) would then be? Could digital warfare morph into a shooting war?

OK, now all that being said…what is the solution? Sadly, at the individual level there is virtual no solution for this issue since it is controlled on a national and international level. What you can do is:

1 – Vote for politicians who appear to be least likely to get us into useless wars.

2 – If a useless war begins to take shape, protest against it.

3 – Generally be a well-prepared prepper in case the war (digital or shooting) begins to seriously affect the US.

4 – Voice your opposition to useless war whenever engaging in conversation about it.

Political –

Dang! This issue just plains sucks! I hate trying to come up with suggestions on this one because all politics just sucks and I hate it all. But, I promised I would provide some potential solutions, so here goes…

1 – Base political beliefs on fundamentally correct principles. I base my political beliefs on the Constitution. I am an originalist and a literalist in regards to the Consitution. I believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights as originally written and intended by the Founding Fathers. If it isn’t in the Constitution, if it is not authorized in the Constitution, then it is not just illegal, it is immoral. If a politician doesn’t support the Constitution as such…then I won’t support the politician. Or, at the very least I will highly criticize them as appropriate.

Examples: The Civil Asset Forfeiture laws are clearly anti-Constitutional, violating a number of the 10 Bill of Rights amendments. Any law that infringes on the right to own a gun is clearly anti-Constitutional. If a politician supports CAF laws or any gun control law…then that politician does NOT support the Constitution nor our founding principles. And that is a huge Red Flag!!

2 – Understand who politicians are. All politicians lust for power and/or money. Yes, even the well-intentioned politicians lust for power…even if it is the power to change things for the better. As we well know through our knowledge of the nature of man…give a man a little power and he always wants more. There is very little in this life that corrupts a soul faster or more completely than power.

When looking at what a politician does or proposes, ask yourself this…Who gains power and money through this proposal or action?

3 – Understand power exists only in one place at a time. When the Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution the vast majority of the power rested with the individual and then the states. Now where does the vast majority of power reside?

As the federal government has grown in power it has shifted from the individual citizen to the federal government. And it has also shifted from the states to the federal government.

Power is not created, it can only shift from one owner to another. The individual (rightful owner) is far more trustworthy with power than the federal government any day! The founders knew that and tried to write the Constitution to prevent the federal government from being as powerful as it is. While their effort was gallant, tireless, and paid for in blood…they failed. The Constitution has become corrupted and we have an all-powerful federal government that makes 1770’s England look passive.

Know when the individual and/or state is losing power to the federal government…and resist it.

4 – Never trust what a politician says. Politicians will say anything to get elected and stay in power. They will also lie to pass their legislation. Watch what a politician does…that will show his character and intentions.

5 – Don’t support the “impeach Trump” effort in any way. Not only is it a political scheme by radical democrats…it is an actual coup. It is an effort by democrats to forcibly remove a sitting President from office outside of the electoral process. Why? Because the democrats want that power. It is nothing more than that…a power struggle. It is NOT a fight of good vs. evil…it is only about the struggle for power.

6 – Pay close attention to what is happening politically. Along with that…”who” is on “what” side of the political spectrum. Your good friend who is a moderate democrat today could well be the radical violent democrat protesting on the street and participating in the coup against Trump tomorrow. And how might that person begin to view your political beliefs? And what might they decide to do about it?

OK, that’s enough for now.

Technology –

One part of technology that I kinda skimmed over in the original SitRep is social media. I didn’t want to get into that subject. But, I think I better state a couple thoughts…maybe just one. Social media is a very dangerous environment. Companies can learn virtually anything about you via your social media activities. And that means any government agency has access to that information as well. Don’t for a moment think that the federal government isn’t monitoring social media…THEY ARE!

The secret police agencies of the federal government (mostly the FBI, CIA, & NSA) monitor every form of social media, record all that activity, create files on individuals containing that activity, and can use it against anyone at any time for any reason. And that means you and I !!!  You cannot hide your social media activity…it’s impossible. You can’t mask it, you cannot trick them, you can’t avoid them tracking you.

I am not telling you to get off all social media…or even reduce your activity. I just want you to be aware of what is FBI & DHS report on rightwing extrmeism and domestic terroristshappening. Remember this…as we’ve clearly seen, the federal government has weaponized the FBI, CIA, NSA, and even the IRS against anyone they view as an “enemy” or “potential terrorist”. Who’s that? <click here> Be aware and decide for yourself how easy you want to make it for them to target you.

Now, generally speaking what is my solution for the problem of technology?

1 – Clearly understand that the purpose of AI, as stated by technology companies, is to replace humans with AI controlled machines. And many of those machines are designed to be robots…some that are eerily similar in appearance to humans, some quite lethal.

2 – Make sure you have the capability to conduct your daily life 100% free of any and all technology.

3 – Make sure your prepping can be 100% technology free.

4 – Do not trust technology, those that are developing it, or especially their so-called mission statements for AI technology.

5 – When you start to see inflammatory statements by high-profile people, especially national leaders, STOP!!!  Think about what they are saying. Does it sound rational and does it make sense? Could it be sourced from a deepfake environment?

People –

This is going to be one area where I undoubtedly will make some folks uncomfortable…others will go completely off their nut. I hope a few find some useful information.

1 – Develop a firm foundation for your belief system. I believe, for me at least, it is Christianity. And I don’t mean some Taliban form of it. And I certainly don’t mean some mushy form of it. For me it is simple…the 10 Commandments, the Golden Rule, and the Beatitudes provide a great foundation. If people would follow those simple, clear, and practical guidelines there would be virtually no problems in the world today.

2 – Do not be a CBB. I coined a new term…Christians Behaving Badly. By this I mean try to live up to #1 all the time. That being said, allow others to believe as they wish. I am not referring to Carte Blanche behavior. What I am referring to is simple…don’t attack others when they don’t agree with your opinion. And when I mean attack…I mean personally attack, demean, criticize, etc…especially publicly. Why? For crying out loud, do I need to explain that!? Ask yourself this, if you find yourself about to be publicly critical of someone you think is wrong on a spiritual subject…is what you are saying helpful to that person or not?

Those that engage in CBB activities are often deluded in to thinking they are being some great advocate for Christ. They are not! They are behaving in a very un-Christian manner.

And there are a few, fortunately very few, who would try and justify their wrong-hearted behavior by saying, “Yeah but Christ contended with so and so, or got violent with the money changers!” Yup, He did…and you are NOT Christ! You do not know the heart of the person you are attacking, you don’t know their intention. Heck…you don’t even know if they misspoke or mistyped! They might be a poor communicator. Or you may have jumped to a wrong conclusion.

Rather than lash out in a manner that would make Satan smile, use your heart and your head. Discuss in a loving manner the principle, your view, and substantiate it through scripture or other authoritative sources.

If you are a Taliban Christian (CBB) try reading Colossians 3:12, Romans 15:5, Galatians 5:22-23 and a long list of other scriptures. But, most of all think about the Golden Rule. Then ask yourself…What are the results of your behavior…for your target…and for you?

If you are a CBB…Stop!

If you encounter CBB treat them like you would any weak-minded, cowardly bully. First, don’t engage them. They are acting this way due to a mental and/or spiritual problem…and you are highly unlikely going to be able to change them. Heck, don’t even try to change them, leave that up to their family, close friends, their spiritual leadership, a professional councilor, etc. Second, support the person they are attacking. Find something about the other person that you can complement them on, agree with them on, or in some other way let them know that they are not alone. A CBB is nothing more than a misguided bully. But, their target needs to know that Christians are good people and don’t behave that way. Defend them publicly, but also reach out to them privately. I’ve seen victims of CBBs get really down due to the attack. Don’t let Satan win! Let good Christians know that other good Christians are there for them…that they are not alone!

3 – Understand democrats and act accordingly. Remember I consider democrats to be Progressives, Liberals, Democrats, and RINOs. Democrats desire to overthrow the US government, via democracy, into a socialist/Communist country…then establish a complete totalitarian regime. They want nothing less!

There are no moderate democrats. ALL members of the democratic party support, directly or in-directly, the same goals and policies. And that includes infanticide. Some democrats are more vocal than others in speaking the truth about their goals…but the support is unanimous…whether they think so or not.

4 – Conservatism is not a good thing. Our Founding Fathers were not conservatives. They were classical liberals.

For the record… “Classical liberalism” is the term used to designate the ideology advocating private property, an unhampered market economy, the rule of law, constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion and of the press, and international peace based on free trade.

Conservatism as it is known today is not classical liberalism. Libertarians are a much closer match to our Founding Fathers. Remove the anarchists that have hijacked part of libertarianism and you would have a nearly perfect match.

Fortunately, many people who claim to be conservatives are actual libertarian in their beliefs. If you add the belief in a civil society to libertarianism (civil-society libertarianism) then you have a match with many people who think they are conservatives.

Think about politicians who claim to be conservatives…do they match the definition of “classical liberalism” or do they distort it? Do they justify variances to it? Or, do they advocate for more law and order vs defending rights and liberties? Do they advocate war, police actions, military interventions, democracy building? Do they defend freedom of religion, regardless of the consequences…or do they vote in favor of reducing religious liberties/rights? Do they favor Civil Asset Forfeiture laws and other violations of due process…or do they support private property and the rule of law?

It is not hard to determine who is a friend of the Constitution and believe in our founding principles…and who are the enemies of the same. Figure out who is who…and who you choose to support politically.

5 – Get to know people for who they really are…not who they say they are. This will be incredibly important as time goes on. It will have the ability to prevent misunderstandings and help avoid being easily deceived by people.

6 – Stick with the scriptures and authorized servants of God. Don’t get sucked into paths that lead away from the gate to heaven. Do not trust in the arm of flesh. Do not get caught up in spiritual fads. Learn the difference between spiritual feelings and emotional feelings. Follow spiritual feelings, question emotional feelings.

7 – Be careful of, leery of, cautious of, people who claim dreams and visions. Many who believe in these things will quote Joel 2:28 from the Bible. And they neglect, maybe purposely ignore, the context and prior verses. Namely who these people will be, what they have to go through, and what type of people they are, and the environment in which it all occurs. And be even more doubtful and disbelieving of what they claim they saw in these visions and dreams (i.e. content).

Why? Because the Bible also tells us to expect false prophets in the last days. And what is the purpose of false prophets? To lead people astray from God…into Satan’s grasp.

So are there people who are legitimately entitled to messages from God through dreams and visions? Absolutely, 100% there are. Who are they? People who have the right to such. Namely, everyone has the right to receive guidance from God for their personal life. Parents have the right to guidance from God for their family. The leader of a congregation same thing. An entire church, same thing. There are people who are authorized servants of God who are perfectly entitled to receive messages from God via dreams and visions. My faith states as a core belief… “We believe in the gift of tongues, prophecy, revelation, visions, healing, interpretation of tongues, and so forth.”

The key to this point is this…is the message from God (i.e. spiritual), or a sincere/honest desire of the person (i.e. emotional), or nefarious (i.e. commercial venture or lust for power)? And the only way to determine that is a process.

First- is the message clearly supported by scripture?

Second- is the message clearly supported by current authorized servants of God?

Third- is there a “right” to receive this message, are they authorized to receive the message?

Fourth- is this message and its delivery method free from commercial gain?

Fifth- is this message free of any shift of power, or God-given right, from yourself to another?

Any “no” is a huge Red Flag!

If all five answers are “yes” then the message is probably good. But, this is only a start to figuring out if the message is from God or not. A good question to follow-up the above five with (if you’ve received five yes answers)…”Why this person? What makes them so special for God to speak through them to me? Why didn’t God speak directly to me?”

If you have others saying that so and so is special, has a special path to God, sees visions/dreams, and then they testify that they are from God…Red Flag! You may be deceived into believing the person testifying vs. testing the validity of the message itself.

Yes, I am urging much caution in this area. There has been an alarming increase in the numbers of people being led astray by false prophets in the last 10 years. Please don’t be one of these that put your trust in someone, or your belief in someone, that is a false prophet.

Now, conversely…if you have someone teaching messages from scripture or if you have an authorized servant of God talking to you about things that are corroborated in scripture…you are probably on safe ground. But, be safe…kneel in prayer to God with an honest and sincere heart, asking if what you are hearing is true. God will not fail you when it comes to revealing truth. The Comforter will bear witness. Just make sure it is the Comforter and not your emotions.

Solutions Summary –

We are in the last days. We are experiencing wars and the probability of more wars grows almost daily. There are some very bad people in our world trying to do many bad things. The US government is no longer a government of, or for, the people. Financially we are on very unstable ground. Wicked forms of government are taking root and getting stronger. People’s hearts are failing them and becoming cold and hard. Calamities and chaos is all around us.

At the same time…there are some incredible people out there doing amazing things, selfless acts of kindness, pouring out mercy, and miracles occurring. We have some of the best and sweetest souls on earth that we have ever seen. Opportunities to prepare, help others, and gather useful information has never been greater.

Many people I talk with are experiencing nothing short of miracles in their lives. They are doing God’s work and spreading His word. People are leaving old ways and embracing God’s plan by the tens of thousands each moth, if not each week. Technology is allowing more people to hear God’s messages more than at any time in the history of the world.

We have more opportunities to help others, to be kind to others, to minister to others, and to be His children than can be imagined. We need but to seize those opportunities.

I ask of you a few simple things:

1 – Learn the principles of preparedness.

2 – Become prepared and ready to help you family, neighbors, and community.

3 – Grow closer to God.

4 – Grow closer to your family.

5 – Build a strong foundation of beliefs.

Remember a couple of things:

1 – It’s never the wrong time to do the right thing.

2 – The harder right is worth more than the easier wrong.


The storm is coming…sooner than many think. Please be prepared for all that is to come. You won’t regret it.


Note: I am not expert. I am just a guy sharing his opinions and views with you. I hope in some small way I’ve helped.


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