Robert Mueller…my, oh, my…

Okay…let’s get the foundation laid first. I began writing about the coup against President Trump 2-1/2 years ago…long before anyone else was using the term “coup”…but a coup it was and is.

You can read my SitReps for background if you wish:

So on to the matter at hand…his testimony yesterday. Oh boy!


So let me be brief in explaining my optional views…he was:

  • Feeble and disoriented or,
  • Extremely uninformed and stupid or,
  • Sly and cunning or,
  • A useful idiot.

Yes, potentially he could have been a combination of several of those options listed.

But let’s first remember who Mueller is:

  • Educated in extremely liberal universities.
  • Appointed to all his government positions by globalists and extreme liberals.
  • Former Director of the FBI. In 2001 he was appointed by President GW Bush (globalist & Ruling Class). President Obama (globalist & Marxist) retained Mueller as FBI Director.
  • Employed by a law firm deeply connected to the the Washington DC elites. That law firm is (WilmerHale) and is rated as the most liberal law firm out of the biggest top 20 law firms in the country.
  • He is a close personal friend of James Comey.
  • He was a prime player substantiating the claim of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. That later proved to be false. Although used as the sole reason to attack/invade Iraq killing hundreds of thousands and costing trillions of dollars.

So there are some interesting insights to who this character is. But let’s get to his appearance in the hearings yesterday.

First off, Mueller clearly appeared to be unprepared for questions he was asked. I won’t bore you with the details but he gave little new information, virtually nothing outside of what was in his report. However, it is interesting to note:

  1. He contradicted himself in his testimony vs the report. It could be called a lie. But, he did correct his testimony later in the day before he could be brought up on charges of perjury.
  2. He was completely unaware of Fusion GPS. That is the firm that was hired by Hillary Clinton and produced a completely fabricated story against Trump. And the fabrication was done by a foreign agent with ties to Russia. And that foreign agent admitted, under oath, to British authorities that the report was completely false. And that fabricated report was the entire basis of the investigation against Trump in the first place. Again, a couple other questions…Why wasn’t Mueller aware of the investigation’s very foundation? Why wasn’t Clinton investigated for her role in the Russian conspiracy?
  3. He claimed he was completely unaware of his primary staff’s rabid anti-Trump agenda when he hired them. Most notable was his lack of knowledge of FBI agent Peter Strzok and Strzok’s involvement in the coup against Trump along with a long list of other FBI personnel. While Mueller said he reassigned Strzok after he was made aware of it…that is now debatable based on facts of the timing. The main question…Why wasn’t Strzok then a target of Mueller’s investigation since Strzok was a primary advocate of the Fusion GPS report?
  4. He originally lied about his friendship with James Comey, stating he was only a professional associate. When additional information was provided by the questioner, Mueller admitted that Comey was a close friend.
  5. And here is a key point…it is not the role of a prosecutor to “exonerate” a suspect (i.e. the person being investigated). The prosecutor’s role is to bring charges, or not, based on evidence…period. Mueller used the report to lay out that failure to exonerate outside of the law…and strictly to fuel the coup.

So what is my opinion about Mueller…Based on his obvious background of his Ruling Class status, elitistism, and extremist liberalism:

  • He was put into the prosecutor position as part of the coup and for his dependability to support the Ruling Class and co-conspirators in the coup against Trump.
  • He hired the rabid anti-Trump investigation team knowing full well who they were and their participation in the coup.
  • He is playing a role of being old, feeble, disoriented, etc. to mask his role in the coup and to divert the spotlight away from himself. His cover story if you will.
  • He used the “can’t exonerate” term in the report and in his testimony knowing full well it was outside of the legal system to do so, and specifically to continue the propaganda war against Trump.
  • He is as dirty as they come…and typical of the DOJ and FBI.

So where are we now?

We are in the exact same place…a coup against President Trump is taking place. It started after he was elected in November 2016 and continues today. And I am telling you point blank, as clearly as I can, they are not done!

Be careful in what you see, hear, and believe. Be prepared.



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