SitRep – 3/16/2017

We are sinking!

We are sinking further in debt. We are sinking further into political chaos. We are sinking closer to civil war. We are watching a coup take place to over throw the President of the United States.
I have never been more pessimistic about the current state of affairs of our country as I am now. Even during the reign of the radical Marxist Obama we were never in such danger as a country. We are on the verge of losing our Constitutional Republic.

Sure, I could be optimistic, positive, and I could say things are great, we have a great President, the market is up, jobs are growing, people are happy, we are heading towards making America great again.

However, I would be both wrong and dishonest. America is in dire peril at this point. Politically we couldn’t be in more dangerous waters than we are now. President Trump is very close to being overthrown by a coalition of some of the most despicable, detestable, and dangerous people this country has ever known. And it is coming to a crisis point.

But let’s take it one step at a time…

Debt –

Government debt continues to increase, even under Trump. This year the US will acquire at least another half-trillion dollars of debt. This is not sustainable in any known universe. Then you add another 100 – 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities on top of the actual debt and there is no possible escape.

Public debt continues to increase. This is the total amount owed by all levels of government. That debt amount is well over 23-trillion dollars.

Household debt has now returned to 2008 pre-crash levels. Total household debt now sits well over 12.5-trillion dollars. That amount grew by half-trillion in 2016 alone.

Combine the government, public and household debt amounts and you have nearly 36-trillion dollars…$36,000,000,000,000.00 worth of debt out there in our economy!

No one…not a single person…can predict a positive outcome with that kind of a debt burden on a country’s economy.

Pension Funds –

California tri-plan pension funds, by themselves, are over a trillion dollars underfunded. That means it would take a one-time contribution of $90,000 per California household to bring it just to the break-even point. But, starting the next day the pensions would once again be underfunded due to employee and government contribution shortfalls.

A New York teamsters pension fund ran out of money last month.

Ten more teamster funds have applied for permission to reduce payments to retirees.

Hospital pension plan in New York has failed as of March 6th.

The Dallas police and firefighter pension fund that I began reporting on last year is done. They had record bulk withdrawals from retirees last year that had to be halted by court order. Then they went into negotiations to stabilize the fund. Those negotiations failed. As of last month…the fund is now insolvent.

Economic experts are calling the pension fund crisis a “tsunami” and that tsunami has started…the dominoes are falling. State and local government pension plans are underfunded by well over 5-trillion dollars. The top 25 corporate pension plan alone are underfunded by a quarter-billion dollars.

Exactly how do you think the “underfunded” amounts are going to be handled?

I’ll tell you…either the retirees will lose their benefits or taxpayers will pick up the tab. Either way the economy gets stuck with another multi-trillion dollar bill!

Add the 15 – 20-trillion dollars that pensions are underfunded to the previously mentioned debt problem of 36-trillion dollars. Now we are looking at an economy that has a $51,000,000,000,000 – $56,000,000,000,000 sinkhole waiting to crash it all in.

How in the world does anyone…and I mean anyone…see any way out of it? Well, any way out that can be close to defined as non-catastrophic?

Politics –

No SitRep would be complete without a discussion about politics. Let’s do an easy summary…President Trump is in big trouble. He is a terrible politician. He is losing. As I mentioned in my last SitRep he has a vast political coalition working against him.

To refresh your memory:

  • The man in charge of Democratic Congressional effort to overthrow President Trump is Chuck Schumer.

  • The man in charge of the Republican Congressional effort to overthrow President Trump is John McCain.


  • The man in charge of the civilian effort to overthrow President Trump is Barak Obama.


  • The main person coordinating the financing of the effort to overthrow President Trump is George Soros.


  • The people in charge of the secret police (FBI, CIA, and NSA) effort to overthrow President Trump is FBI Director James Comey and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.





But, notice my use of the term “overthrow”…that would indicate something other than simple politics. Something far more sinister…and it is.

Trump Wiretapped –

Over the weekend Trump made the accusation that he, along with the entire Trump Tower (meaning his staff), was wiretapped at the order of President Obama. Let’s face it…it is either true or not. It’s that simple.

If it is not true…then why would Trump make that accusation? If the secret police didn’t target him for wiretapping it will be discovered and then Trump will have lost all of his credibility. Would Trump want that? Would Trump’s enemies want that? If Trump was not wiretapped, why would Trump make that accusation?

But, is it true? How else would have the secret police been able to leak to the press all the Trump and staff phone conversation content that they have?

If it is true (which I believe it to be)…then we have a Constitutional crisis on our hands the likes we’ve never seen before. First of all let’s establish one thing right now…the FBI, NSA, and CIA illegally wiretap (eavesdrop) on American citizens all of the time. That fact has been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. The FBI has been a political arm of the government for decades. And that as well has been proven true beyond any shadow of a doubt. Many Presidents have used the FBI as a political operative tool. Obama used them to attack the Tea Party groups, Patriot groups, and pro-Consitutional groups in conjunction with the IRS. The FBI relished that opportunity and they have a long history of anti-American deep state work. The CIA and NSA are even worse.

There are already claims that “if” it is true it may have been done through the FISA court. Let’s clear this up right now…I have written extensively on the FISA court…it is 100% unconstitutional, illegal, and nothing more than a self-justifying tool used by the secret police agencies in the US (FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.). There is ZERO basis or allowance for a secret court system in the Constitution. Actually, it goes much further than that, the Constitution specifically disallows anything that even remotely resembles a FISA court system. It is the antithesis of everything that our Founding Fathers believed in. The FISA court system is a direct import from the darkest parts of the old Soviet Union and other totalitarian states.

Let me get back to my point…if it is true that Trump was wiretapped we have 100% proof, undeniable evidence that:

  1. Shadow government -deep state- exists.
  2. The secret police agencies (FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.) have all become totally corrupted and are working to install a totalitarian state.
  3. There is actually a coup to overthrow Trump and our Constitutional Republic.
  4. We are screwed.

Overthrowing Trump –

This isn’t simple politics we are talking about. We are talking a well-coordinated, well-funded overthrow of the President of the United States by the political class and ruling elites.

I have been warning specifically about this since last year. The left-wing radical extremists (democrats/liberals/progressives/RINOs) don’t want Trump because he is a successful capitalist. The Republicans don’t want Trump because he is not one of them…not part of their club. Libertarians (civil-society and purists) don’t want him because Trump advocates for some liberal/progressive polices and programs. Some true-believer conservatives don’t want him for the same reason on top of the fact that Trump is a big-spending advocate.

But, the largest and most dangerous group of people that don’t want Trump as President are those I refer to as “shadow government.” Others refer to the same group as the “deep state”. And the country’s secret police agencies (FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.) fall squarely into this category of shadow government. And remember, regardless of what you call them, they have only one goal – a totalitarian state where the federal government is in control of everything…including virtually every aspect of a person’s life.

The situation we have now is unlike any other we’ve ever had in the history of the US…a coalition of evil deeper than it has ever been. You have all the political groups mentioned above, multiple anarchist groups, and the shadow government all working with a common goal…to overthrow President Trump.

Remember also, you now have former CIA and NSA leaders coming out and openly disparaging the President and calling into question everything about him…including his suitability to be President. They are working this attack in coordination with the current secret police leadership.
However, and that is a very big however, the real problem is not the overthrow of Trump…it is what comes after him should he be overthrown. Never would our country be more vulnerable to a complete change, a transformation, than a power/leadership void, a vacuum, left by the ouster of Trump.

The Constitution clearly outlines that the President would be succeeded by the Vice-President. But, I question if that Constitutional process would actually be followed. Wouldn’t the country be the most vulnerable after the first true coup-based overthrow of a President?

Coup or not?

Yes, it is serious enough to use that term. I wrote about it in my last SitRep…there is an active coup against Trump taking place right now. Really?

The UK Express reports, including evidence, that senior Republicans are part of the coup against Trump.

Former AG Eric Holder admitted that there is a coup taking place against Trump and that Obama is one of its leaders.

Bryan Dean Wright, CIA intelligence officer, claims –with no qualification– that there is a coup taking place within the intelligence community against Trump.

John Schindler, CIA operative, states categorically that there is a coup taking place against Trump…and that he personally supports it.

Even Rush Limbaugh admitted late last week that a coup is taking place.

And yes, there is even more evidence that a coup is taking place, it is all over the media. My military contacts tell me that there is talk of it amongst some of the military commands as well. No, don’t worry about the military being a player in a coup. At least not at this point. The discussion taking place that I am referring to is how to prevent certain members of the military from taking part in the coup.

Is a Coup Possible and/or Probable –

Before I give you my final thoughts on the coup against Trump I want to talk about the possibility and probability of a coup occurring.

Possible means is something is able to be done, the power or capacity to make something happen.

Probable means the likelihood of something to occur.

In the context of possible and probable of a coup against Trump:

  • 100% possible that a coup is occurring against Trump.
  • 100% possible that a coup can be successful against Trump.
  • 100% probability that a coup is taking place against Trump.
  • 60% probability that a coup against Trump will be successful.
  • 35% probability that the coup against Trump will turn violent.

What Does This Mean To You & Me –

Once again…there is only a 35 – 60% probability that the anti-Trump coup taking place will directly affect you. But, if it does it could range from a mild disruption of services to an attempted implementation of martial law due to wide-spread violence. And that martial law implementation, in some areas, could be violent as well.

Once again…the #1 priority in any emergency, disaster, and especially in a grid-down is the ability to protect yourself, your family, and your community from violence. And that violence could come in the form of mobs, gangs, or an attempt at police state martial law. It is vital that you have the ability and wherewithal to provide sufficient defense to prevent harm coming to your family and/or community!

After the ability to protect against violence, comes anything and everything that you can do to be as independent of the “system” as possible.
Prepper Group
Understand this…to accomplish the above you must band together with other like-minded people. Failure to do so will result in the failure of you and your family to have a positive outcome to what has a high probability of falling at your feet.

Summary –

I hope you take me seriously. I have been laying out this case for quite a while now. We see it coming closer to fruition every day. We see the violence on the upswing. We see the politics getting uglier. We see the secret police becoming more involved. We see the coup leadership openly admitting their involvement. We see their plans being carried out every time we watch or listen to the media.


If you asked why I talked about the economy earlier in the SitRep here is the tie-in…the usefulness of a market and economic crash. The market and economy could be used as a tool to bring Trump down. It could also be used post-coup to implement wide-ranging transformation to the US…read that as implementation of a totalitarian state. What better motivation for citizens as a whole than a market/economic crisis of huge proportions to convince people that changes are needed? Sheep to the slaughter. People crying for law & order, pleading for safety and security. The weak populace accepting anything to meet those needs.

But no, you shouldn’t panic. PLEASE do not panic. Panic and fear will prevent you from making sound and rational decisions. Remember there is still a 40% probability that the coup will not be successful. And, an even greater possibility if it is was successful, it wouldn’t directly affect you immediately or violently.

I am asking you to do the following:

  1. Raise your Situational Awareness of what is happening and why.
  2. Think through multiple scenarios of what could happen to you, your family, and your community should the coup prove successful. Especially scenarios if it turns violent, whatever reason.
  3. Compare your preps to the scenario outcomes that you have developed.
  4. Work at –do something– to offset the negative impacts of those outcomes. In other words, reduce the probability and/or severity of those outcomes on your family and community.
  5. Pray!

This is not the time to lose your head. This is not the time to flee to your cave. This is not the time to scream “Doomsday!” to your family or neighbors. But, all evidence clearly points to the case that we are in the most perilous of times that our country has ever seen in modern history. Never have the forces of evil, pure evil, aligned themselves with each other to take down our Constitutional Republic.

Only individuals, at the individual level, can make any difference now. It is about the individual and the things they do…or don’t do…to prepare their family and community for what is coming.



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