Feedback & Comments: 3/20/2020 – 1

AH Trimble Feedback and CommentsThis is another new category of the website that I thought might be a good addition. Here I will post feedback and comments from website users that I feel has “value” for everyone…or at least some. And yes, I am the one to assess the “value” based purely on my opinion of the feedback/comment content. I hope I do a good job for you and give you a space where you are welcome to get out your message.

JL writes…

I believe your comments to the FAQ’s are all dead on! However, keep in mind, it is easy for the unprepared to become fooled and follow false leaders. When you have no basic understanding of mob mentality, you just become part of the mob. I believe those who are prepared, or who have lived their lives in a constant state of preparing, are less likely to be lured into panic buying or to be swayed with false promises and bad information. When Ye are Prepared, Ye shall not Fear! Lack of knowledge, when combined with lack of supplies, can only add fuel to fear and panic.

Thank you for sharing, hopefully some in the “tribe”, will find value in the comments I made.

On a side note, I stopped by our local Costco, Big Lots Store, and Walmart, just to observe things. I believe there is less panic shopping going on here. Shelves are still bare of long team dried foods, TP and sanitizer, but there is milk, eggs, butter, meat products in the meat cases and some bottled water on the shelves. I think things in this area are improving from what I saw just a few days ago, as shelves where nearly bare of these essential fresh food items.

I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of small business failures. I see the same concerns expressed by my small business friends in this area. They are not prepared to keep their doors open, feeding overhead costs out of their own pocket, while sales are in the tank. Consumers are nervous, holding on to their cash, for fear they may be out of work themselves. There is much uncertainty, due to the quarantines and shelter-in-place recommendations being bandied about.

Oh, we live in interesting times!
Stay positive, stay strong, this too will pass!


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