Hoax Alert: Tanks Being Moved to be Used for Martial Law

Hoax AlertArticle Headline – Tanks Being Moved to be Used for Martial Law

This is a hoax that shows up every few years in one form or another…and has shown up again lately in regards to COVID-19. And the scare is that the tanks that are seen on railroad cars are being positioned in preparation of martial law. Ah, no they are not.

Army units conduct training on a regular basis throughout the year. National Guard units conduct training once a year. When that training takes place many units take their tanks with them for requalification’s, etc. Also, some tank units get assigned to new bases and their tanks go with them.Further, tanks periodically go for refitting, heavy maintenance, rebuilding, and scrapping. These are just part of many reasons why tanks are seen on railroad cars and/or over-the-road trucks.

So no, the US Army is not prepositioning tanks for a planned implementation of Martial Law.

One additional fraud test: Do you honestly think that an order for the Army to prepare for martial law could be kept super-secret quiet…or do you this it would become common knowledge in about 30 – 45 seconds?



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