Interesting Events in US History – Part #7 (1990-2000)


1990 Democrat controlled Congress enacts National Affordable Housing Act of 1990 forcing states and communities to provide more housing in line with the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act. No asset, income or creditworthiness is required.
1990 Para-military SWAT teams are now conducting approximately 40,000 raids per year. SWAT-1990Forty times what they originally conducted since their beginning. Police departments are now using SWAT teams, the vast majority of their activity, for serving common warrants, a purpose that SWAT teams were never intended for. Shootings and killing by SWAT teams begin to skyrocket. Many of those shot and killed are unarmed.
1991 A large group of LAPD police officers savagely beat an unarmed Rodney King nearly LAPD beat Rodney Kingto death.  The violent attack was caught on tape and showed that King was not resisting but was brutally beaten by the police with night sticks and metal batons as well as repeatedly kicked. The police attack was caught on tape and viewed around the world sparking outrage at the police brutality. Riots ensued and over 50 people were killed and another 2000+ injured during those civil disturbances. The Rodney King attack was the first video evidence of the “comply or die” tactics of police in the United States.
1991 Presiden H W BushRepublican President George H.W. Bush, Progressive and globalist, orders the invasion of Kuwait.
1992 remember Ruby Ridge massacreMembers of the Randy Weaver family are killed by a government agency sniper team for not submitting to ATF/DOJ/FBI blackmail demands.
1992 Agenda 21 is developed by the UN Conference on Environment and Development. Agenda 21 is a radical environmental program designed to virtually eliminate private property rights.
1993 Muslims attack the World Trade Center with a large vehicle bomb while Democrat Bill Clinton, Progressive and globalist, was President
1993 Members of a religious organization (Branch Davidians) are attacked by a BATF ATF FBI Waco Massacre of religeous groupassault team attempting to execute a search warrant.   Four BATF agents are killed and six Davidians are killed in the ensuing gun battle. A 51-day siege of the group trapped in their homes by the FBI resulted in 78 men, women and children being burned alive when federal agents under the direction of the FBI set the compound on fire with an armored vehicle. The original charges that initiated the warrant proved to be without any legal merit whatsoever. The local county Sheriff revealed he had tried to stop the FBI and BATF by bringing the Davidian leader into his office for questioning. But the FBI and BATF refused his offer preferring to attack the compound. FBIATF KillersThis is the same ATF & FBI whose sniper team and agents killed a man’s wife and child for not submitting to ATF/DOJ/FBI blackmail attempts just years earlier.
1993 Democrat controlled Congress passes the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act further eroding 2nd Amendment gun rights of citizens. Shipping, transporting processing and commerce regarding guns are all further restricted.   The most damning part of the new law is the FBI tracking of gun purchase applications and maintaining those records through the NICS by the FBI.
1994 Democrat controlled Congress passes the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act which outlawed many types of rifles and magazines.
1995 National Security Agency is granted “backdoor access” to Windows 95. Microsoft claims that the NSA threatened them inordered to gain that access. The NSA now completely circumvents the Constitution even further as a secret domestic spy organization.
1995 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Muslims explode a car bomb at U.S. military headquarters, killing 5 U.S. military servicemen.
1997 A Palestinian Muslim leaves an anti-Jewish suicide note behind and travels to the top of the Empire State building where he shoots seven people in a Fedayeen attack, 1 dies, 5 are seriously wounded.
1998 The ultra-liberal anti-2nd Amendment group, Center to Prevent Youth Violence, is formed and advocates strong anti-gun legislation through the messaging of children.
1998 Under the direction of Democrat President Clinton, well-known Progressive and globalist, Office of Tailored Access Operations (TAO) begins operations; TAO is a group within the United States’ National Security Agency. They “hack” into official government computer systems of all foreign government around the world. The TAO is seen as yet another example of the NSA operating completely outside of the law and the Constitution. No branch of government objects to this new group.
1999 FBI report is released on Project Megiddo.   In the report the FBI identified individuals that posed a threat to law enforcement via “extremist criminal activity”. This is the first public exposure of the FBI’s focusing on criminalizing many conservative aspects of normal US citizens. The identifiers listed in the FBI report were FBI Project Megiddothose US citizens who were:

  • Y2K believers,
  • Apocalypse believers,
  • New World Order believers,
  • Anyone storing food,
  • Anyone acquiring weapons,
  • Biblical driven, or conservative religious groups.

The same FBI who a decade later labeled the same folks referenced above as potential “domestic terrorists.”

2000 Aden, Yemen: U.S. Navy destroyer USS Cole heavily damaged when a small boat piloted by Muslims, loaded with explosives, blew up alongside it. 17 United States sailors killed. They are linked to Osama bin Laden, or members of al-Qaeda terrorist network.

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