Something to think about…Mark Cuban, and other changes

Mark Cuban and other changes…

In case you don’t know Mark Cuban…well, he is rich…very, very rich. He is a multi-billionaire and he owns the Dallas Mavericks basketball team. He is also a reality TV star, appearing on Shark Tank, encouraging, advising, and investing in start-up businesses. He owns many online media outlets, including many blog hosting companies, and a major movie distribution company. He is second-generation American.

While he has been influenced by Ayn Rand and espouses many libertarian ideals, he has endorsed and voted primarily Democrat in the recent past. Which appears to me to be  contradictory. However, I found him personally quite engaging, charismatic, and straight talking. But, something always seemed a little off to me, but I was never sure exactly what. Perhaps it was his coyness about presidential aspirations.

On 4/6/20 I quoted him in my SitRep. I have admired Cuban’s business acumen and he has always been pretty dead-on with his insight on the state of business affairs and trends. When asked what will change in the world due to COVID-19 he responded simply, “Everything!” And that rattled me a little bit. I personally thought we were seeing a major historical shift in the US, if not the world, but to hear it in such stark terms hit home.

On April 27th an article came out where Cuban was interviewed and he made it clear he was considering a presidential run this year. And here is where his words disturb me…he started espousing “big government” programs, huge increase in the federal minimum wage, and massive government jobs programs. He quoted socialist/Communist/Progressive principles of bottom-up economic principles and basically called for massive government intervention in the economy…through injections of trillions of dollars and draconian federal policies.

And here is the most glaring and disturbing statement he made, “There’s going to be a completely new dynamic…”

Why does all of this warrant a “Something to think about…” post?

First, he is savvy and has his finger on the pulse of business and the American public. Second, he is intelligent. Third, he is right about “everything” is going to change and there will be a “completely new dynamic” in the USA. Fourth, he is very charismatic and well-spoken. Fifth, he could run for President (obviously as a Democrat) and beat Trump handily. Lastly, and most importantly, his apparent complete abandonment of anything and everything Libertarian and rejection of principles advocated by Ayn Rand. IMO…he has become just another big-government advocate…but a very rich one…and a very influential one…one who could become President.

I’ve written extensively since COVID-19 outbreak and how it is revealing the true nature of people…in a very negative way. Well, this is another example, a high-profile example…one that could change the course of America.

Please be very observant of the changes going on around you…especially in people. Many people are turning out to be the exact opposite of who they seemed to be, who they appeared to be, who they sounded like, and most importantly…who they really were inside. I have said outright that many so-called; patriots, Conservatives, and Christians have proven they are not. They’ve proven it through their words and actions…proven it during this COVID-19 outbreak/panic.

Be careful folks…keep your Situational Awareness set on “high” and reevaluate who you can really trust and who you might want to be more suspicious of. And it will get worse…”everything!”

It may be helpful to learn more about personalities pre/post disasters/grid-down scenarios by reading my series Personalities – Pre/Post Disaster: Part 1 – Who are they?



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