TIP: Performix Liquid Tape

note: originally published in 2015Performix Liquid Tape - Electrical

There are times in life that really cool stuff comes along…like Duct Tape. Performix Liquid Tape is one of those times and products.

As you know I do a decent amount of electronic and electrical fabrication. That is a fancy way to say I “tinker” a lot. I have learned that you really want to keep electrical and electronic parts separated.

Sparks and the smell of burning wiring is not a good thing!

I like electric shrink wrap a lot but that is not always feasible. And there are times when you want more sealant capability, especially for cracks and odd shapes. Liquid tape really comes in very handy for those times and so much more.

This stuff is “gooey” and can be forced into cracks and crevices to form watertight barriers and act like electrical tape preventing contact between electrical components. AntennaFix2

One example is the antenna waterproofing project published on 8/17/2020 “ExpertPower XP-771 Elite for the Baofeng UV-5R radio.”

Let your imagination run wild on what you can do with this product.!






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