Crotchety old man…

You know what really made me happy and gave me a lot of satisfaction? Over the last couple of weeks a few things I did for some folks:

  • Took care of a neighbor’s farm and animals so his family could go camping for a few days.
  • Repaired a switch on a friends ATV without him knowing it.
  • Spent a few hours working on our community’s dirt roads with my tractor.
  • Cooked 6 meals for a family in need.
  • Built a parking area, complete with a culvert, on a neighbor’s 4a so they could have their family up for the weekend…and start building a shop in preparation for them building a “get-away” cabin.
  • Baked 4 loaves of bread for neighbors just for the heck of it.
  • Helped a friend move his family to a new home.
  • Helped a neighbor put up drywall in his bathroom to restart his stalled house remodeling project.
  • Graded around a neighbor’s house because he couldn’t afford to have a company come in and do it.

And the list goes on and on. And I loved every minute of it and look forward to doing more !

When I retired I made a deal with God…I would thank Him, and worship Him, by helping others. And it is amazingly satisfying…I feel like I am really helping others and having a positive impact in their lives. In other words…being both useful and helpful through serving others.

Now…a reality check!!

An example in contrast: I spent about 20 hours on the three-part series SitRep – 08/29/20, researching, writing, finding & adding graphics, editing, etc. As a result of that effort…123 people read Part #1, 104 people read Part #2, and only 77 people read Part #3. Yeah, that really, really sucks! To make it even worse…just three people “liked” Part #1, two people “liked” Part #2, same for Part #3. And one person made a comment…yup, just one. That’s pathetic…really, really sad!!!

And don’t be insulted…the pathetic, sad, sucks, etc. applies to what I am doing, what I wrote…not anything to do with what ya’ll are doing. It is just pretty obvious that the article simply missed the point for what folks are looking for. In other words…I am not meeting a “need” with my assessments, suggestions, writing, etc.

I looked at the number of “followers” I have…pretty dang low for the Internet, pretty low for “prepper” websites as well. And I’ve only gained a couple new followers in the last couple of weeks. Pitiful by Internet standards !

Well, I am not going to drag this out…I’ve come to several conclusions:

  1. I don’t think there are more than a handful of folks who find any value in my knowledge, experience, writing style, my vision/version of “prepping”, or my guidance in emergency preparedness.
  2. I am not making much, if any, impact on people being prepared for emergencies, disasters, or grid-down events.
  3. My time spent on writing articles is virtually wasted when compared to alternative uses of my time in helping others.

So folks…four “Tip” articles came out this morning that I already had ready to go and scheduled, so I just bumped them up to come out this morning. Those will be my last articles unless something drastically changes or I see some special need in the future. Well, actually…there will be a posting on 9/11. That has been a very special day to me and this year was a turning point for me and that experience 19 years ago. I will be updating the Table of Contents at some point in the coming days, weeks, or months as time permits. And then the website will sit out there as a dusty old book sitting on a shelf for anyone who stumbles upon it.

Take care folks…I hope and pray we all manage to get through what is coming…you will be in my prayers.

Here is the follow-up article written a week later after all the comments to this article. <click here to read the follow-up>

38 thoughts on “Crotchety old man…

  1. Hey N.G.,

    Well, well, well………first off, you win! You are the first person that I remember that posted a reply to a reply of mine. That is unique. Normally when I reply there is no response/comment to my reply. So you win!!

    “…you are flatass dead wrong…” I’m sorry…I am not sure what you mean, you seemed to have minced words and held back how you really feel 😉

    Next, you are more than welcome. After have read the comments, especially yours, I started to see things a little more clearly and less self-centeredly. I give because I am driven to. The satisfaction is self-satisfaction that maybe I helped someone, somewhere, somehow…even if it was just a little.

    Lastly, the book…a lot of it is already written. The rest of it rolls around in my head quite a bit. And actually…there is another book that is already forming in my head…for over 2-1/2 years now that is the sequel to Escape from Home. Yeah, go figure. But you’ve given me food for thought. Thank you, AH


  2. If you save but one soul how great shall be your joy…. Whether you save one temporally, spiritually or both you have brought a great wealth of information, knowledge, experience and wisdom to those of us who are learning to be prepared. I have followed you from the beginning and patiently waited for your return when you need to take a break. We have all learned much. Your reviews and sit-reps are unmatched. I hope you continue as you feel impressed to do from time to time.

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    • Man, oh man! No pressure there, eh?
      Ok, seriously…thank you for your extremely kind and generous compliments.
      The comments have been almost overwhelming to me with kindness and support.
      I feel honored…and humbled.
      And you are right…I wasn’t thinking that if just “one”…


  3. If you save but one how great shall be your joy. Whether temporally or spiritually, you have brought to light a tremendous amount of information and wisdom. I know that there are many more people that read and absorb your knowledge. Thank you! Please keep it coming as you are impressed to do.

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  4. Dear AH,

    Yes, I have read your Sit-Rep, in fact I have read all of them since I found your site a bit more than two years ago. I find that I like your in-depth research and your conclusions and agree with them.

    But I read and ponder how they could or should affect me in my situation. I expect every reader of your writings ponders them then tries to fit them into the reality of their own situations. This takes me a bit of time. I know I should go back and re-read them, but time passes and my reality presses in and I don’t go back. Have your writings changed me? I suppose they have given me more reasons to back up my own thoughts and have led me to a better level of understanding. Some things you write are new to me and modify my thinking a bit, and other things simply don’t matter right then but I know I can come back should my situation change and the article becomes salient.

    Personally, I believe you see some situations developing in the nation and world and you begin to have some thoughts and ideas about them, so you start researching to support or modify your thoughts, then, because you believe that if you cannot explain them clearly, you don’t really understand them yourself, you write them as succinctly as you can. The fact that you have a following on your web site might push you to research a bit deeper and write more clearly, but they are but a small nudge, the bigger reason you do this is to more clearly understand where you stand on the issues yourself.

    Your interests differ from mine, but I find your interests interesting, which is why I read them. Most of your content is about being prepared, as in ‘one is none, two is one, and three is a good start’. Seeing that my kids have little interest in these things, and desire me to not push your writings on them, I want to gather ideas and writings that would give them direction when the disaster actually hits, and of necessity, they seek after proven and well thought out guidance.

    You won’t stop writing. Writing is in you, and you know when you have something to say, you will say it, and readers of your site will be there to read it, even if their numbers be small.

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    • Your comments really touched me deeply. Thank you so much. It is kind folks like you that will carry the day in the very near future. Prepared, tough when needed, and sensitive to the spirit…that is a good combination to have.
      You gave me pause to think…are my expectations unrealistic…or do I have the wrong expectations.
      Thank you…points to ponder today.


  5. Ironic because I read each of the three segments twice through, and just this week in a conversation with a trusted friend I referred him to A.H. Trimble as the most trusted source of information for me. I for one appreciate your insite and hard work.

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    • “Twice”????? Man, am I that hard to understand? OK, just joking!
      Thank you for trusting me. I have worked very, very hard to be a contributor to the solution and not just a screaming voice that’s part of the problem.
      And thank you for expressing your appreciation…I needed that this morning.


  6. Your blog is the only one that I have signed up for, meaning that I value your experience and insights. Every day I have checked my e-mail to see if there was something new from you. Have not posted comments, and I am sorry, that is my deficiency not yours. You have not only helped your neighbors but have also helped this net community and for that I thank you.

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    • Wow! How can I thank you enough for all the kind compliments and insight?
      And you see…it is my mission to serve others the best I can. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail at it. But I have to go where the Lord wants me, and do what He wants me to do.
      Thank you again, AH


  7. This my first attempt at a comment. I can never get into the WordPress site to like or comment. Let’s see if this one will post 🙂 I was working hard on my garden the past couple of days and haven’t had time to read but you are the only prepper I follow and I will be sad if you no longer update the blog. If fact as I was walking through my garden picking beets and squash I thought about you and your SitReps. And I will get to the articles soon.
    I had major surgery this summer and was in bed for a couple of months. I read almost every article on the site. I’d love to have a 77 club (it will have to be 78 because I wasn’t in your 77 statistics). Often, I have a question or two that I would LOVE to get your opinion on it.
    I understand how long it takes to get those articles ready! And I’ve often thought about the service you are doing preparing them. Thank you again for all you have done and do.

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    • I would say that your first attempt was pretty dang good!
      Glad top hear you were out in the garden…lot’s to do this time of year. I hope things went well AND you learned more of what you need to when it comes time to garden for food production…during a grid down.
      In bed for a couple of “months”???? Now that is rough! I hope you fully recovered.
      So ask your questions…I will see what I can do. I will help out if at all possible.
      You “thank you” was very kind and generous…and I appreciate it a whole lot 🙂


  8. A. H.

    I am writing to tell you how much I enjoy your articles and I hope you don’t stop writing. You are one of the few blogs I have that go to my inbox. I didn’t read today because I took to heart your alert and I spent the day harvesting my garden and preserving it. I will miss you if you go silent. Please don’t. Kind Regards, JAB

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    • Glad to hear I go to your inbox…and glad it ain’t crowded 😉
      I am so grateful to hear you were in your garden. The time isn’t far off that those gardening skills will keep food on your table.
      Me…silent?????? Hardly 😉 I just can’t keep my mouth shut.


  9. Although I read all 3 of your recent Sit-Reps, I am kicking myself now for not leaving a comment. I find your views refreshing. You do not jump on the one party bandwagon and regurgitate talking points. I can tell you that your blog entries will be greatly missed! Good luck my friend. I can only hope that you will reconsider.

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    • No party bandwagon for me!!! I take to heart all the warnings our Founding Fathers gave us about political parties. It took me a lot of years to figure out “principles vs politics”. But it is a good place to be in. You saw a great example from a comment earlier when you post from a political position vs a principle position…it was ugly. Think for yourself…think independently…think according to correct principles. If you do you won’t go wrong…ever!

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    • Thank you for understanding. And thank you for letting me know that there are folks who appreciate my posts. When I sometimes only have 100 people, sometimes less, come to the site I begin to wonder what’s the point of all the effort. Nice to hear your kind words.


  10. Just an added thought. This may be a bit selfish but if you look at the sites where there are many followers, the comment section is dominated by idiots.I like the fact that most just read. Many of those idiots just make me want to reach through the screen and slap some sense into them.

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    • “…dominated by idiots.” Oh come on…tell us how you really feel!
      “…reach through the screen and slap some sense into them,”
      You made me laugh this morning. Thank you!
      And for the record…I agree,
      AND…I think that many, probably most, of the folks who visit here are ahead of the curve when it comes to emergency preparedness. And that is why I would have love to see way more interaction, questions, suggestions, thoughts, and conversation with them…for all our benefit.

      And you might want to try some anger management classes…just a thought. Or at least reinforce your monitor with military grade screen protector 😉


  11. I’m one of the 77 and also guilty of not sending a comment. I know you’re not going away but anything you post will be limited. You’re missed on the other site, I know you are there just not posting. I understand why. That is also the reason I don’t post as much and even took a break from there for quite a while. I figure that when something that can’t be ignored happens or is imminent, we’ll hear from you again.

    One thing you should know is that an ex family member of yours does share your posts with a small group we have in our area. I feel blessed to be a part of that group since I’m the only non LDS member there. They do like reading your

    I always like your take on things. There are times when your take on things includes something I had not considered. We don’t always agree but if we did, i’d probably be scared.

    Just know that there are at least a handful of people out here that benefit from your insight.

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    • I think I go to the other site maybe once every 3 weeks or so. I’ve limited it severely. There are some real problems there,
      Yeah, if some current event/incident pops up or I come across something unique I will post it…at least in a condensed version.
      Hey, hey…she is NOT an ex-family member…she just changed roles with me 😉 She and I talk regularly…she is a great person and a great friend. She and my wife are good friends. Hey don’t worry a second about the LDS thing. You’re a Christian and that is what matters. Some LDS folks aren’t (or don’t act like) Christians so that evens the scale 🙂
      Thank you for your kind post and encouragement. Times are tough…and will get tougher…hang in there Brother!


  12. AH, the reason most people don’t like or respond I believe is because they have to log into WordPress and remember their username and password. At least that’s my excuse… But I think you and I are at the same point. I am spending all my spare time helping others and preparing to get out of Dodge when the time comes. I’m so glad that you’re finding opportunities that give you satisfaction. I can actually picture you out there on your tractor grading the roads and helping other people. You’re a great guy!


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    • Hey…you probably have seen me on a tractor more than anyone! You know I don’t call it work…I call it “therapy”!
      Yeah, I understand the “login” thing…it can be a pain. But it isn’t just that…it is the number of folks reading posts that take me hours and hours to prepare. Kinda like a cost vs benefit thing…it’s tough to justify all that time.
      Glad to hear you are also finding ways to serve…right now that is what the Lord wants and the people need.
      Hang in there Sister!


  13. I read them and had to filter your opinions. You have a background that gives you credibility so I factor that in when evaluating what I think you’re trying to convey. You definitely have a soapbox and you use it frequently.

    I, too, am super busy on my remote location. So when I get your emails, I never know if it is filled with useful information, vacuous memes, or a rerun from another time when I was a subscriber.

    We still don’t mesh in our politics but I still respect your right to that opinion and find your rationale interesting.

    I appreciate your efforts as it must give you some satisfaction. If hitting a “like” button gives you validation, I will do that.


    • Wow…what an interesting, albeit ugly, comment. Some would call it a left-handed compliment…but it was easy to see what you were getting at.
      I don’t give a damn about your politics…and that is the problem…people still thinking in terms of “politics” vs “principles”. So I consider you part of the problem NOT part of the solution.
      “vacuous”?????? Seriously! You had to use a $2 word to convey a 2cent insult?
      And I also don’t give a damn about “validation” from you or anyone else other than my wife.
      And please do me a favor…do not return to the site and remove yourself from the subscriber (a.k.a. “follower”) list.

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  14. So, like others comments above, I’ve not pushed any buttons or responded to your articles. But I had a visceral response when I read you were taking down your shingle. Your site has been the only one worth reading/prepping from. Yes, most of my preps are complete; but you seem to know what I’m missing and publish a timely post. I would love it if you changed your mind, but I also understand if you choose not to. Thank you for all you’ve done.

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    • Thank you for your kind words and generous comments. Just to be clear…I am not taking down my shingle. The website will still be here but I don’t see myself spending time publishing new articles. There just doesn’t seem to be the demand for the effort that each takes.
      And you are most welcome! Glad I could be of some help…large or small. AH


  15. I’m sorry to hear that you are shutting her down. I have just recently shared your site with like minded family and friends who have finally realized things aren’t what they seem to be. Your depth of knowledge and thorough teaching of practical application is invaluable. I have also enjoyed and benefited greatly from your various product
    evaluations saving time and money by avoiding items that didn’t make the cut
    Hopefully after a few days you will reconsider and continue the great work you are doing. There are many who truly appreciate your service and many more who could should you decide to continue
    In any event I wish you and your family well and God bless

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    • OK, let me clear this up…I am not closing the website down. All of the content will be here, available to anyone who needs it.
      Now that is out of the way…thank you for your very nice “thank you” 😉
      I am glad you have benefited..that is the whole reason for the site. I wanted folks to find value here, avoid mistakes, learn whatever they could, and be better prepared. And most of all not to fear what is coming. Being prepared with material goods and training is one thing, being mentally and spiritually prepared is something else. I hope you got a little of that too through the website.
      And most of all…thank you for the “God bless”…that means a lot to me…and His blessing(s) will be needed in the time soon to come as well as now.
      Don’t worry about the website…those who you shared it with will still find material here…especially if they use the Table of Contents. I hope they benefit as well. Take care and Gold bless as well. AH


  16. Good idea AH.
    You know life is full of chapters, this work is just one of them. Some how I doubt this site will end. Just Like you have started a new life’s chapter so will your work here on your site change, give it some time. God will lead us, if we are smart we will obey.
    Be careful as our good nature can and often will be taken advantage of. You’ll know.
    I’ll shoot you an email .
    “Thanks for the memories”


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    • Bingo!!! The site will not end…it will still be here with all of its content. And as I said…if I see something that needs drastic attention I will post again. I look forward to your emails…you’re a good man. AH


  17. For what it’s worth, I am one of the 77 that read all 3 of your sitreps, but I didn’t make a comment, and I should have. I did however, send a link to all three of them to a couple of friends that would benefit from them. Whether they read them or not, I’m not sure.

    Like you, I am somewhat frustrated with the people that should be paying attention. When I moved from Utah to Oregon a year ago, I was called to be the ward preparedness coordinator in my new ward. I had held that calling in my old ward and felt that I had done a pretty good job. I had an email list of over 175 email addresses that I sent out information too on a weekly to monthly basis. I had found that those that got my emails thought that reading them was all it took to be prepared. As long as they didn’t have to actually do anything, they were happy.

    When I was called in my new ward, I tried to start another email list, and spent the first couple of months just trying to get email addressed. I could have gotten them from the church’s tools app, but that isn’t how that app is supposed to be used. I won’t do that. I figure if someone is interested, they’ll give me their address.

    I made it as easy as possible for them to let me know to add their name, and I worked hard at encouraging them to do it. After 2 months work I had a grand total of 12 addresses, and that didn’t even include the Bishops address.

    I also helped start a preparedness facebook page for the ward. I got a few more people to sign up for that, but there are just some things you don’t want to put on facebook. I had to actually join facebook to do that, but some things just have to be done, like it or not.

    I’ve finally come to the conclusion that those that are going to be prepared, are already prepared, and the rest don’t want to be bothered.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, Don’t give up on us 77 people. I do read everything you post, and i’ll try and add a comment if that is what you need to know I’m paying attention. I am paying attention and your time and effort is not wasted. rf


    • Hey, I like that!!! I could have started the “77 Club” for serious, deep-meaning content. Make is a special, exclusive group of website visitors 🙂

      I am sorry to hear about your frustration…it is not fun! But, all you can do is all you can do. And it sounds as if you made a great effort. Maybe you touched that one or two people that needed to get prepared. You were doing the Lord’s work so it has value, great value, since it was for Him. Thank you for your service to others.

      You were so kind and generous in your closing comment…thank you so much. I haven’t given up on anyone…all the content will still be here. And since you were so sincere…if there is one topic/subject you would like info on then let me know and I will work on something for you.

      Maybe we should take the “77” and create some “forum” where all of us could post and we could talk more like a group conversation.

      In any event…hang in there and have faith…and most of all…don’t fear!!


  18. The loss of will be a damn shame.
    In the prepper community, well, as the Bond song says . . . NOBODY Does It Better!!!
    I’m sorry to admit that it never has occurred to me that those little rectangles at the bottom of the post could be tapped to indicate something such as ‘like’. My bad!
    I confess that being about to turn 80, I really resist doing anything on line.
    There is only one other such site that I think is worthwhile, and that site seems dormant for nearly a year now.
    Another site, much bigger; seems more about self promotion and selling stuff.
    I’ve only replied a time or two, but I’ve learned so much from you.
    Things that I have a archived for my kids, who are 50 years junior and would play hell trying to figure out on their own.
    I mean even the boy scout handbook in its current edition is basically worthless. Not as informative as even a cub scout handbook from the ’50s, much less a boy scouts’ handbook.
    Thank-you for all the time and effort that you have invested in . . . You will be sorely missed.

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    • Hey come on now! will not be “lost”…it will still be here for all to read and reference. And your compliment dang near brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for that…I tired hard to produce material that would be useful and valuable.
      It was heart-warming to hear you are looking out for your kids…they will need your help, your wisdom, and your love. Thank you for being such a family man.
      Hang in there Brother!!!


      • re: Conclusions . . .

        Dear ahTrimble,

        I think only you can comment on your conclusion #3; but as to #’so 1 & 2, as you can see in the above replies and comments; you are flatass dead wrong. You have created a Black Hole in the wasteland of the known universe named The Internet a.k.a. The web.
        Once more, thank you so much for all the hours of your life, given so generously to us.

        P.S. Lest we never let you forget . . . Escape from Home — Day 88 and onwards. If not here; how about the entire saga in a yet to-be-published by you 3rd book?


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