OK, let’s talk…

It’s been a full week since I posted “Crotchety old man…” and my ears are burning. For those of you under 50 that is a saying that goes something like “people have been talking about me” if I remember right. But, you get my point if you read the comments to that crotchety post.

I had no idea that post would garner so much attention, and so many comments. It is the most commented on post on the entire website by an order of magnitude. And it is one of the most viewed pages…even got two views this morning so far.  As for the comments…I’ve read them multiple times to make sure I was hearing what each person had to say. I also responded to each and every comment…even the freak show comment from an even more crotchety old person…and I mean really crotchety. And, I will ignore their comment in the rest of this post.

So let me start off by saying…I had no idea I would get the kind of comments that I did from that post. The comments were quite honestly overwhelming in kindness, support, understanding, and encouragement. I have to get personal here…I was seriously touched and humbled.

Each comment meant something special to me. There were a couple who made observations of me that were eerily too close to truth. I had no idea I exposed myself that much, or maybe they are just very observant, or listen to the spirit really well. And then there was one that reminded me that if my site and my efforts never did anything else but what he referred to…it was all worth it. You see, just a couple years ago he wrote to me and explained he had found Christ, gained a testimony, joined the church, his wife joined the church, they are active in callings at church, and (for you LDS folks) they were sealed in the temple. If there was ever a reason to do something…that is it…help someone come unto Christ.

So you guys get the idea…ya’ll touched me…and I mean really made an impact on my outlook on this website and my time and efforts. It quite honestly surprised me.

So here is what I want to talk about…

  1. The site won’t go dark or go off-line.
  2. I will continue to write.
  3. I will get a plan together to resurrect Escape from Home and get that book back on track.

However, I can’t make any promises on how much writing I will do or how often I will post. I will let the spirit move me, I will let current events dictate, and I will simply do the best I can given my circumstances.

Why the change of heart? Well, I already explained some of it. But, I will be open with you…a series of personal setbacks took place that impacted my outlook. I’ve developed a serious debilitating problem with my right arm. That is my shooting hand/arm and the arm I rely on for my strength. Five years ago I tore up my left shoulder so that arm has its limitations…my right arm is essential to me. I will know more when the test results get back. My feet have taken a turn for the worst and there are days when the pain is really bad just to walk. But, worst of all…my UTV broke! Yeah, I have a 14 year old UTV that is a workhorse around the place. Literally, I use it every day for work, it’s not a pleasure/fun UTV to go joy riding. I haul dirt and rock, firewood, tools, water, etc. and I mean it…I use it every single day at the place for work. Well, it broke. And UTVs do break, especially when they are used as work vehicles. No big deal…I’ll just fix it. I identified the broken part…a mid-prop shaft (imagine two universal joints yoked together). I looked up the part in my Polaris shop manual, called the local dealer with my debit card in hand, and ordered the part. Well, almost. The parts guy told me the news you don’t want to hear…”Sorry sir, they don’t make that part anymore, it’s no longer available.” Yeah, and 5 days of phone calls later trying to find a new one, or even a used, one at a junk yard had proven entirely unsuccessful. Today I meet with a machine shop to see if they can make me a new part. The day I wrote “crotchety” was the day after the unsuccessful search for a replacement part. And the realization that I don’t have $6,000 that it would take to replace that workhorse machine with an equivalent machine. And to top it all off…my wife has a family reunion in early October (yeah, 3 weeks away). Big deal? Well, normally no. But, she’s invited them here to see the new house and what we’ve done with the 40 acres. Am I anywhere near ready for her showing the place off? Ah, no…and the pressure mounts.

But, all of this is called life…and pales in comparison to what I know some of you are going through. How do I know that? Because I know some of ya’ll personally and I know there are much worse circumstances out there for some of you.

Now, what I want to do is hear from you guys. I am posting a form below and I am going to ask you two questions:

  1. What types/kinds of articles would you like to see me concentrate on?
  2. What types/kinds of articles would you like to see me not write?

The answers will help me immensely as I try to figure out where my time is best spent.

Also, I am asking for names and email addresses on the form. First, don’t worry, I am not going to abuse that information or sell it or anything of the sort. I have something cooking in my head and having that information to connect with you would be important.

The last “comment” on the form is for any personal message, good or bad, you wish to share with me.

Again, thank you for the incredible comments, thoughts, feelings, compliments, and encouragements that you shared with me. They meant something to me, they meant a lot.


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