FAQ – 1/12/2021

  • I’m worried, what happens next?

I am working on that one…big time! I’ve already outlined for months, actually years, what would happen…and it has happened. But, there are some things taking place right now, plans being made, that would rock you to your very core. Not that they would surprise you, but the speed and viciousness at which they will go forward is unreal…something out of an “end-of-the-world” book or movie.

So you have already read on my site, as well as others, that the mainstream media has been radical left-wing (some of them outright Communist & Marxist) in their beliefs and reporting…and been that way for decades. And obviously they are almost all pro-Democrat Party. And for a number of years we’ve seen the big-tech companies show their radical Progressive alignment…and their pro-Globalization support. And yes of course, big-tech support of the Democrat Party. Then about 2 years ago we began to see the first true coordinated censorship steps by big-tech against anything that wasn’t Progressive. Since 1/6 big-tech has taken their gloves off, stepped out of the shadows and waged a full-on war against anything that isn’t radical left.

We’ve seen the Democrat Party go full-on authoritarian since 1/6. But, that should come as no surprise…they always had that leaning…and they have been moving more and more that direction at a quickening pace for more than a decade. But, 1/6 gave them all the ammunition to go all out…and they have.

So now we have a mega-convergence. Everything that the ruling elites needed they now have…to move America 100% authoritarian (notice I intentionally didn’t identify a specific political party). They were gaining momentum, had the media in their pocket, then the Georgia run-off gave them all the government power they needed, and 1/6 gave them all the justification for the final steps of turning America from a Constitutional Republic into socialist democratic country. Their next step is a complete authoritarian government such as in China or Russia. And at this point there is very little to stand in their way…1/6 removed virtually the last roadblock.

You see prior to 1/6 the term “patriot movement” and similar identities had a positive view among the average American. But, that has now changed. Sure, the staunch right-wing still maintains a positive view of those terms, but the right shrank significantly since 1/6 due to…shall we say negative publicity. As federal law enforcement (i.e. FBI) and the Department of Justice continue to demonize those involved in 1/6, arrest them, charge them, convict them, and send them to prison we will see fewer and fewer people self-identify with the “right”, conservatism, or any patriot oriented movement, etc. Understandably so…honestly you can’t blame them.

The full weight of the federal government, led by the federal law enforcement agencies see this post-1/6 time period as the perfect opportunity to destroy the pro-Constitution, pro-Republic, pro-freedom, pro-rights, pro-liberty, patriot, and militia movements. And the Democrat controlled Whitehouse and Congress will give them all the power and cover they need to accomplish that. And both the media and the big-tech corporations will not just provide positive public relations for all of that…they will actually work hand-in-hand with the ruling elites to get the job done.

The speed, extent, and ferociousness of the government crackdown and change will be staggering. And unfortunately, many who are on the right-wing fringes will crack under pressure and turn against the other right-wingers…and others as well. The federal government (DOJ & FBI) knows how to commit extortion against those whom they target. They will blackmail them to turn many people against their companions…and anyone else who they wish to destroy.

I am saddened to say, and reluctant to say it as well, I think we -America- have taken a major, irrevocable step towards an authoritarian government that will be devastating as the years unfold. I pray I am wrong, I pray it will change…but the facts and evidence are laying out that 1/6 sealed our fate. Let’s all work and pray to reverse that.

  • Other websites are reporting very differently about the freedom rally in Washington. Why are you not more in favor and more positive about what happened? And why aren’t you exposing the AntiFa people who were responsible?

First off, it was not an AntiFa operation…it was led by, and the participants were, Trump supporters. The facts prove that beyond any reasonable doubt. Yes, there were a few AntiFa & BLM people there…but their presence was of no major consequence. Trump said they were his supporters, Trump family members say they his supporters, those that actually attacked the Capital say they are Trump supporters, virtually all of the people identified in the pictures/video of people attacking the Capital have been identified as Trump supporters…THEY WERE/ARE TRUMP SUPPORTERS and that is just the reality of it. If you don’t want to accept that…fine. But, you are living in some weird universe not rooted in reality…according to the FACTS.

Look, if there was a bona fide revolution such as the American Revolution in 1776 (actively starting on April 19, 1775) I would be all in…standing on the front line…ready to do whatever was needed to throw off  despotism. But 1/6 wasn’t it. I have already stated my opinion…it was a rally turned protest, turned demonstration, turned riot, turned violent/deadly attack…it was not a 4/19/1775 moment. It was shameful to see the patriot movement dragged on the screen being violent, looting, and vandalizing the nation’s capital. I was not, am not, in favor of what happened and will not try to perform mental and spiritual contortions to try and portray it as anything but what it was…shameful.

Finally, I didn’t use the names of the websites that you mentioned for a reason. I think many conservative, pro-Trump, patriot websites have become so invested in Trump and fighting back against the left that they have lost their sense of reality. They have created their own universe, live in their own bubble. And even the one in particular that tries to be some kind of divine religious guardian has really lost their way (and has been doing so for a couple of years). Regardless of your personal beliefs, regardless of your political beliefs, you have to maintain a sense of reality and accept facts as they are. Otherwise, you do more damage than good.

  • Why in the h*$$ are you so anti-Trump?

Good grief! I can only imagine that you are asking this to provoke me…or you are a very stupid person. I voted for Trump twice…I guess that makes me VERY anti-Trump, yes!? As I have said from the very beginning…I praise Trump when he takes good actions, I criticize him when he takes bad actions. And yes, I have called Trump an ego-maniac…BECAUSE HE IS!! The facts and his behavior prove that to be true. If you think I am anti-Trump it is probably because you are a Trump worshiper and can’t tell reality from your own fantasy.

  • Why is all the censorship taking place now, don’t those companies understand what they are doing?

First off, yes, they know exactly what they are doing. To control a country and install authoritarianism you have to control what the majority of the population thinks. Especially what the average person thinks about the opposition, those who oppose the ruling elites trying to bring about the authoritarian regime. And to do that it takes a coordinated effort of extensive public relations.

Long ago our federal government began a campaign to shift to an authoritarian style of government (about 1890). They successfully shifted America from a Constitutional Republic to a democracy. Then the federal government created one para-military federal law enforcement agency after another to give them…ah, law enforcement ability…absolute, uncontestable lethal power. Then the mainstream media joined in to give the public relations aspect a major boost in demonizing any individual or group that advocated rights, freedoms, and liberties…and specifically demonize the “individual over state”. The cable news media was a speed bump at first…it allowed conservative messages to get out to the public. But that too soon fell under government and ownership control and their voice was greatly diminished. Then came the Internet and that medium was a HUGE boost to conservatives, patriot movement, and others who were anti-left, etc. So, the pro-authoritarians had to come up with a way to crush that outlet. Government intervention was slow and mostly ineffective in that effort. Then big-tech came along …the corporations that control the vast majority, virtually all of the Internet…they stepped up and said, “Let us handle that.”

Big-tech, post-1/6, now had the perfect cover to invoke censorship and silence much of the anti-authoritarian movement. And they are doing it…with great success. They are going forward with their extreme censorship in a number of ways…Google/Apple no longer selling certain apps, Twitter/Facebook/Instagram suspending and deleting accounts, and on-line payment processors canceling their contracts with conservative websites, withholding conservative political contributions…and the list goes on.

So big-tech teamed up with the pro-authoritarianism elites to just about sew it up…meaning greatly advancing the implementation of an authoritarian regime in America. And yes, Biden/Harris are the perfect stooges people to lead this country right down that path.

So yes, big-tech knows perfectly well what they are doing…it has been their plan, their mission, all along…and it is working perfectly…and 1/6 assisted them to an immeasurable degree. It enabled them to implement their plan sooner, to a greater degree, and much more fervently than they had originally expected.

Ironically, what big-tech doesn’t fully understand…what the ruling elites have planned for those at the top of the big-techs. They are in for a very big and rude surprise.

  • Will the radicals come after you and your website?

Which radicals…left-wing or right-wing? 😉

The right-wingers, radical Trump worshipers are already after me (and have been)…taking cheap shots, lying, taking comments out of context, and generally being stupid, malicious, and un-Christ like. All of that is happening on only a couple of other websites, one in particular. So be it…that is their problem.

As for the left-wingers…yeah, they will eventually come after the website…and me personally at some point. Due to my exposing federal law enforcement agencies for who they are, I fully expect that at some point they will do a number on me as well. They already tried once…they will do so again…and I imagine they will try a different tactic next time. But, that is OK…I am old and crotchety…I can just smile at them and let them do as they wish…or I will…ah, oppose their efforts.

I’ve gotten my messages about emergency preparedness out. I given all the information that a person, family, neighborhood, congregation, and community needs to survive any emergency, disaster, or even a grid-down event. So I’ve done all I can do. No, not all that I will do 🙂 I still have a lot of writing left in me.

  • Are you afraid to lose “followers” since you are expressing your opinion and p*ss*ing off a lot of Trump supporters?

Funny you should ask…

No, I am not worried or afraid about losing followers. You see I am not a commercial website that depends on site-generated funds of any kind to pay for anything. I live off my retirement and savings. When followers leave, they leave, and it doesn’t hurt me. Some websites have to pander to people to survive financially. Their financial dependence makes it absolutely impossible for them to be objective…even those sites that lean towards religion mixed with politics and preparedness. They are placing the lust/quest for money above providing information, guidance, and truth.

My actual follower numbers have been steadily climbing for years as word gets around. Since 1/6 I’ve gained followers and lost a few…but still a net gain. I am sure that some radical right or Trump worshipers didn’t like what I had to say…truth and facts. Oh well…so be it, let them leave. They will continue to reinforce their bubble in which they are comfortable.

Sadly…I’ve lost my wife as a “follower”. No, she didn’t leave me as my wife…though everyone that knows me wouldn’t blame her. She left me as a website follower. The website actually costs us a fair amount of money each year with no off-setting income from it..she doesn’t appreciate that concept. And then there is all the time I spend writing. Yeah she would rather me build her new flag stone patio, or the new deck, or the…well, you get my point. Thankfully she is very understanding and patient…and hopefully remains that way 🙂

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