Immediate Action Warning – URGENT ! (updated 1/12/2021)


 Potential for Extreme Violence

Updated 1/12/2021: The FBI has released a statement saying all 50 state capitals could see attacks on their buildings similar to the attack of 1/6 on the Capital Building in Washington D.C. And they are stating that 1/17 could be a particularly dangerous day.

Background: The recent attack on the US Capital Building by radical right Trump supporters resulting in multiple deaths including a federal law enforcement officer. Additionally, multiple state capitals and politicians have had radical right demonstrators and protestors present…many of which were armed. Politicians have been harassed in public places, even with the presence of armed security details.

Warning Specifics: There is significant credible intel that indicates that many radical groups (right-wing & left-wing) are preparing peaceful protests, violent demonstrations, and armed presence in state and national capitals. Further, there is very credible intel that indicates that various right-wing radical groups, including anarchists and white supremacist groups are planning violent responses to Biden’s inauguration. These actions could take place any time between now and for the next 30 – 60 days, with the most likely occurrences between now and through inauguration day (Weds, 1/20).

The intel on the potential for these actions is both credible and reliable.

Actions to Take:

  1. Keep your situational awareness at as high a level as possible.
  2. For at least the next 90-days DO NOT attend any rally, protest, demonstration, or any other event that even closely resembles anything political related.
  3. If you find yourself in the immediate area of any of these events extricate yourself in the safest and fastest manner.
  4. If you are unable to leave the area find the safest location possible and shelter in-place. Do not agitate those participating in the event, and do no appear to be part of the activities in any way.

Additional Information: Federal and state law enforcement agencies are acting quickly and forcefully against individuals and groups involved in the 1/6 Capital Building attack..and their supporters. As a result, some individuals and groups may think they have to act against law enforcement and/or government(s) quickly before they are thwarted in the plans.

Personal Note: I know I’ve been warning you of this for a long time. But, this particularly is a very dangerous time period right now. There are some people expressing strong anti-government opinions and their desire for action to stop the perceived downfall of the US. There is some discussion among some radical right that this is the time for a revolution or civil war. These folks are acting irrationally and without a true sense of the reality of the situation. That makes their potential actions extremely volatile and potential very violent. Be cautious in all your associations right now. ANY political event right now has the potential to turn violent and deadly. Now is not the time to be participating in these events.



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