1/6 Capital Attack Summary & Closeout

OK, so you have been hearing from me daily, sometimes more often, in regards to the attack on the Capital Building on 1/6. The subject now seems to be wearing out…I am not sure how much more I can say about it that I haven’t already said. And you already have a handle on what happened…or not. My writing more about it enters the realm of “diminishing returns”.

So I am going to construct this summary page that lists all of the posts I’ve made concerning 1/6…since 1/6. Yeah, that means you have to go read all the previous SitReps where I wrote about what was going to happen…before it happened.

So here you go…

SitRep 1/7/2021

Immediate Action Warnings:

Personal Message this Evening… (1/10/2021)


Feedback & Comments:

For additional interesting reading consider:

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