FAQ – 1/14/2021

  • Out of all of this that’s been going on, what do you see as the worst?

Well, I could make a list and feel better about it, but you asked me a specific question…“the worst”. However, I am going to be cagey about it and announce a three-way tie for worst 🙂

The worst of everything that has been going on in the last week is 3-fold…

1) Tens of thousands of military troops and armored vehicles in the streets of Washington DC….and many more around the country in our state capitals, and some major cities. That is disgusting, disturbing, and disappointing beyond my ability to say so. It makes us that much closer to having an authoritarian regime vs a Constitutional Republic. It is something you expect to see in Russia, China, Iran, or North Korea…the military defending a despotic government. And, we have the idiots of 1/6 to thank for that. And leftists and authoritarians (and oddly, the law & order freaks) love to see the military on the streets of American cities.

2) The mega-convergence of government, media, and big-tech. 1/6 was the definitive event that made that convergence possible…greatly quickening and enhancing of the plans of the leftists to destroy the Republic. I did some research and talked to some folks the last couple of days…big-tech is already seriously changing their operations to move everything liberal/leftist to the top of search engines and everything else WAY down the lists. And EVERYTHING non-leftist is taking a huge hit by big-tech and their authoritarian cronies. And it is just getting started. Hopefully the alternative economy movement will pick up the pace and provide options. But I fully expect the big-tech co-conspirator federal government to step up and squash the alternative economy movement.

3) The behavior, current and future, of the radical right. I can’t tell you enough how incredibly stupid the radical right, including Trump worshipers, were in playing right into the hands of the leftists! They went beyond everyone’s (on the left) wildest dreams. And those idiots still are trying to justify their actions, defend 1/6, and rationalize the planned 50-capital armed rallies. I mean how utterly blind can they be!? They just can’t see the devastation they have brought on not just themselves…but everyone and everything non-leftist! The Patriot Movement has been seriously hurt…and those responsible (mentioned above) are clueless that it was their actions that brought the “hurt”. They played right into the hands of the leftists and authoritarians…and did so perfectly…far beyond the left’s expectations.

  • What about Trump impeached today [1/13]?

Honestly, it means nothing of any importance. Yes, it seriously degrades Trump legacy, but that already was in the crapper. Ask yourself what does his second impeachment mean to you, how will it affect you? If you are completely honest…the answer is…it doesn’t affect you.

The only downside I see is the crazy radical right taking great offense at it and being even more stupid than they already have been. They may see it as a rallying cry to stir up even more stupidity and create more mayhem than 1/6 and give leftists even more ammunition to crush the right even more.

  • Don’t you think that the planned armed rallies in all 50 state capitals will show them we aren’t going to take it anymore?

NO!!!  I think it is even far more dangerous and stupid than 1/6. If there are armed rallies at the various state capitals it plays perfectly into the hands of the leftists! It plays right into proving just how widespread and dangerous the radical right (and their guns) has become. They will paint it as proof that the right is a clear and present danger…with their guns. (Notice my subtle message there?)

Also, it will give the left perfect cover for their law enforcement and military goons to take strong, potentially lethal, action against those involved. And it will also provide a real boost (as if it is needed) for the FBI to further their ongoing work to strengthen the authoritarian Biden/Harris regime (and continue building the unchallengeable power of the federal government in general).

  • Aren’t you mad that Biden is going to put our country in debt like never before with the $2000 check he is promising?


Look all the politicians, Democrats AND Republicans, they have sent our nation’s debt over the cliff. Their utterly irresponsible/criminal spending has ensured our economy’s demise…it’s only a matter of time.

Now, back to your question…as I mentioned in an earlier post I look at the proposed $2,000 check as a tax refund. The federal government already forces use to pay them an exorbitant amount of our hard earned money. If we don’t pay their extortion demands they send us to prison. And they arrogantly (and wrongly) see themselves as far smarter in spending our money than we are. So no, I welcome them sending me back my money that they forcibly took from me.

As for the debt, in reality what is another $trillions in deficit spending? Nothing. It is all play money at this point anyways.

Now from a political point of view…it is a masterful stroke of political genius on Bide/Harris’s part!!!! Think about it, they come into office, champion of the left, defender of the little guy, hell bent on fixing all things Trump…and the first thing they do…send Americans a big fat check! Brilliant!!! In reality…a case could be made that they are “buying” people’s goodwill…and I would say that the argument is accurate.

  • What do you think is going on with the “Trump worshipers” (to use your term) at this point?

Wow, loaded question…and one that needs to be asked…good job. I wonder if all those Trump supporters from 1/6 (and their allies) realize that Trump soundly denounced them yesterday (1/13)? Trump went out of his way, in no uncertain terms, and said that all those Trump supporters who participated in,or supported, 1/6 were not really his supporters. Then he also went on to say that all of his supporters that were anything but totally peaceful in their events were also not his supporters, etc. That was a major denunciation of a huge number of his most ardent supporters.

But I am sure that QAnon will put out some coded message that Trump didn’t mean what he said and his real message was one of love and support and encouragement to continue their struggle. Committed Trump worshipers will not hear the condemnation that Trump clearly delivered.

To be more succinct, his diehard worshipers will have no change of heart…they will still have him as their idol and justify themselves in the most bizarre of ways. Most of his supporters will still be his supporters, most will still maintain a “siege mentality”, most of them will still stand by him, most of them will still make whatever mental contortions needed to justify their actions and position in defense of 1/6. A few of his supporters will stop, open their eyes and see, open their ears and hear, and realize they have been duped in many ways…and will begin to figure out what to do and where to go from here. Please give those folks a soft place to land.

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