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Feedback from Jason concerning my post this morning FAQ – 1/14/2021

I’m going to disagree with you on several of your points because some of them are coming from your own personal biases. Now not to get off on the wrong foot I’ve always enjoyed the things that you have written, however it is very apparent right now that you’re seemingly very opposed to Trump and the things that he has done.

I am not opposed to Trump for heaven’s sake! I thought I made that pretty dang clear in my post. I disagree and object to some of his actions. I don’t buy into everything he does…I am not a Trump sycophant.

So Point number one I agree with that having armored vehicles and police and Military presence of police is a scary thing and should not be here in the United States. I wonder if it is what the left was hoping for, but that Trump was planning in advance anyway? I know this goes into conspiracy theories and may not have any accuracy at all.

Of course that is what the left was hoping for…you are absolutely right. It plays right into their game plan of turning us even further to an authoritarian regime. I am not sure what you mean by “…Trump was planning in advance anyway…” Why would Trump plan to have the military called out? …to do what? I would like to hear your thoughts on that one.

Your second point I completely agree with as there’s a huge convergence between media big Tech government censorship and other things that are completely on the Marxist Trail. They are scary dangerous and completely destroying the Republic that we have had to the point where it’s almost gone.

YES!!!   Spot on!

Point number three I think that the media has basically made fools out of everybody over this one about the radical right and those that stormed the capital first the timeline doesn’t fit has Trump was still speaking when certain people decided to storm the capitol. I wonder and think that many of them were Trump supporters and radical rights and that side of things and tired and frustrated and fed up with everything. I sympathize with their feelings I do not sympathize with the methods that they chose to use to show their frustration anger at cetera they really hurt the conservative movement. However then you talk about the 50 state capitals armed event you know armed citizens everything about that feels like it is not coming from the radical right. It looks and sounds and feels like it is actually a ploy to get people out to the Capitals in arms Etc whoever is in charge of it knows that generally speaking it is vying for the conservatives opportunity to get together. However most of the time when there’s an organizational event like this planned it always says who the support is of it unless it’s antifa or leftist side of things there is no information as to which group it is that’s gathering this these 50 state capital armed citizens to Raleigh.

Well, there is ample evidence that the Boogaloo Movement is behind some of those rallies, evidence that the Proud Boys are behind some of them. Solid evidence that bona fide Trump supporters behind some of them. Whispers that some White Supremacists behind a couple.  I don’t know who is behind all of them and I have no sure idea who is behind the Raleigh rally.

“I sympathize with their feelings I do not sympathize with the methods…”

Amen brother…but I sympathize with only some of their feelings since I am not aware of ALL of their feelings. It appears some  of their feelings involved criminals acts being appropriate…and that is not agreeable to me.

It has the look and feel of red and yellow you know it’s very communistic in it’s in the way the banner is set up. I think it is a complete farce in fact I would even call it a false flag possibly from the FBI or from the far left if this is not something that the right put together.

I have no doubt in my mind that the FBI is encouraging the events to take place. It makes it very easy for them to use the event to strengthen their anti-American, anti-Constitutional position of supporting the shift to an authoritarian regime. If they don’t strike at them then and there…they have all the intel to strike them later.

Another point you make is that the Trump impeachment doesn’t affect anybody and that’s simply not true. A trump impeachment if it goes through would prevent Trump from running again oh, I’m not saying that people would vote for him again in 2024 but an impeachment prevent anybody from voting for him in 2024 because he would not be able to run if that was the plan. It also takes away a huge portion of time and taxpayer money and is just simply ludicrous to think that it’s even an appropriate thing to do based on the fact that somebody is saying that Trump incited the violence and the Sedition etcetera Etc, while the left did nothing except for praise the violence and the mostly peaceful protests and quote during the summer and fall and in fact were say saying things that were inciting violence and saying things like hang Mike Pence or other things throughout the entire summer and fall go to the capital and then get their heads, or other things.

Well, I guess that this is where we have a minor disagreement. First off, Trump has already been impeached, it happened yesterday, 1/13. Trump’s impeachment DOESN’T keep him from running again. Now, if he is convicted in the Senate…that might. It would take a specific baring of future office as part of the penalty phase, which is not a given.

I don’t give a crap about them spending the money on impeachment. They are going to spend the time and money on something…and it will ALL be wasteful! So let them have at it.

And I never said it was appropriate. I think it is stupid as hell, vindictive, petty, and perfectly in-line with the insanity of the left. But, it is their legal right…let them do it they so wish as long as it is legal. Legal doesn’t mean moral or ethical.

It is complete doublespeak and hypocrisies and very Orwellian. Anybody who has read 1984 knows that we are experiencing everything that was going on for 1984 with a doublespeak and all the lies and the hypocrisies and the disinformation Etc.

Bingo!!!! Why heck do you think I have been encouraging people to read 1984…and Brave New World?

And finally, of course I have bias…it is called opinion…and I’ve been sharing that since the inception of the website. And you know that…and keep coming back for more 😉

See we disagree on one very minor part, whether the impeachment means anything to us personally. I still don’t think it does…at all. Other than that…your opinions and mine line up pretty close to exact!

Welcome to the right side of history!

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